Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Mary Cummins gets "Punked"!

Today, a hilarious video for everyone to see.

It seems that everyones favorite internet stalker & Mayor Sam legend Mary Cummins ran her mouth all over the internet about someone who didn't particularly care for it... and ended up getting herself sued in the process! Maybe there is a lesson to be learned by Mary here. If you keep messing around with the wrong people, eventually someone is going to turn around and take the fight to you.

It appears that the plaintiffs in this case arranged to have Mary set up. They had someone contact her and pretend to have an injured "albino squirrel" that needed her help. Mary, being the obsessive "friend of the furry" that she is, dropped everything and rushed to the rescue.
(I told you she was like Batman......)

In this video, she pops out of her car with her trusty animal cage in hand.
Instead of rescuing that poor, injured albino squirrel, the gentleman in the video serves her with a subpoena saying she is being sued by Bat World Sanctuary and Amanda Lollar for making defamatory statements about their business.
Poor Mary! Now she has to fly all the way to Texas to sit in a courtroom and face some very unpleasant and intrusive questions. I hear that two of Marys former stalking victims are going to be present in the courtroom as observers.

For more fun and entertainment, go check out the deposition videos.

Finally, it is Marys turn to squirm in the hot seat.

And Mayor Sam readers across the southland get a lot of chuckles from all of this.

An interesting side note here... if you go to Google and type
"mary cummins stalker" in the search window

... you get over 1 million hits.

Busy girl, that Mary.