Thursday, June 30, 2011

My Oakland Raiders Experience

I was thinking yesterday about the Brian Stowe situation...the Giants fan who got beaten up at Dodger Stadium.

I don't think this situation will spell doom for the Dodgers, but it didn't exactly help. I'd been to many Dodgers games over the last few years and never seen that type of thing happen before.

Other fans in other cities have various reputations for being civil to visiting fans.
As a native of Green Bay, I can honestly say that I saw many Bear and Viking fans come to our beloved Lambeau Field, and except for a little teasing, nothing bad ever happened to them.

I was in San Francisco at Candlestick Park on Jan 11, 1998 watching my beloved Packers defeat the unfortunate San Francisco 49ers in the NFC Championship. A few unruly and unhappy 49ers fans got into an altercation with some Packers fans....myself and a few others rushed to their aide. The San Fran fans backed down.

Now...on the other side of the Bay...totally different story.

Raider fans are about as mean as they come. I made the mistake of going to a game there in 1997.
I was wearing my Packers colors. It was an experience that I won't repeat.

I got into four separate fist fights on the way to my seat!

Somebody spit on me in one of the tunnels. That started the first fight.

Luckily, not all the Raiders fans were savages, because some of them were peacemakers and actually broke up some of the fighting and separated the individual combatants.

Somebody took my Packers Super Bowl 31 hat and tried to throw it out of the stadium. Luckily, the wind blew it back and I was able to retrieve it. I put it underneath me and sat on it for the rest of the game.

I saw a Packer fan in the upper deck being choked and someone took his cheesehead hat and threw it down onto the field. The Packer fan never got it back.

As bad as things were, a Raider fan pointed out to me that I was lucky I wasn't sitting in the notorious "Black Hole". He pointed to that section and said, "If you were over there, you'd probably be dead."

I remember one great play in the game where the Raiders had almost sacked Brett Favre and were taking him to the ground. The fans erupted, but then Brett flicked a 15 yard TD pass just before he hit the turf. From screams of ecstasy to tomblike silence in three seconds. Awesome. The Packers were the defending World Champs and won the game 37-24.

The thing that bothered me the most about the Raiders fans violence that day??

It was a pre-season game!

Absolutely no bearing on anything. No need to go psycho.

If any of you ever plan to attend a game there, watch these videos and think carefully.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Bristol Palin says "oops!"

In an interview on Fox television yesterday, Bristol Palin answered a question about her mother Sarah possibly running for President by saying about her Mom that "she definitely knows" what she is going to do.

It was an innocent mistake, but Bristol may have let the cat out of the bag.

If her mother wasn't running, she could have told us that months ago. But she keeps saying she is "thinking about it". She wouldn't be thinking about it if she had decided not to run. If you take her statements at face value and accept their truthfulness....logic then dictates that Bristol knows her mother is going to jump into the race. When, we don't know. I personally think Sarah wants to sit out the whole summer and then jump into the race in September.

Bristol Palin was actually promoting her book about her life story.

I'll probably skip that one. Autobiographies written by 20-year-olds usually aren't very interesting.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Dismantling the Dodgers

The Los Angeles Dodgers filed for bankruptcy yesterday.

Yes, that would be the exact same Los Angeles Dodgers who have set the all-time record for paid attendance by any team in any sport in history. Over 175 million people have paid to see a Dodgers game.

Clearly, there has been some fraud and incompetence involved.

Major League Baseball is somewhat to blame for allowing McCourt to take over the Dodgers the way he did with shady deals and financial fraud. The way he bought the team with other peoples money was a recipe for looting. And that is exactly what he did.

The whole situation just makes me sick.

What Frank McCourt has done to the team is unconscionable. One of the all-time great franchises. Playing baseball for over 100 years. A team that appeared in the World Series 18 times. They are now about to go on the ash heap of history thanks to an incredibly selfish, vain and egotistical maniac named Frank McCourt.

I'm not even the biggest baseball fan...I'm a football guy. But I like the Dodgers and their history.
Did you know they were called the Brooklyn Trolley Dodgers because pedestrians in the early 1900s often had to leap out of the way of speeding trolleys barreling down the streets of Brooklyn? I love the nickname.

