Sunday, April 29, 2012

The L.A Riots - 20 years later

The Rodney King beating case and its acquittals of the police officers involved launched several days of rioting in Los Angeles in 1992.

I remember having a very unique perspective on the situation. I wasn't even living in the United States at the time. I was living in London, England when the riots erupted in Los Angeles.

I had a flat (apartment) in the Bayswater/Notting Hill neighborhood and a job on Oxford Street. In fact, I was neighbors with Princess Diana, and actually saw her on several occasions taking her kids to school.

The English media had a great time reporting on the riots. I remember a photo on the cover of the Sun or Mirror (UK daily papers) of a soldier pointing his weapon at an angry crowd of looters.

The English, much like the rest of the Europeans, always enjoy seeing America getting taken down a few notches when it comes to pride, ego, and status.

I remember thinking to myself what a horrible place Los Angeles had become.

Little did I know that time, opportunity, and chance would eventually work together to land me a short time later in the very city featured in this video.

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Marco Rubio at Brookings Institute

This is a great speech by Marco Rubio, and shows his patriotism and conservatism.

Senator Rubio is right. America has a special place in the world. The Chinese and Russians won't fight to defend freedom. There is only America.

Friday, April 27, 2012

Iran is about to get their ass kicked

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has pushed Israels buttons one too many times.

The Israelis are going to act, and they are going to do it soon.

In fact, I have decided that if the United States goes to war with Iran, I am going to go talk to the Army about getting sent over there.

I'm tired of these Middle Easterners and their threats.

I wonder what good old "Baghdad Bob" is doing nowadays....

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Mitt Romney Speech

Most casual readers of TJR know that I am not the biggest fan of former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney. I consider him a RINO who won't stop the growth of government or trespasses against personal freedom. However, he is the Republican nominee, and even though I don't support him, I will hope that he will defeat The American Pharaoh Barack Obama in November. Normally, I wouldn't talk about Romney, because I'm not fond of him. But his speech the other night was the best I had ever seen him perform. Romney concentrated on the economy, and the misery delivered by Barack Obama. The part where he had the crowd chanting "NO!" was a piece of high art. His sly backhands were well written. "I have a very different vision.." he said. If he continues to hammer on these themes, he can win in November.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Campaign For Liberty Survey

The following are my answers to the Campaign For Liberty 2012 Federal Candidate Survey. The Campaign For Liberty people are closely aligned with the Ron Paul Presidential campaign. I agree with a majority of what they support, but I have some certain differences with them, also.

1. Will you co-sponsor and call for roll call votes on Ron Paul's Audit the Fed bill, designed to bring transparency to the Federal Reserve (HR 459/S 202 in the 112th Congress)?

Phil Jennerjahn: Yes. I believe the Federal Reserve has become reckless with Americas money supply. Their poor behavior and decision making can put our country at risk.

2. Will you support legislation removing capital gains tax and sales taxes on gold and silver coinage?

Phil Jennerjahn: Yes. I do not see the need to tax gold and silver possession, as it is a form of currency.

3. Will you vote to oppose any legislation that allows the Federal Government to prohibit the sale, use, or possession of firearms?

Phil Jennerjahn: Yes. I am an NRA member and strongly support our Second Amendment freedoms.

4. Will you support a Balanced Budget Amendment to the Constitution that includes hard spending limits and allows for no increase in taxes or other Federal revenue enhancements.

Phil Jennerjahn: No. Although I generally believe in lower taxes and balanced budgets, there are exceptions to the rule. During the Revolutionary War, the Civil War, and World War Two, the country went incredibly over budget. We may eventually face some type of similar situation in the future.

5. Will you support legislation that forbids U.S. troops from serving under United Nations command?

Phil Jennerjahn: Yes, and I'll go a step further. I will try to get the U.S. out of the United Nations and try to get their headquarters moved to another country.

6. Do you support and will you vote to protect States asserting their rights under the Tenth Amendment?

Phil Jennerjahn: Absolutely! I am a Tenther. I believe that many things our Federal Government currently does are illegal and prohibited by the Tenth Amendment.

7. Will you oppose Big Labors Card Check bill and any other legislation designed to empower union bosses?

Phil Jennerjahn: Yes. I disapprove of most of the strong armed tactics used by unions.

8. Do you support U.S. withdrawal from the United Nations?

Phil Jennerjahn: Yes! In fact, as an elected lawmaker, it would be in my Top 20 list of bills to write and get passed.

9. Will you support legislation to shut down the Transportation Security Administration and place airport security back into private hands?

Phil Jennerjahn: Yes. Absolutely. The TSA has 4,000 bureaucrats in D.C. making 100K/year. That is staggering waste. And it makes us no safer than if they didn't exist. We need to privatize airport security and make each airport individually responsible. And we need to switch to the Israeli method...stop looking for the bomb and start looking for the terrorist.

