Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Barack Obama: American Pharaoh

Last week I spoke in front of the Los Angeles City Council and referred to them as the "Pharaohs of Egypt" for their totalitarian tendencies to vote in ridiculous freedom-destroying rules that get voted into law with little to no discussion.

I made a reference to them doing their best Yul Brenner impersonations and decreeing across the land...

"So let it be written, so let it be done."

Of course, this didn't go over very well...except with city activist Zuma Dogg, who tweeted to his followers that it was one of the best public comments ever.

My problem with the Democratic Party right now is the tremendous set of blinders they are wearing that fail to allow them to see the danger that Barack Obama poses not only to our country, but to the rest of the world.

For example...

1) Immigration

Barack Obama has been labeled the "Deportation President" by MSNBC host Rachel Maddow. I find this description comical. Barack Obama has TWO illegal immigrant relatives living here in the United States. One of them living off of the backs of US taxpayers by being on public assistance. Hell, Obama even invited that illegal immigrant Aunt of his to the 2009 Inauguration!! What type of message does that send to the world?

The answer is clear. If you are a potential immigrant, Obama is giving you the middle finger.

There are hundreds of thousands of people who want to be American citizens. They go and stand in long lines in sweltering heat in places like the Philippines and South Korea. I know because I have seen it myself -- in person. These people play by the rules, hoping to get that magical ticket to America. Barack Obama gives them all the middle finger by allowing his own blood relatives to stay here illegally, yet at the same time deporting tens of thousands of others.

The situation here is quite clear...if you are a member of Obamas family, immigration law does not apply to you. That is a terrible message for America to send to the rest of the world. It harms our status as the vanguards for human freedom in this world.

2) Obamacare

The idea that our incompetent and corrupt government can accurately manage the health care for 320 million human beings is beyond mind-blowing. Obamacare has over 130 references that say that Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius "can decide" or "may decide" or "will decide" the path of American Health care. If Obama is the Pharaoh, then Sebelius is the Pharaoh Junior.

Obama has decided to grant over 800 waivers to Obamacare. Most of these waivers being granted to donors or supporters of his or his henchmens political activities. In short...

Obama himself will decide whether or not the law will apply to you.

This is a dangerous precedent to set. It is the pathway to tyranny.

No elected leader should be deciding by himself who the law applies to and who it doesn't.

If the law was so great, why aren't Obamas union buddies running to this thing and eagerly jumping onboard? They are not. They are running in the opposite direction. That speaks volumes in and of itself.

3) Bailouts

Some Democrats and other various liberals like to brag about the bailout of GM and Chrysler.

They shouldn't brag too much. The bailout was a disaster. It was the biggest theft of public money in human history. With this act, Obama became the "Embezzler-in-Chief".

The biggest problem with the bailout is that it is the U.S. Government interfering in the free market. So what if GM would have gone under? There is no Eastern Airlines anymore, but people can still fly.

How is this bailout "fair" to other car companies who managed their books and expenses in a reasonable and professional manner? Why does Ford get punished by watching their competition get a free boost from the taxpayers?

GMs assets would have been bought up by some other car maker and most likely re-utilized. Honda, or Ford or Toyota would have bought their assets on the cheap, and set up more production to fill the void created by GMs failure. To interfere in their bankruptcy is a measure of corruption that the labor unions exert on the Democratic Party.

Obama bought GM with taxpayer money and screwed the stock and bond holders by handing GM to the union workers. This sends a chilling message to the rest of the world that Obama is the new American Pharaoh. He alone will decide which businesses will not be allowed to fail.

4) Catholics

As a Catholic, I am offended and repulsed by Obamas direct attacks on the Catholic Church.

Using the guise of Obamacare, he now decrees that all Catholic charities and institutions must violate their deeply-held religious convictions, and act in a secular manner and dispense birth control and abortion medications to their employees.

In response, Catholic leaders have threatened to shut down many of their institutions rather than face this tyrannical trespass against their faith.

Think about that.

Obama, in his lunacy, would act in a way that would cause one of the most charitable institutions in human history to close the doors of some very valuable operations.

There is one especially evil caveat to Obamas behavior here.

If you are Catholic, you are forced by Obamacare to violate your faith.

If you are a Muslim, ...relax... Obamacare does not apply to you.

In conclusion...

I'm getting a little tired of this President and his continual use of the word "fair". He alone is deciding who immigration and health care laws apply to and who they don't. He alone is deciding which industries will be saved by taxpayers and which ones won't. He alone is deciding which religious institutions will face his persecution and which ones won't.

Barack Obama has become the American Pharaoh.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Romney campaign set up for "Epic Fail" in Michigan

The passionless Mitt Romney is now reaching states of "Epic Failure" in his campaign.

It is possible that Mitt Romney might lose tonights GOP primary in Michigan, a State where his father was once Governor.

If that happens, Romneys campaign implodes. There are already grumblings from some top GOP leaders that another candidate needs to get into the race....even though there are precious few opportunities left to get on ballots.

Realistically, there is a strong probability that Romney will pull out a small victory in Michigan tonight.

However, watch out for Democratic trickery.

Could this flip the state to Santorum? Stay tuned...

Thanks to my buddy Nick Hankoff for letting me know about the above Romney fail video, where his operatives pass out fake grassroots support signs, all written with the same handwriting and same colored markers.