Even the uniforms are classics. All-American in style.
I bought several Dodgers jerseys this week, and I'll be wearing them all summer to show my support for the team. However, I am not optimistic about the financial reality of the situation.

How, exactly, can you get to a point where the most popular sports franchise of all time doesn't even own their stadium or the parking lots around it?

That is a recipe for the team being bought and moved away by new owners.

This whole thing reminds me of the Enron scandal. In a business venture this big, somebody should have been looking at the numbers and given some warnings that the management of the team was becoming unsound.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Sarah Palin goes to Iowa

Sarah Palin will be in Pella, Iowa, tomorrow for the World Premiere of the documentary movie about her, entitled "The Undefeated".

Hmmm... the most charismatic and popular Republican in America is debuting a new movie about herself in Iowa, New Hampshire, and South Carolina.

Joseph Mailander of Street Hassle better get my money ready.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Krauthammer: Obama is lawless on immigration

Krauthammer states that the President has become lawless with his directives to not enforce immigration laws.

Obama is the Manchurian President. He always has been.

Stupid Democratic voters couldn't see that, for some reason.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

New Yorkers vote for gay marriage

Well, this shouldn't come as any surprise to anyone.

These people voted for Barack Obama.

They voted for Anthony Weiner and Eliot Spitzer and Charles Rangel to be in high elected office.

New Yorkers have always had a big problem with common sense and traditional values.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Newt Gingrich: A Missed Window of Opportunity

I was watching former Speaker Newt Gingrich on the Bill O'Reilly show yesterday and I was a little irritated by the way that O'Reilly seemed to be totally brushing off Newt's chances in 2012. Yes, many of Newts staff members have quit recently...but that means very little right now. All that matters is who does well in the Iowa and New Hampshire showdowns in early 2012.

However, I did agree with O'Reilly in one area. I do think that Newt may have missed his window of opportunity. If Newt really wanted to be President, he probably should have run in 1996 or 2000. He has been out of the game for too long. He has been making his living off the "chicken and dumplings" lecture circuit and from selling his own books.

He is a smart man, and an ideas guy. He would be a great addition to anyones Cabinet, but much like Sarah Palin, I think he prefers the money and the attention of the lecture and book signing circuit.

You can't walk away from politics for a decade and then expect people to instantly elect you President.

That only happens in Haiti.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Mike Gatto pranked by KFI's John & Ken

Well, this might teach Assemblyman Mike Gatto to keep his big mouth shut.

Gatto whined loudly and publicly about missing a paycheck because Controller John Chiang had followed the law and turned off paychecks for the State Legislature because they had not passed a budget. Basically, they weren't doing their job, so they weren't getting paid. (Welcome to the real world, Mr. Gatto....)

KFI radio hosts John & Ken decided to capitalize on Mr. Gatto's whining and they held a "food bank drive" outside of Gattos offices in Burbank. They thought it would be funny to try and "help out" the struggling Assemblyman, who gets paid $95,000 a year by taxpayers.

That would be the exact same California taxpayers who are struggling to find work and income in this new Obama economy.

John & Ken sarcastically encouraged their listeners to stop by with canned foods to be donated to the "struggling" Assemblyman... and many listeners did.

Of course, this didn't go over very well with his office staff, who called police on this compassionate and charitable crowd.

Classy guy, that Gatto.

And a great job by you Democratic voters in Burbank! Keep up the great work!!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Bachmann takes the lead!!

Astonishing news from the Washington Post -- as they report that a new Zogby Poll has Michele Bachmann climbing into the lead in the GOP Presidential primaries!!

Now, it is early. Many others may jump into the race just as John Huntsmann did recently.
No reason to get overly excited.

However, as a Conservative, this is good news -- that Bachmann is even in the top 3, much less leading.

I'm not sure I trust this Zogby Poll, but one thing is certain.
Bachmann is picking up momentum.