10. Will you oppose using U.S. forces to occupy a foreign nation without a declaration of war?

Phil Jennerjahn: No. This is where I differ with the Ron Paul campaign. We live in a fast paced world. The lightning-quick assault on Bin Ladens compound shows that military leaders sometimes need to make sudden, tactical decisions. Sure, it would be nice to formally declare war, but what if our troops are in harms way and Congress is on vacation?

11. Will you support legislation that will repeal Obamacare, including HR 1101, the End the Mandate Act?

Phil Jennerjahn: I haven't read HR 1101, so I don't know if I would agree with every detail, but yes...repealing Obamacare is a top priority with me. I would either write a bill myself or sign on to another legislators efforts. The mandate is unconstitutional and should be struck down by the Supreme Court, so there is a possibility that it will crumble under the weight of its own corruption.

12. Will you oppose so-called "Cap and Trade" legislation?

Phil Jennerjahn: Yes. "Cap and Trade" is utter nonsense from Greenie activists. It is also a scam designed to make Al Gore rich.

13. Will you vote to eliminate the IRS?

Phil Jennerjahn: Yes. Absolutely. Our current tax structure is a violation of the Equal Protection clause and eventually becomes a recipe for tyranny. We didn't even HAVE income tax for the first hundred years in America. It's creation has turned our own government into looters. I support some type of limited Flat or Fair tax.

14. Will you vote against any budget that increases our debt?

Phil Jennerjahn:  No. Again, as in question #4, I don't respect these questions that require absolutes for complicated situations. I generally believe in lower taxes and balanced budgets, but there are exceptions to the rule. During the Revolutionary War, the Civil War, and World War Two, the country went incredibly over budget. We may eventually face some type of similar situation in the future.

15. Will you oppose Federal power grabs like roving wiretaps and warrantless searches and oppose Patriot Act renewal that includes such items?

Phil Jennerjahn:  Yes. I agree with Ron Paul here that the Federal government, in its overexcited pursuit of the War on Terror, is inflicting great damage on our Constitutionally protected freedoms. They need to go to war with terrorists, not with their own citizens.

16. Will you oppose any legislation that requires States and citizens to participate in a National Identification Card program?

Phil Jennerjahn: Yes. This is a trespass against personal freedom.

17. Will you vote to oppose all taxpayer-funded benefits for illegal immigrants?

Phil Jennerjahn: Yes. I have always felt that we could much better handle the illegal immigration situation if we just stopped handing out checks to people who do it.

18. Will you support legislation that will exempt tips from income or payroll taxes?

Phil Jennerjahn: Yes. I prefer a Flat or Fair Tax.

19. Will you oppose all tax increases?

Phil Jennerjahn: Yes. It is the only way to stop the runaway growth of government.

20. Indicate the tax cuts you are willing to vote for: 1) Across-the-board Income Tax Cut 2) Capital Gains Tax Cut 3) Business Tax Cut 4) Estate Tax Cut

Phil Jennerjahn: Yes to all four. I believe our country works best when people have more control over their own income. Income tax cut? Absolutely. Capital Gains should be lowered. Business taxes, that will stimulate more growth. There should be no financial penalty for dying. Eliminate the Estate Tax.

Monday, April 23, 2012

Senator Jeff Sessions: "Not another dime!"

Senator Jeff Sessions of Alabama is rapidly becoming one of my favorite figures in the Republican Party.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

I Stand With Walker!

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker is making the tough choices a leader has to make. He is eliminating some collective bargaining for state employees. I agree with that. His moves are going to save Wisconsin a lot of money in their budget.

Things are already getting better in Wisconsin. So the unions have turned their hatred on full blast.

I'll let him explain it himself. This is Walker at the CPAC dinner I attended.

Friday, April 20, 2012

Project Vote Smart: Phil Jennerjahn

Today, I will be releasing my answers to the Project Vote Smart Survey. They call it a "Political Courage Test." It is rather lengthy and complicated, and I may not get to all of it by the end of the day. I will edit this post later today. Check back for more updates. I should be finished with the answers by tomorrow.

PROJECT VOTE SMART : The Political Courage Test (2012 Congressional Edition)

1. Abortion: Do you generally support pro-choice or pro-life legislation?

Phil Jennerjahn: I am pro-life. From conception. No exemptions. I prefer adoptions and orphanages. I believe that abortion is not only a crime against the individual, but a crime against your own culture, also. It wipes out future generations who would otherwise become productive human beings.

2. Afghanistan: Do you support the United States' combat operations in Afghanistan? Do you support a timetable for withdrawal from Afghanistan?

Phil Jennerjahn: As a former member of the military, I support our troops and their mission in Afghanistan. I do not support a timetable for withdrawal/surrender. It is important that voters in America understand the existential threat that Islam poses to the rest of the world.

3. Campaign Finance: Do you support the regulation of indirect campaign contributions from corporations and unions?

Phil Jennerjahn: No. I hate McCain-Feingold. I don't believe the government should be meddling in people exercising their freedom to support political candidates or issues. If Sheldon Adelson wants to give $5 million dollars of his own money to support a particular candidate, he should be allowed to do so. Any rule to the contrary violates his freedom.

