Friday, June 3, 2011

Joseph Mailanders money

Last night, through a Facebook conversation, I found myself involved in a friendly little wager with talented local blogger Joseph Mailander of Street Hassle. Joseph is a far better writer than I am, but unfortunately he is a far-left liberal who has very wrong instincts about national politics.

My $50 says that Sarah Palin is running for President.
His $50 says she is not running in 2012.
We shall see.

Mayor Sam blogger Michael Higby is our chosen referee and wager-holder, should he agree to this proposition.
If not, Valley Doll blogger Debbie Lopez has already agreed to take his place, should Higby decline.

So as the street lingo goes...

It's on like Donkey Kong!

One positive factor in my favor is that Sarah has not said one way or another which way she is going.
One positive factor in Josephs favor is that she has no offices in Iowa or New Hampshire and would be running a fairly unconventional race if she were to enter.

I honestly believe Sarah is running. She's just being coy to get more free media coverage and to delay her suspension from her Fox News contract.

I believe her entry will ignite a firestorm of media coverage, blotting out the sun for unlucky schmucks like Ron Paul and Tim Pawlenty. If she says yes, they are done.

I also think her entry will send the RINOs into a panic, as they go scurrying to draft someone like Jeb Bush or Chris Christie in order to defeat her in the primaries.

I have terrific plans for Josephs Mailanders money.
I'm going to donate it to a far-right Conservative candidate in this election.

Don't worry Joseph, I'll let you place a bet for $100 when Nuch runs for D.A. in 2013.