Unless Rick Perry, Sarah Palin, or Chris Christie jump into the race, it is looking like Bachmann has a legitimate chance to capture the nomination.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

My stance on Gay Marriage

In light of the recent "glitter attacks" against GOP Presidential Candidates Newt Gingrich and Michele Bachmann, I figured that I should say something. I think these attacks were foolish and make gay people look bad. I don't think it helps their cause at all. But hey, we live in a free country. Sometimes you have to put up with the nonsense of others.

I have been widely derided in the media as a homophobe, a bigot, and a racist even though none of these accusations are true. Bombshell news for readers of TJR coming up....

Two of my top ten friends in the world are gay.
One of them even shared an apartment with me for 2 years.

Even though my gay friends say that I occasionally use "negative language" when referring to gays, they clearly do not feel that I hold any specific grudges against them for their sexuality. I think if I were a true homophobe, they wouldn't be interested in my friendship, nor would I be interested in theirs.

Being around these two gay friends has allowed me to learn more about gay issues. Both of them claim they have always been gay and that they cannot control this choice. I tend to believe them. A lesbian once told me that it has to do with the chemical balances in the womb. When a female fetus gets an overdose of testosterone, she becomes gay..and when a male fetus receives an imbalance of estrogen, he becomes gay. It sounded like a logical argument to me. Both my gay friends say it is a lonely and ostracized lifestyle...and that they would not ever willingly make this choice. Both of them have told me they "wish they could be straight" because it would make their lives so much more simple.

I tend to have some sympathy for gays, but my sympathy does not extend to granting them special privileges due to their homosexuality.

I have a realistic and pragmatic approach to homosexuality.
There have always been gays and there will always be gays.
That is a fact and we have to deal with it.

I feel that gays are already guaranteed enormous protections under our Constitution and our current laws.

However, they dispute this and claim many of their rights are being trampled on. I disagree.

I don't see why a gay couple shouldn't be able to visit each other in a hospital, or why they shouldn't be able to inherit each others property or life insurance. Most of these issues can be dealt with without gay marriage.

The reason I am against gay marriage is that it is the gays using activism to force something on others that they don't want. There has been a 5,000 year tradition in Judeo-Christian culture that marriage is between a man and a woman. I believe in that tradition.

Gays do not have the right to invent religious theology.
Gay marriage is a dangerous trespass against religion.
All the sacred texts of the most ancient religions forbid homosexuality.

For a State government to say that gay marriage exists is an affront to all of human history. This would be the State officially saying that "Your Bible means nothing...your Torah means nothing!!"

I have long suggested a compromise on this issue.

Gays can have a civil union or Domestic Partnership certificate and be granted many legal protections that they claim they are lacking.

But they cannot have marriage.

Not now, not ever.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Beware of the RINO!

I am not a supporter of Mitt Romney. His flip-flopping on serious issues concerns me.

If somebody exciting doesn't jump into the race, we might end up with Romney.

Attention Rick Perry, Jeb Bush, Sarah Palin and Marco Rubio....the GOP needs you right now!!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Our Next President

I have always been a fan of Texas Governor Rick Perry. I donated to his last campaign and met him personally in Washington D.C. at CPAC 2011. I tried to convince him to run for President. At the time, he declined.
However, he seems to be warming to the idea due to the fact that the current field is quite weak.

Part of what has always drawn me to Perry is the fact that he is a strong supporter of the 10th Amendment.
I am a"Tenther". I always have been, and always will be.
I believe in the sovereign power of the States. I also believe that the Federal Government repeatedly trespasses into areas where it does not belong. Perry states that he feels the same way.
We share a core ideology.

Perry is not perfect. He has made a few boneheaded political choices that I don't care for.
But I can look past those individual errors to see the bigger picture.
He is the right man for the GOP in 2012.

Perry has the perfect resumé....
Elected Governor of Texas three times.
Led his State to jobs growth in a Depression-like economy.
Widely respected and admired by his peers.
Former Air Force pilot.

Perry can also deliver on a personal level.
He has a homespun style that connects with voters.
He doesn't hide his Christianity or his beliefs.
He is a man you feel you can trust completely.

Watch this video.
Everything he says makes sense...especially the economy stuff.
It is a winning argument for the 2012 campaign.