4. Capital Punishment: Do you support capital punishment for certain crimes?

Phil Jennerjahn: Yes. Some crimes deserve the ultimate punishment. Any other position basically gives criminals a "one free murder" opportunity.

5. Economy: 1) Do you support federal spending as a means of promoting growth? 2) Do you support providing tax incentives to businesses for the purpose of job creation? 3) Do you support spending on infrastructure projects for the purpose of job creation? 4) Do you support the temporary extension of unemployment benefits? 5) Do you support the 2010 temporary extension of tax relief?

Phil Jennerjahn: 1) In reference to the Obama "stimulus"... no, I do not support the government arbitrarily interfering in the free market in order to boost growth. It leads to massive waste like "Solyndra". 2) I believe we need to make it as easy and as simple as possible for the entrepreneurial class to create new businesses and new jobs. 3) I support spending on infrastructure where it is needed, not simply for the political stance of "creating jobs". Creating jobs is the responsibility of the free market. 4) I do not believe in unemployment benefits lasting longer than 2 years. At some point, you have to force people to become responsible for themselves. Our government cannot continue to infantilize adults. 5) I support the total replacement of our current tax structure with a flat or fair tax program.

6. Education: Do you support requiring states to implement education reforms in order to be eligible for Federal Grants?

Phil Jennerjahn: No. The Federal Government meddling in education is a violation of the Tenth Amendment. That power belongs to the States. If elected, I fully intend to dismantle the Department of Education.

7. Energy: Do you support reducing restrictions on offshore energy productions?

Phil Jennerjahn: Yes. Absolutely. I support oil exploration everywhere. The liberals are afraid of industrial accidents, but the oil companies have a very high success rate of operating without incidents.

8. Environment: 1) Do you believe that human activity is contributing to climate change? 2) Do you support the Federal regulation of greenhouse gas emissions?

Phil Jennerjahn: I believe that the earth goes through phases of heating and cooling on its own, and that humans are a statistically insignificant part of that process. I believe that the regulation of greenhouse gases in America is a waste of time because China and other countries continue to do what they wish, making our impacts negligible.

9. Guns: Do you support restrictions on the purchase and possession of guns?

Phil Jennerjahn: No. I am an NRA member and support the Second Amendment, which exists to protect us from tyranny.

10. Health Care: 1) Do you support repealing the 2010 Affordable Health Care Act? 2) Should individuals be required to purchase health insurance as mandated in the 2010 Affordable Health Care Act?

Phil Jennerjahn: One of my primary goals, if elected, is to destroy Obamacare. The Act is unconstitutional. Forcing citizens to purchase health insurance is an abuse of power. If the government doesn't like paying so much for healthcare, then STOP PAYING FOR IT! Part of the problem is the government socializing of medicine. Allow free markets to adjust and prices and services will reach an equilibrium on their own.

11. Immigration: 1) Do you support requiring illegal immigrants to return to their country of origin before they are eligible for citizenship? 2) Do you support allowing illegal immigrants, who were brought to the United States as minors, to pursue citizenship without returning to their country of origin? 3) Do you support the enforcement of Federal Immigration law by state and local police?

Phil Jennerjahn: I believe that illegal immigration threatens our nations future. The United States cannot possibly accommodate the vast numbers of people who wish to become American citizens. We have to have limited legal immigration. Those who come without permission need to be sent back. I understand the liberal desire for exemptions, like minors, but I feel that coddling people dependent on circumstances sends the wrong message. I also agree with local law enforcement carrying out arrests, but the judicial cases and deportation hearings should be Federal matters.

12. Marriage: Do you support same-sex marriage?

Phil Jennerjahn: No. I believe that gays should have legal rights to inherit property, visit a loved one in a hospital, be allowed to share an insurance plan...etc...etc... in fact, I believe the gays have every right but one. They do not have the right to interfere in religious traditions and redefine the 5,000 year-old Judeo-Chrisitian definition of marriage simply to accommodate their own personal desires.

13. National Security: 1) Do you support targeting suspected terrorists outside of official theaters of conflict? 2) Should the U.S. use military force in order to prevent Iran from possessing a nuclear weapon?

Phil Jennerjahn: Yes, I think the U.S. should be allowed to destroy its enemies wherever they might exist on the planet. The Seal team that killed Bin Laden did the world a favor. I also think that the United States may have to use force with Iran. Ahmadinejad is a genocidal maniac who has openly expressed his intentions to destroy Israel. I take him at his word.

14. Social Security: Do you support allowing individuals to divert a portion of their Social Security taxes into personal retirement accounts?

Phil Jennerjahn: Absolutely. In fact, if elected I will work for an option that allows citizens to "opt-out"... no withholding from their pay for Social Security if they agree not to collect it in the future. The way that this incredibly incompetent government is heading, all our social programs/entitlements will eventually be bankrupt in the near future. This is the main problem with trusting the government to do the right thing with your money -- they usually don't. It would be immoral for our government to force people to participate in a program like Social Security that they realize will not be financially viable in the future.

