Friday, September 11, 2009

CD 2 candidate profile: Michael McCue

Michael McCue has been a Valley resident for thirteen years and an elected Board Member of the Studio City Neighborhood Council for three years. He is the Chair of the Environmental Affairs Committee and a voting member of the Government Affairs Committee. Through his work on the Neighborhood Council he has introduced or voted to support motions to; create a Rate-Payer Advocate for the DWP...introduce Clean Money Elections for the City of Los Angeles...improve our air quality by enforcing the leaf-blower laws...reform the lax City Vehicle Fleet policies as per the Controller's Audit...amend the Lobbyist Reform Ordinance so that all lobbyists are identified properly when commenting at Council hearings...increase the amount of Relocation Funds for those displaced by Over-Development...oppose Measure B...and restore the L.A. River to its natural state.

A life-long activist for Progressive ideas and social justice, Michael was raised in a military family and brought up with a sense of duty to country and community. He describes his upbringing as a "Kitchen Table Democracy" because his Naval Officer father was an Eisenhower/Goldwater Republican who was hand-selected by Pres. Nixon to be one of the first employees of the EPA, and his mother was a Roosevelt/Kennedy Democrat working as a Congressional Secretary for Rep. John Dingell (D-16th District, MI). Growing up, Michael heard all sides of political issues and was taught to think for himself. A hybrid of his political upbringing, (Key Values of Accountability, Social Justice and Future Focus) Michael is registered Green Party so that he can reflect all of the values (from both the Right and the Left) that his parents instilled in him.

Michael's experience as a community activist, and also leading and serving on NC committees, has kept him up-to-date on all of our city issues in the past few years. He has been outspoken about his opposition to Over-Development in the Valley and his support of an Affordable Housing Policy. His CD-2 campaign has become known for its no-nonsense, direct approach and upbeat attitude. Michael's experience qualifies him for the CD-2 Council Seat because there is no duty expected of him in that capacity that he is not already performing on his Neighborhood Council, albeit on a smaller scale. His work on the SCNC is all volunteer and he was the highest vote-getter of all the SCNC candidates in the 2007 election. Michael McCue is the only candidate in the CD-2 race who is endorsed by The Green Party of Los Angeles County, the LA Greens, and the Green Party of San Fernando Valley. His website is

Michael McCue asks for all Progressive & Reform-minded voters who are demanding Accountability from City Hall and who cannot tolerate the mayor's corrupt political machine any longer, to vote for him in the Special Election on Sept. 22nd. LA is on the's time to...