While watching this video, I got the overwhelming feeling that Rick Perry is going to enter the 2012 race.

I also believe he will be our next President.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Governor Christie shows why he could be our man in 2012

I have said before that I'm not 100% sold on Governor Chris Christie of New Jersey. There are a few things I don't like about him, but his leadership style is not one of them.

I honestly think that if Chris Christie jumps into the Presidential race, it is over for everyone else.
However, he has been reluctant to jump into the fray.
But this video will only make the drumbeats grow louder.
Watch as he basically tells one of his voters to go take a flying leap.
Obama couldn't do this if he tried. He doesn't have the stones.

Republicans love the Governors tough talk and confrontational style.

The website American Thinker has come up with a clever way to describe the feelings voters get when they see his leadership. They call it a "Christie-gasm".

That's cute. Clever. And somewhat accurate.

There are people begging him to get into the Presidential race.
He has said before that he already knows that he can win.

It would take almost superhuman power to resist the pull of that momentum.....

Friday, June 17, 2011

There Is No Limit To Their Depravity...

Those liberals... they have done it again.

Every time you think you have seen the worst of their behavior, they always find a new and creative way to top themselves.

And no, I'm not talking about the irresponsible sexual behavior of Anthony Weiner.

No, the new stunner comes from the ultra-liberal bible, the website Daily Kos.

A mind-blowing jaw dropper. But not unexpected from the left.

Basically, if you are a pro-choice liberal, you share the same political ideologies of the German Nazi Party, circa 1930-45. You believe that certain human lives should be exterminated -- simply because they are inconvenient for you, or undesirable to your future plans.

I have included some photos of this offensive dribble above, just in case the Daily Kos removes the article from their website.

I don't expect this will even make the radar of the lefty TV programs.

The article exposes the true mentality of the liberal, leftist, political ideology.

There is no limit to their depravity.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

John Edwards indicted, karma in action

And you thought Anthony Weiner was a creep. Who smiles like it's a glamour photo shoot when getting your mugshot taken by federal agents? Well.... I guess this is just karma coming around for the Democrats.

John Edwards was their candidate for Vice President when John Kerry ran for President in 2004. Kerry and Edwards were defeated by the Bush/Cheney team -- who clearly had more character and leadership.

Edwards is under indictment for misappropriating campaign funds and using them as hush money to conceal his extramarital affair with videographer Rielle Hunter.

More joy is on the way for Edwards. He is being slammed in a book by one of his closest aides. Evidently, the classy Edwards made a sex tape with Hunter while she was pregnant with his illegitimate love-child. Young has obviously seen the tape, describing it as "like watching a traffic pileup in slow motion. Repelling, but also transfixing."

I have to admit to a bit of schadenfreude here. I am taking some joy in Edwards demise.

Why? Because he is partially to blame for Obama being in office.
To me, this will always be his greatest crime.

Edwards took 30% of the votes and second place in the 2008 Iowa Democratic Presidential Caucus.
He did this while knowing full well that he was a lying and cheating scumbag.
If he had done the honorable thing and dropped out of the contest, it is most likely that a majority of his followers would have supported Hillary Clinton. Clinton winning Iowa and New Hampshire in 2008 would have closed the door on Obama.
Although Obama might still be killing time as Vice President right now in another scenario.

Russell Crowe, in the movie "Gladiator", issues one of my all time favorite movie quotes when he says "What we do in life echoes for eternity." I love the quote because it is true.

John Edwards poor choices in his personal life, along with his public deception, ended up costing Hillary Clinton votes, and most likely Edwards dishonesty is partially responsible for Barack Obama being in office.

The man who claimed he wanted to save America ended up doing more harm to it than he could ever have imagined.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

GOP Debate Recap

Last nights Republican Presidential Debate went off in New Hampshire and got pretty good reviews, even if there was a lack of conflict between the contestants.

Media sources tended to see Mitt Romney and Michele Bachmann as the winners, with lesser degrees of success for the other candidates.