15. Spending and Taxes: Indicate what spending levels you support for the following general categories.


Agriculture ---- Eliminate
Arts ------------ Eliminate
Defense ------- Maintain Status
Education ------ Eliminate
Environment --- Eliminate
Homeland Security -- Greatly Decrease
International Aid ---- Greatly Decrease
Medical Research -- Greatly Decrease
Scientific Research -- Greatly Decrease
Space Exploration -- Maintain Status
United Nations ----- Eliminate
Welfare --- Greatly Decrease


Capital Gains Taxes -- Greatly Decrease
Corporate Taxes ----- Greatly Decrease
Excise Taxes (alcohol) ----- Greatly Decrease
Excise taxes (cigarettes) --- Greatly Decrease
Excise Taxes (transportation fuel) --Greatly Decrease
Income Taxes (low income families) -- Slightly Increase
Income Taxes (middle income families) -- Slightly Decrease
Income taxes (high-income families) -- Greatly Decrease

16. Administrative Priorities

If elected, I want to:

1. Help defeat Obama in 2012
2. Repeal Obamacare
3. Protect the Tenth Amendment
4. Protect the Constitution.
5. Uphold my oath to defend my country from all enemies -- foreign and domestic.
6. Stop Socialism by enacting a flat tax or fair tax.
7. Dismantle the Department of Education
8. Dismantle the Department of Agriculture
9. Dismantle the Department of Energy
10. Dismantle the Department of Labor
11. Dismantle the Department of Transportation
12. Dismantle the Department of Commerce
13. Dismantle the Department of Interior
14. Eliminate Fannie/Freddie
15. Eliminate the NEA/NEH

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Kicking Ass for 237 Years!

Today, April 19th, is an important anniversary in America. It should probably be a national holiday.

Today, in 1775, minutemen opposed to British tyranny stopped patrols of King George from seizing their weapons and ammunition from storage near Lexington and Concord.

These patriots drew a line in the sand and said "No more!".

Pretty much, everything that has happened in human history since then owes them a great deal of thanks for their courage in standing up to tyranny.

As Americans, we owe it to these Founding Fathers to continue their traditions.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Property Rights Questionnaire

Below are the answers to my Property Rights Questionnaire from the California Alliance to Protect Property Rights. You can visit their website at .

2012 Property Rights Protection Questionnaire

1. Do you support the U.S. Supreme Court's Kelo vs. New London decision which granted local government an easier path and greater authority by which they can seize private property (homes, businesses, farms, and places of worship) for economic development?

Phil Jennerjahn: No! Kelo is one of my most-hated Supreme Court decisions! I believe that this ruling violates the spirit of our Constitution, Bill of Rights, and Declaration of Independence. The reason we fought King George was to get away from oppressive government behaviors like this. In Kelo, the Court ruled that New London had the right to seize private property based on the perceived benefits of the potential re-development... which never happened and blew up in everyones face. Another point to make here is that the government giving these obscure reasons gives them more self-serving intentions to do land-grabs that they think are in their best financial interests. Kelo is a horror show, and we need better judges on that court to get rid of it. Kagan and Sotomayor are freedom-hating liberals who will inflict more harm in years to come.

2. Over 40 states since the Kelo vs. New London decision have passed meaningful and complete eminent domain reform. Would you support and/or author legislation that would bring about much needed reforms to California?

Phil Jennerjahn: Yes. But as an elected Federal legislator, my reforms would be rather broad and nationally effective, not just reaching the lives of Californians only.

3. Do you support limiting the Government's power of eminent domain to public projects (ex. schools, roads) and not for private purposes?

Phil Jennerjahn: Yes. I am for restraining our government wherever possible.

4. Do you think it is appropriate for Government to use taxpayer dollars to subsidize private development, such as sports facilities, retail projects, and other commercial uses?

Phil Jennerjahn: No. These activities are best left to the invisible hand of the free market. Having Government involved usually leads to corruption. Mayor Villaraigosa, in Los Angeles, was fined by the City Ethics Department for taking kickbacks and goodies from developers who did business with the City.

5. Did you support the California Supreme Court's ruling to uphold the State Legislature's abolition of Redevelopment Agencies? If not, why?

Phil Jennerjahn: Yes, but I am leery of the intentions of this State Legislature -- who were originally trying to pilfer money from these Agencies, not shut them down altogether.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

The Real Housewives of Wall Street

I have to admit a hat tip here to one of my Facebook friends for bringing this story to my attention. It seems that a story by a Rolling Stone reporter is gaining a little bit of traction and media heat.

Recently revealed records from the Federal Reserve show that the Fed gave $220 million in taxpayer money as a "loan" to two very wealthy housewives who are married to Wall Street executives. This is exactly the reason the Fed needs to be investigated. Abuses like this damage trust in our nations currency, and put the future of the Republic at risk.

I am not going to go around casting stones and saying that absolutely these women did something improper....but something stinks here and it needs to be investigated.

These women had no experience running businesses, yet were handed $220 million to gamble with? Some of these actions by the Fed and these women appear to be extremely fraudulent.

If I am elected to Congress this November, these two Wall Street Housewives are going to be dragged in front of a Congressional investigation and they will answer for their actions.

If they committed fraud while applying for these "loans", they will be charged criminally.

Monday, April 16, 2012

National Right To Work Survey

2012 Candidate Questionnaire

1. If elected, will you co-sponsor and seek roll call votes on legislation to repeal the provisions in Federal laws which authorize compulsory Union dues?

Phil Jennerjahn: Yes. I believe these laws are unconstitutional because they violate a persons individual freedom of association. Workers should be free to have a union, but they should also be free to choose to not be involved.

2. Will you support repeal of existing Federal laws which force employees to accept a union as their exclusive representative against their will?

Phil Jennerjahn: Yes, absolutely. Part of the problem with having elected union leaders is that they can be corrupted and start working for things that are not in the union members best interests. Workers should be free to walk away from these situations.

3. Do you favor preservation of Section 14(b) of the Taft-Hartley Act, which authorizes states Right to Work laws?

Phil Jennerjahn: Yes. The situation with Boeing in South Carolina shows us how dangerous it is when the Federal Government starts meddling on behalf of unionized, (and Democratic voting) workers.

4. If elected, will you co-sponsor and seek roll call votes on legislation to end union officials special immunity from prosecution presently enjoyed under the Federal Hobbs Anti-Extortion Statute?

Phil Jennerjahn: Yes. I am opposed to Union coercion, and the idea that they could extort and threaten others without punishment is very un-American.

5. Will you oppose the forced Unionization of Federal, State, County, and municipal employees?

Phil Jennerjahn: Yes. I have always felt that government unions were illegal. A union exists to protect a worker from potential abuses by an employer. These government workers are employed by the taxpayers, who are not abusing them at all! They often use extortion to get what they want, which is wrong. If they don't like their job, they can always walk away and find employment in the private sector.

6. Will you oppose any revisions to Federal Labor law which impose new penalties on employers who resist attempts by union officials to impose compulsory unionism on their employees?

Phil Jennerjahn: Yes. Any behaviors by unions that reek of extortion or thuggery should not be tolerated.

7. Will you oppose legislation that seeks to impose a so-called "card check" procedure as a means of unionizing employees?

Phil Jennerjahn: Yes. I believe these laws are unconstitutional because they violate a persons individual freedom of association. Workers should be free to have a union, but they should also be free to choose to not be involved.

8. Will you oppose all implementation of union-only "Project Labor Agreements" which deny non-union contractors and their employees the the freedom to bid on government projects?

Phil Jennerjahn: Yes! Absolutely! I have always felt that government is inefficient and cumbersome due to bureaucracy. I will propose the privatization of almost all government activities in order to receive a better bargain for the taxpayers and eliminate the current fraud, waste, and abuse that is so prevalent in government contracts.

9. Will you oppose Federal legislation that seeks to establish or mandate union monopoly government bargaining standards on all State and local police officers as well as firefighters?

Phil Jennerjahn: Yes! We have a huge problem here in California with public service personnel and their extreme pensions, which are bankrupting the State. These pensions were, naturally, negotiated by the unions against the best interests of the taxpayers.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Tombstone, Arizona Vs. The United States

The Goldwater Institute recently tipped me off to another tragedy brewing from the liberal practice of over-government and extreme bureaucracy.

The United States Government, by way of the National Forest Service, is trying to kill the city of Tombstone, Arizona.

What happened? Well...

Tombstone is a desert city that gets most of its water from pipelines running up into the Huachuca Mountains, which is Federally protected Park land. These water rights pre-date the existence of the U.S. Forest Service.

Tombstones pipelines were badly damaged recently and are in dire need of repair. A large fire -- The Monument Fire in 2011 -- stripped the hillsides of needed vegetation. The next seasons rains brought mudslides which exposed pipelines or damaged them through large boulders moving in these mudslides. Tombstone needs to send heavy equipment into the mountains to repair this damage.

Ahh... but there's the rub.

The Forest Service won't allow them to do this.

This is a crucial Tenth Amendment case and as such, the Goldwater Institute is following it very closely. I'm on the side of Tombstone in this matter. I believe in States Rights and I support the Goldwater Institute.

The Institutes quote on this issue says it all...

“If the Forest Service can effectively seize Tombstone’s 130-year-old water rights during a state of emergency – rights that the service recognized as valid in 1916 – no state or local government will be safe from the feds.”

Friday, April 13, 2012

Andrew Breitbart 2012

I was at Dodger Stadium last night watching the Dodgers beat the Pittsburgh Pirates when my friend Stephen and I got into a discussion about something that had happened at a previous game. I started scrolling through my photos on my phone to try and remember the details and I suddenly spot the above photo.