Here are some of the notes I took during the debate:

Michele Bachmann, I feel, did the best of any candidate. She came roaring from the back of the pack and is now clearly in 2nd place behind Romney, in my opinion. She was clear and concise in her answers and didn't waffle...except when asked to choose between Elvis and Johnny Cash -- which was an idiotic question to begin with (didn't CNN ask to see some of John Kings notes before the debate? ).

Bachmann stood her ground and was smiling and polite and charming, and directed most of her firepower at Barack Obama. She announced her candidacy from the stage (a clever move with millions watching) and she also got the biggest cheers of the night when she said "Obama is a one term President! We are going to win!!"

Bachmann emphasized how she was the first Congressional member to try to repeal Obamacare. She hammered Obama on his hypocrisy on the Debt Ceiling by using his own words from a previous year. And in my opinion, she hit the most magical moment of the night when she talked about her pro-life views by quoting the Constitution and saying "I stand for life, from conception to natural death." She scored big-time points there.

The thing about the debate that made me the most queasy was the unshakable feeling that we are going to have Romney as our candidate in 2012. In fact, I raise his chances to 65% now with his certain victories in New Hampshire and Nevada eliminating most of the field early. I still view Romney with suspicion and distrust. In my book, he is a flip-flopping RINO who is not a Conservative and should not even be considered. However, the more moderate factions of my party like him just fine. Romney scored points last night because he came in as the leader in the polls and nobody laid a glove on him. Surprisingly, Tim Pawlenty kind of wimped out when offered a shot to confront Romney on Obamneycare, as Pawlenty had called it on Sunday.
Nobody else showed much interest in attacking Romney, so he walks away still in the lead.

Romney only had one line I liked, and that was when he said "Obama gave GM to the UAW." That is a powerful line that will work well for him in the general election.

Tim Pawlenty was probably the biggest loser of the night. Liberal media has been hyping him as the best Republican candidate, which means that they think he is the perfect loser for Obama to face in 2012. Pawlenty wimped out on confronting Romney... possibly, because I think Pawlenty is actually running for Vice President. Pawlenty had a good line when he talked about business owners moving away from certain states and asking him to "Get the government off my back." Pawlenty is a nice enough guy, but he is in third place and falling fast.

Newt Gingrich kept his struggling campaign afloat and did reasonably well in the debate. Gingrich is a smart, talented, and capable leader. He could probably have ended up in the White House if his social life hadn't been so damn messy. Gingrich did a reasonably good job of explaining his criticisms of the Ryan Budget plan and pointing out that "We all got mad at Obama because he ran over us." I liked Gingrichs toughness on certain issues. When Herman Cain was waffling over Muslims in government, Gingrich was tough and confrontational about the question. Gingrich also pointed out some fallacies in the questions asked by the moderator. He is hanging in there ... for now.

Ron Paul was another one of the losers of last nights debate. He looked like a cranky old grandpa for most of the evening. I don't think I saw him smile once. He relied on his tired old criticisms of big government, even though he has been an elected member of that exact same big government for about 30 years. I'm not a fan of eminent domain, so I liked his line that "Government should not be able to take private land to give it to a corporation." He continued to beat the drum for the anti-war crowd by saying that we should cut the budget by "cutting the money from foreign warfare". Ron Paul has run for President two other times. He will get the same result in 2012.

Something about Rick Santorums attitude was very off-putting to me. At times he was bragging about himself too much. I like some of Santorums conservative beliefs, but he will not win this race. His best quote of the night was on immigration when he said "My Grandfather didn't come here because he wanted a government benefit...he came here because he wanted freedom!"

Herman Cain had started to generate a little buzz for himself after the South Carolina debate, but he didn't do as well here. When talking about the financial meltdown in 2008, he said "It's a mess. An absolute mess!" Yeah....and?? He also shot himself in the foot when trying to backtrack on his stance on keeping Muslims out of his government. Me personally, I have no problem with that stance. In fact, I like it. The primary goal of Islam is to dominate and enslave the rest of the world. I prefer a politician to have stronger views on that issue, but Cain double-talked and waffled and still couldn't make his view clear. He should have expected that question and knocked it out of the park. Cain stumbled last night. He won't win the race.

Nobody talked about the 800 pound gorilla in the room: the fact that Sarah Palin might still enter the race. I think it is a fact they would all prefer not to consider.