It hit me like I had been punched in the gut.

I had strolled by Andrew at CPAC 2012 in February and casually taken this photo of him on "Radio Row" where dozens of broadcasters are interviewing people at CPAC. Andrew was on a break and he was relaxed and casually chatting with a few other people. I didn't think much of it at the time. I said "Oh hey...there's Andrew! I'll go talk to him later."

I never did.

He would be dead three weeks later.

I didn't consider Andrew a close friend, but we had talked on several occasions and had even had lunch together at CPAC 2010. We were both Conservatives that lived in L.A. and had to deal with a lot of the same issues, so there was some common ground between us.

A month ago, I was at a meeting of the Hollywood Congress of Republicans getting some petition signatures for my run for Congress and several of the speakers were mentioning Andrew in their comments. I got up and, without being prepared to do so, I spoke about Andrew for a few minutes. I said to the crowd that I didn't know him well, but that I knew him enough to know that he would be a little embarrassed by the eulogies.

"Andrew didn't consider himself a hero, or a general, like the media is saying" I said to the surprised crowd.

I continued "He was a hard working guy, a brawler, who believed in truth and justice". I finished by saying that he was "a good man...and we could use more men like him."

The crowd was generally appreciative of my comments, but several speakers after me went on to disagree and say Andrew was a hero and a general and etc, etc...

I just smiled and nodded.

I decided that my own personal tribute to Andrew will be to write his name in on the ballot this year whenever I am confronted by election options that would be unconscionable for any Conservative who loves truth and freedom like Andrew did.

I hope some of you out there will help me spread this message.

Let's show the world the power of Conservatives.


Thursday, April 12, 2012

My vow to voters in Sunland-Tujunga

Weeks ago I was campaigning up in Sunland-Tujunga at the Olde Towne Comfort and Joy Cafe and having some spirited discussions with some concerned voters up there. It was a fruitful discussion, as I learned some new things and the voters heard more new ideas from me.

One thing we cleared up was my misconception that voters in Sunland-Tujunga were anti-business NIMBYS who couldn't control themselves. I had drawn this conclusion from not knowing all the facts when I ran for Mayor of Los Angeles in 2009. At a televised forum in Sunland-Tujunga, I said that I supported Home Depots right to build a new superstore there. This drew some boos and hostile commentary from the crowd. Some of the commentators said they feared for my safety upon leaving the building...but I think it was just harmless hyperbole meant as a joke.

Weeks ago I learned that the voters in Sunland-Tujunga do not hate businesses. They didn't even hate Home Depot. They just wanted a different business to replace the Kmart at that location that had been closed in bankruptcy proceedings. The concerned community members made it clear to me that they simply wanted better access to goods and services that they needed.

O.K. That made sense to me. We can all be pro-business but disagree as to which stores should open where. I told the voters that they should have contacted the owners of the property that Kmart had been leasing. They said they had tried, but their complaints had fallen on deaf ears.

One of the highlights of the evening was near the end. These voters made clear to me their displeasure with City of Los Angeles re-districting that had them leaving one shady political figure (The Dark Lord - a.k.a. Paul Krekorian) behind, only to be left to the whims and madness of an even darker, and more sinister political figure: Political Gangster Richard "Fredo" Alarcon.

Impressed with the sincerity of their dismay at this situation, I made a solemn vow to end this type of political corruption.

I promised them that if I was elected to Congress in the 28th District, I would do everything within my legal power to make sure that Richard Alarcon spends time on the inside of a jail cell. This is a vow I will publicly repeat at forums and community events. Alarcon is a felon who intentionally deceived voters and perpetrated various financial crimes on the city.

One of the voters who signed my nomination papers was very impressed with this statement.

While signing my petition, he heard me make my vow and quickly said.."Can I sign twice?"

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

I will call for an investigation and charges against Senators Nelson and Landrieu

Unlike my opponent in the upcoming election -- Adam Schiff -- I will refuse to participate in corruption when I arrive in Washington.

In fact, I will call for a Congressional investigation and charges against Senators Ben Nelson of Nebraska and Mary Landrieu of Louisiana. These Senators basically sold their votes in an obscene effort to pass the "Obamacare" legislation.

The corruption of Senator Nelson in voting for Obamacare earned the derisive nickname "The Cornhusker Kickback".

While Congressman Adam Schiff turned a blind eye to the corruption of his own party, I will take a very different approach.

I will call for an investigation into the behavior of Senators Nelson and Landrieu and any other legislators involved in offering these bribes.

If there is sufficient evidence that their behavior exceeded the scope of normal lawmaking, I will seek their arrest and for criminal charges to be filed.

Their behavior threatens the very nature of our Republic.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Eric Holder doesn't understand the problem

I've never been a fan of Attorney General Eric Holder.

He once said the government needed to brainwash people into believing in gun controls.

Holder doesn't believe in people showing their ID at polls in order to vote.

This is hugely problematic, because voters records are available to the public and anyone can find out the details of anyone elses information.