I came away from the debate thinking that if Sarah Palin, Rick Perry, Jeb Bush, or Chris Christie want to jump into this race, they should probably do it pretty soon. Things are starting to heat up, and Michele Bachmann just won herself a huge number of fans last night.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Republican Debate Tonight!

Tonight in New Hampshire, most of the major contenders for the GOP Presidential Nomination will go at it for a few hours in front of intrigued voters.

Here is one thing to anticipate for sure: As the vaguely defined "leader" in the polls, Mitt Romney will be attacked by the others and crucified for his "Romneycare" and Global Warming stances. It won't be pretty for him tonight.

Newt Gingrich will try to get his campaign off of life support. Voters in New Hampshire tend to be more fiscally Conservative than socially Conservative and he may get some support here.

Michele Bachmann will try to break away for the pack of pretenders and establish herself as a primary threat to Romney.

Herman Cain will get drilled with a lot more tough shots now that he seems to have a following in the polls.

I predict that Tim Pawlenty, Rick Santorum, and Ron Paul will all be forgotten after tonight.

I'm also curious to see if any one of the moderators will bring up the 800 pound gorilla in the room: the fact that Sarah Palin may still jump into the race.

I'm also wondering if New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson will stand around outside the venue with a protest sign. He was not allowed to participate in this debate because of his low rankings in the media polls.

I'll watch tonight and give you my verdict tomorrow.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Communist Becerra, six other loony Democrats prefer "unsafe communities"

Every now and then, you read something that is difficult to wrap your head around.

My Communist Congressman, Xavier Becerra, has officially joined the dark side.
No more fence sitting for him.

He has issued a statement of his support, along with six other female Congresswomen, of the end of Los Angeles' participation in the "Secure Communities" program, which requires all arrestees to be fingerprinted -- and for that information sent to Immigration and Customs Enforcement to screen out violent predators.

The list of Anti-American losers reads like a list of the usual suspects: Lucille Roybal-Allard, Judy Chu, Maxine Waters, Linda Sanchez, Grace Napolitano, and Socialist Karen Bass.

The heart of their argument is the tired, worn-out, old hogwash cliché that many in the Latino community will be afraid to report crimes if they feel they will be deported for doing so.

My opinion? Doing things that make your fellows citizens less safe, and doing so to choose sides with foreigners..??

This comes dangerously close to being an act of treason, and sedition.

The Democrats are no longer hiding who they are, what with the SEIU recently marching with fellow Communists in solidarity. I just wonder when the voters in this city will wise up and get rid of them.

Friday, June 10, 2011

James Carville: Full of it

Among those who are politically active, few people are unaware of Democratic Campaign Strategist James Carville. Carville helped Bill Clinton win the White House in 1992.

Carville is usually seen nowadays as a talking head on political shows sharing wisdom, advice, and opinions.
Unfortunately, James Carville is full of it.

In 2009, Carville released a book about the 2008 elections, called "40 more years".. about how the Democrats were becoming a permanent majority in America.

Carville did not calculate Democratic incompetence into his figures.
The overreach on health care and its individual mandates was repulsive to freedom-loving Americans everywhere. Democrats got one of the worst ass-kickings ever in the 2010 elections, losing over 60 seats in Congress. 2012 isn't looking too good, either....

Carville is now admitting that the continually high unemployment numbers here in America are going to make 2012 "very tough" for Obama and the Democrats.

Translation...he knows Obama is going to lose.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

CNN sucks. Big time.

CNN is pissing me off right now. The network has decided to deny former New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson the opportunity to debate in Mondays event in New Hampshire. I'm not a big fan of Johnson, but shutting out a two time Governor while deciding to include an unelected pizza company CEO is very curious decision making to me.

Herman Cain was under 4% approval in the polls in South Carolina, but impressed people with his honesty and business sense. What if Herman Cain had been denied that chance? His 15% of supporters would be choosing someone else in the polls right now. It becomes a self-defeating prophecy for the others.

Here is CNNs ridiculous debate criteria, from their own website.....