Conservative filmmaker James O'Keefe decided to show Eric Holder just how bad the voter fraud problem can potentially be. He went to a Washington D.C. polling place and asked for Holders ballot. The worker there said O'Keefe didn't need ID and seemed more than willing to hand him Holders ballot.

Chicago Democratic machine operatives have long been known to scour graveyards in their voter registration drives.

This current video by O'Keefe makes obvious how weak our ballot security standards are.

What is to stop someone from registering 50 different names and then going to polling stations all over town and voting 50 times?

Evidently, Eric Holder feels there is no proof and that this is a fantasy problem.

Holder has heard about O'Keefes video, which went viral.

Of course, he would.

Monday, April 9, 2012

Mike Wallace 1918-2012

Veteran newsman Mike Wallace died this weekend at the age of 93. He was nationally famous as a journalist because of his work on the television investigation news program "60 Minutes."

Wallaces hard-hitting interview style impressed many. He left an impression on many, and inspired many others to get into writing, including my fellow blogger, Joseph Mailander.

I'd like to share one of his best ever interviews. He did this one in 1959 with writer Ayn Rand, who had written the bestsellers "The Fountainhead" and "Atlas Shrugged".

In the interview, Rand espouses her theory of "objectivism" in which she says that altruism -- or living for the sake of others -- is evil, and should be eliminated.

Even if you don't agree with her, she was a fascinating woman, and Wallace asked all the right questions. He was operating at a level that very few can reach.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

That's My King!

He's the centerpiece of civilization. A man who never even owned a wristwatch has become the way that the world defines time and space. 2012 A.D. (Anno Domini - "In The Year of Our Lord")

Saturday, April 7, 2012

China's Lost Girls

China's Lost Girls | Watch the Documentary Film Free Online | SnagFilms

Watch this film. It is incredibly pro-life and makes me proud to be an American.

Chinas policies are harmful, and the overabundance of un-marriageable males will probably lead them to war in the near future.

Friday, April 6, 2012

Happy Birthday Michele Bachmann!!

Today is the birthday of one of my favorite Conservatives...

Congresswoman Michele Bachmann!

You can go to her website and sign her birthday card.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Romneys VP choices

After Mitt Romney won Republican primaries this week in Wisconsin, Maryland and the District of Columbia, most pundits said the race was over. I disagree. I think Rick Santorum will win many more states in the near future, but he won't get past Romney in the delegate count. Santorum will make things interesting, but Romney is going to get the nomination.

Turning towards the future and Romeys choice of picks for Vice-President, I will give you my own personal handicapping.


The junior Senator from Florida is the overwhelming odds-on favorite to be the choice for several crucial reasons. He's young and charming and charismatic. He's popular with the Tea Party. He's Latino, and that would probably draw Latino votes from all over the country into Romneys column. Most important of all, selecting Rubio would lock down Florida in the general election, as masses of Cuban-Americans swarm to the polls to put a fellow Cuban American one heartbeat away from the Presidency.

Rubio is smart and talented, and doesn't have much baggage. He's a great pick. An obvious pick. But he's not a 100% solid choice for Romney, yet. Because...


The swaggering, brash-talking Governor of New Jersey is a good friend of Romneys and endorsed him early. Christie is popular in the popular, in fact, that many preferred to see him run for President in 2012. Christie declined.

I actually don't think Christie will be the choice. Christie declined running for President because he said he "wasn't ready" and that he enjoyed being Governor of New Jersey. These same arguments could be used to defer a VP ticket invite.

I predict it won't be Christie.


The Governor of Virginia has the right politics and the right resume to actually run for President himself. Virginia went for Obama in 2008 by a very small margin. Putting McDonnell on the ticket could probably take Virginia away from Obama in 2012. If McDonnell is the choice, Romney is playing it very safe.


This election is going to be about the economy and jobs. Both of which are struggling right now. Paul Ryan has created a budget whereas the Democrats had three years to complete one and they didn't do it. If Romney wants someone out there on the stump explaining how bad Obamas policies are, Ryan might be the man for the job. Ryan also might be a good enough choice that he could flip the purple state of Wisconsin into the red column in 2012.

I would say that Ryan actually has the second highest chances of being chosen.


Condi Rice would be a "game-changing" pick for Romney. A talented African-American female for Vice President. Don't think Romney hasn't thought about it. Unfortunately, I don't think this choice has any chance of happening. I think she enjoys teaching at Stanford and is not interested in a draining political campaign for the White House.


This is my own personal "wild card" pick. A lot of pundits are bringing up Susana Martinez, the Governor of New Mexico because she is Hispanic, female, and from a battleground state. I don't think Martinez will be offered the slot, because she has already said publicly she would refuse it if offered. A reluctant candidate is never a good start to a campaign.

I actually think Romney might choose Nikki Haley, the Governor of South Carolina. It does nothing for his Electoral College strategy, but makes a broad appeal to women, a voting bloc that Romney is having problems with. Haley is also a minority political figure, with parents who moved here from India to raise her in South Carolina. She's also very young...she just turned 40 in January. These facts might be able to draw some young, female votes away from Obama in the general election.

Overall, I give these candidates the following chances of being the VP pick.

Marco Rubio 2-1
Chris Christie 4-1
Bob McDonnell 6-1
Paul Ryan 8-1
Nikki Haley 15-1
Condoleezza Rice 30-1
"The field" 40-1

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Angry Obama attacks Supreme Court

An angry Barack Obama attacked the United States Supreme Court this week.


Most likely, because they voted against Obamacare and their decision will destroy that law.

The line of questions posed by the judges during the hearings clearly indicated their political leanings as far as interpreting the Constitution.

They voted on Friday, and it is most likely that they voted down the law, or at least parts of it...including the individual mandate to purchase health insurance.

How could Obama know the outcome if only the Justices are allowed in the room?

I think it is quite clear that Obama has spies in the room... Sotomayor and Kagan owe him favors for their nominations to the court. I think one of them let him know the results.

Obama is lashing out, trying to change their minds before they officially write and deliver their opinions.

But one thing seems is very likely from the Presidents reaction that all or part of Obamacare has been found to be unconstitutional by the Supreme Court.

If this is the case, then massive numbers of Democrats are in danger at election time this fall. If they supported a law that gets ruled unconstitutional, it affects their standing as an elected representative.

Obamas defeat here might be a personal payback from the Justices, who Obama ridiculed and insulted during a State of The Union speech in 2010.

Chief Justice John Roberts very clearly remembers the slight that night, calling it "very troubling" and a "political pep rally."

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

The hypocrisy of Obama and the left

A short video this morning to remind voters of the hypocrisy of Barack Obama and all of the leaders on the left.

When George W. Bush was President and gas prices climbed higher, there was phony outrage from the left.

The evidence in the video is indisputable.

Now, when Barack Obama is President, you don't hear a peep from the left.

In fact, you hear excuses and wild spin on a bad situation.

Their behavior is contemptible.

Monday, April 2, 2012

Kagan needs to step down

Supreme Court Justice Elena Kagan was a bad pick for the United States Supreme Court. She was chosen by Barack Obama for her Socialist leanings.

Kagan has not had the common sense to recuse herself from this upcoming ruling on Obamacare.

Kagan argued for the government as a member of Obamas Administration. She fully supported Obamacare in the past, and as such, her judgment cannot be seen as unbiased.

If Obamacare passes the legality test by a 5-4 vote, its success will be illegitimate in the minds of many.

Kagan and Sotomayor are two of the worst things Barack Obama has done to America.

If Obama is not defeated in 2012, he will end up replacing another justice or two during his second term, and the left will then use a liberal court as a sledgehammer to destroy freedom in America.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

"I will not be signing your Pledge for Peace"

To: Richard Valdez
From: Phil Jennerjahn

Dear Richard,

Thank you for your interesting email this morning. I admire your political interests in both running for Congress and also keeping America out of armed conflict with other nations. I believe that yours is an admirable goal, but one that I feel is bit shortsighted and naive, because you seek an end result that is highly unlikely to occur.

I will not be signing your "Pledge for Peace" because I do not agree with two of the three statements contained in the document. To explain...

1. U.S. Out of Afghanistan

I do not agree with this statement. Do you remember that Muslims killed nearly 3,000 of our fellow Americans on September 11th, 2001? The political ideology of the followers of Islam dictates that they are to make war on their opponents until they enslave the entire world. This ideology is a threat to world security and world peace in every country on this planet. To ignore this fact makes you dangerously naive and probably not a very good choice to be a United States Congressman.

U.S. Out of Afghanistan? No. In fact, we may eventually need to station armed troops in every Muslim country on earth in order to protect the rest of the world from Islam.

2. No War with Iran

Again, Richard, your beliefs here are dangerously short-sighted. When a fanatical, genocidal leader like Mahmoud Ahmadinejad makes his evil intentions clear, you would be a fool to turn your back on him and ignore his warnings. Ahmadinejad routinely likes to rile up angry crowds in Iran by chanting "Death to Israel" at huge public gatherings. Iran has shown it's contempt for human rights by gunning down unarmed political protesters in the streets.

Yet, for some strange reason you feel these people are passive, that they are not pursuing a nuclear weapon, and you are perfectly o.k. with leaving them in power?
That's your decision. But not mine.

A devastating war that destroys Irans capability to inflict harm on its neighbors might be the ultimate solution.

3. No Aid to Countries with Nuclear Weapons.

I actually agree with you on this one. I would massively cut foreign aid and I would eliminate it for countries who are our enemies.

By the way, I am supporting your opponent -- my good friend David Hernandez -- in the 29th Congressional District. David served in Vietnam and understands the threats that others pose to our nation.

So, thanks for emailing me your "Pledge for Peace", but I won't be signing it.

There are too many countries in this world with hostile intentions towards us to believe in your vision of world peace.