1. A candidate must have received an average of at least 2.00 % in at least three national polls released between April 1 and April 30 that were conducted by the following: ABC, AP, Bloomberg, CBS, CNN, FOX, Gallup, Los Angeles Times, Marist, McClatchy, NBC, Newsweek, Pew, Quinnipiac, Reuters, USA Today and Time.

2. A candidate must have received an average of at least 2.00 % in at least three national polls released between May 1 and May 31 that were conducted by the following: ABC, AP, Bloomberg, CBS, CNN, FOX, Gallup, Los Angeles Times, Marist, McClatchy, NBC, Newsweek, Pew, Quinnipiac, Reuters, USA Today and Time.

3. A candidate must have received an average of at least 2.00 % in polls of New Hampshire voters conducted by the University of New Hampshire Survey Center released between May 1 and May 31.

So basically, under their own, odd CNN rules, Charlie Sheen could poll 5% support and get into the debates.

But Rick Perry, the Governor of Texas -- and possibly our best candidate for President -- could be excluded because the pollsters don't ask about him when making their surveys.

Total bullshit.

Let Johnson in. He's running and has shown that he could do the job. Let the voters decide. Not the pollsters.

Johnson makes a good point that Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton had almost no measurable support when they started, but both captured the White House.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Trump throws Weiner under the bus

I'll be honest. I'm not the biggest fan of Donald Trump... and I definitely did not want him being the GOP candidate for President in 2012. I felt his shifting political ideologies were not authentic, and were going to be a real liability in the race.

However, there are a few things I like about the guy. There is a lot of honesty in him. He cuts through the politically correct bullshit and tells you what he thinks.

I love this video where he throws Anthony Weiner under the bus.
He then backs up and runs him over several more times, calling him a "psycho".

And this is from a guy who gave money to Weiner election campaigns in the past.

Sometimes you have to cut ties with people when they prove they can't be trusted.

Weiner needs to resign and Democrats need to show some spine and support this goal.

If Weiner was a Republican, I'd be throwing him under the bus, also.
Public trust is our leaders in a tenuous thing at best.

We can't afford to give people a pass for this type of behavior.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Memo to New York 9th Congr. District voters

Dear 9th District voters,

Those of you in the 9th Congressional District in New York have shown the god-awful lack of common sense to elect Anthony Weiner as your Congressman. Thanks a lot!

I certainly don't appreciate you putting this clown into our nations highest legislative body.
A place where he was expected to vote on crucial issues, like military and defense spending, and international relations. Weiner decided that Congress, instead, would be a cool place to meet chicks.

See the photo above? Yeah, it's the least offensive photo available.
Your Congressman is a creep.

A married man, he was caught sending racy photos and texts to women he had never met.
He opened himself up to the potential of being blackmailed and put our nations security at risk.

If any of you had any common decency, you would be kicking down his office door tomorrow and demanding he resign immediately. He has operated in an indecent, immoral, and reckless manner.
He lied about his behavior, which brings it into being the level of a criminal offense -- when stating that a Congressmans personal communications have been hacked -- and that statement not being true at all.

The worst part of all of this?

For you voters in the 9th, he has made your District an embarrassment and a joke to the rest of the nation.

New York has to "delete" a Congressional district or two in the coming year because of Census redistricting.

Thanks to your poor voting decisions -- followed by Weiners indiscretion and perversion -- you have probably moved to the top of that list of Congressional districts subject to deletion.

Congrats. You have earned it.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Bachmann is absolutely PERFECT on Israel!

Memo to Barack Obama: This is how you explain Israel to American citizens.

Michele Bachmann is so perfect in this video that it is mind-blowing.

Rick Perry or Jim DeMint better hurry up and jump into this race, because I'm starting to fall in love with this woman (politically speaking, of course).

She's a great Christian, a great mother, a great attorney, a great fighter and a great Congresswoman.

She's one of the best Conservatives on the Hill.

She'd make a fantastic President.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Congressman Ted Poe rips light bulb law insanity

I love this video.

Congressman Ted Poe of Texas rips into the liberals and their insanity of trying to legislate light bulb usage.

Great stuff.

Yeah, Ted, I don't see it anywhere in the Constitution either. But that has never stopped a liberal .... and it never will.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Warning! Mitt Romney believes in Global Warming!

Mitt Romney may have sunk his campaign early by coming out and admitting that he believes in "Global Warming", or what the liberals now refer to as "climate change".

Conservatives don't believe in this. We accept that the world has been warming and cooling for thousands of years. There used to be gigantic glaciers where the Great Lakes are now located. They melted long before the invention of the internal combustion engine. Mankind had nothing to do with it.

Liberals who believe in global warming are enforcing more of their man-based nonsense.
Sure, they can control they weather, they say......

Romney is going to get clobbered during the debates for saying something this dumb.

Friday, June 3, 2011

Joseph Mailanders money

Last night, through a Facebook conversation, I found myself involved in a friendly little wager with talented local blogger Joseph Mailander of Street Hassle. Joseph is a far better writer than I am, but unfortunately he is a far-left liberal who has very wrong instincts about national politics.

My $50 says that Sarah Palin is running for President.
His $50 says she is not running in 2012.
We shall see.

Mayor Sam blogger Michael Higby is our chosen referee and wager-holder, should he agree to this proposition.
If not, Valley Doll blogger Debbie Lopez has already agreed to take his place, should Higby decline.

So as the street lingo goes...

It's on like Donkey Kong!

One positive factor in my favor is that Sarah has not said one way or another which way she is going.
One positive factor in Josephs favor is that she has no offices in Iowa or New Hampshire and would be running a fairly unconventional race if she were to enter.

I honestly believe Sarah is running. She's just being coy to get more free media coverage and to delay her suspension from her Fox News contract.

I believe her entry will ignite a firestorm of media coverage, blotting out the sun for unlucky schmucks like Ron Paul and Tim Pawlenty. If she says yes, they are done.

I also think her entry will send the RINOs into a panic, as they go scurrying to draft someone like Jeb Bush or Chris Christie in order to defeat her in the primaries.

I have terrific plans for Josephs Mailanders money.
I'm going to donate it to a far-right Conservative candidate in this election.

Don't worry Joseph, I'll let you place a bet for $100 when Nuch runs for D.A. in 2013.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Michele Bachmann: "My main competition is Barack Obama!"

Here is a clip of Michele Bachmann last night on the Sean Hannity television program.

One of my good friends, Stephen Schochet, feels that Michele Bachmann "has a chance to become our own Margaret Thatcher." I'm starting to think that he might be right.
This lady is smart, tough, and driven.

Of all the candidates who are running in 2012, she is currently my favorite.

She is very solid on the issues. She doesn't make many mistakes.

She is not as famous as Sarah Palin, but she is pretty damn good.

One area in which she is better than Palin is the media interviews. Sarah does things her own way, but Michele goes right on those ultra-liberal shows (like Chris Matthews) and takes it right to them.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Jim DeMint for President?

Exciting news today coming out of South Carolina that Senator Jim DeMint is reconsidering his choice to not participate in the Republican Presidential primaries of 2012.

Jim DeMint is widely regarded as "The Most Conservative Senator in America." He routinely gets a 100% rating from the American Conservative Union in their ranking of political figures based on their voting record.

DeMint would be an overwhelming favorite to win the South Carolina primary, which is one of the first four primaries to be held.

I have stated for the record that I am a Rick Perry for President supporter, but there is one candidate who would make me reconsider that choice -- and that man is Jim DeMint.

Jim DeMint is our modern-day Barry Goldwater. A man who can motivate the Conservatives into massive action. A man who will hold tight to his principles.

DeMints courage is remarkable, and sets him apart from other leaders. DeMint started the very powerful and influential Senate Conservatives Fund. DeMint willingly took on leaders of his own party establishment when choosing to back Marco Rubio for Senate in Florida and Rand Paul for Senate in Kentucky.

Rubio and Paul both acknowledge that DeMints help was crucial to their victories.

True Conservatives recognize each other, and a lot of them around the country would be jumping at the chance to help support a campaign headed by Jim DeMint.

If DeMint gets in, he becomes my choice.