Monday, February 27, 2012

Romney, Santorum race to the finish line in Michigan & Arizona

Mitt Romney and Rick Santorum are out campaigning about as hard as they possibly can to finish off the Michigan and Arizona primaries tomorrow. Romney has a small lead in both states, but that may not be indicative of how the final vote turns out.

I actually think Rick Santorum has a decent shot at winning both states, but the more likely and probable outcome is that Romney -- with his superior funds and organization -- probably ekes out a small win in both states and regains his front-runner status.

Media commentators have warned that Romney losing Michigan could be catastrophic for his campaign. His father was once Governor of Michigan...and losing a state where he holds that advantage would show his troubling weakness as a candidate.

Santorum seems to have gained the support of the Evangelicals, which has been a huge boost to his campaign, and a prime reason why he scored upsets in the last three primaries.

Gingrich didn't even bother to campaign in Michigan, and he will get blown out there as a result. Gingrich is concentrating on the Southern states for Super Tuesday, hoping some big wins there will push him back near the front of the race.

Ron Paul seems to be slipping more and more towards obscurity. The networks barely even mention him anymore, and his poll results have him near the bottom in both Arizona and Michigan. Super Tuesday looks to be catastrophic for Ron Paul, as he will finish in last place in many of the states that vote that day.

If you are interested, I'll be commenting more on this race tomorrow as a radio guest on 1390 AM in Washington D.C. tomorrow....about 9 a.m. their time.

That's 6 a.m. our time...yikes.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Billy Crystal and the Oscars

I'm happy that tonight Billy Crystal will return to hosting the Oscars.

The guy who grew up pretending that his toothbrush was a microphone will have another chance to make a few billion people happy.

I think the key ingredient for Billy Crystal...what makes him such a great host... is love.

Crystal loves movies and loves hosting the Oscars.

That has been a crucial ingredient that has been missing the last few years.

The year that Anne Hathaway and James Franco hosted was an absolute bomb because they both acted like they didn't want to be there.

Crystal, on the other hand, acts like he wouldn't want to be anywhere else.


I have a sneaky feeling they are going to give it to "The Artist" because that film is a love letter to the silent movie era. However, I would prefer if "The Help" or "Moneyball" were the winner. But I don't see that happening.


I think they will give it to George Clooney for "The Descendants". He's kind of like the modern day Clark Gable.


I assume this is a home run for Meryl Streep. Her portrayal of Margaret Thatcher was amazing. I think there is a small chance Viola Davis could pull an upset...but only a slim chance.

Best Supporting Actor.... will probably go to Christopher Plummer or Max Von Sydow....rewarded for long carers of distinction.

Best Supporting Actress.... will go, I believe, to Octavia Spencer for "The Help". Her character was funny, charming, and memorable.

Best Director... might go to Terence Malick for his experimental film "Tree of Life".

Friday, February 24, 2012

Barack Obama: Hypocrite

Here is some video of Barack Obama complaining about the people in charge doing things that lead to $3.50/gallon gasoline.

Of course, now that he is in charge it is heading towards $5 a gallon and no comment from Democrats or their fellow conspirators in the media.

I think voters are going to see through their bullshit eventually and Obama is going to get routed in the next election.

I think he could lose 40 states.

Even Democrats don't like paying that type of price for gasoline.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Arizona Debate Recap

I watched a replay of the Arizona Debate today and came away unimpressed with all four remaining candidates.

Mitt Romney did get in a few good shots on Rick Santorum. Romney seemed to have Santorum on the defensive for most of the night.

Santorum stuck to his positions, but his answers got a little too technical and policy-wonkish at times for a general audience.

Newt Gingrich was easily the winner as he directed his fire at Barack Obama and tried to stay out of the middle of the Mitt vs Rick battle onstage.

Ron Paul was Ron Paul. A terrible public speaker who, though he has good ideas, often ends up sounding like the cranky old man from the "Scooby Doo" TV series.

Romney delivered a few lines that I actually liked. But Gingrich dropped the hammer on Obama like nobody else can when he talked about the GM bailout & bankruptcy law. Gingrich took it up another notch when, in answer to a question about contraception, he bashed the media for not covering Obamas vote for infanticide in Illinois.

Overall, though, the candidates generally covered area that they have covered before.

Nothing new. No surprises.

I think this debate doesn't affect the voting at all.

Santorum and Romney are up top, and Gingrich and Paul are behind.

That is the way the vote in Michigan and Arizona will go.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Into The Lions Den

Yesterday was almost an official campaign kickoff for Jennerjahn for Congress 2012.

In the morning I appeared at Los Angeles City Council and spoke during public comment about the continual overreaches by the City government.

I humorously referred to them as "The Pharaohs of Egypt" because of their fondness for controlling, totalitarian behavior. I mentioned the phrases "Cat Whisperer" and "Hamburglar"...and those Council Members clearly knew who they were without being mentioned directly.

I ended by quoting Moses "Let my people go..."

Later in the day, I made the aggressive choice to go and address the West Hollywood City Council (photo above) . Most Republicans don't have the courage to do this, but I do. These liberals definitely needed to hear from me.

When it was my turn to speak, I pointed out West Hollywood City Council member John Heilman as my former Law Professor at Whittier College School of Law back in 1994. He nodded and smiled.

I explained my positions to a crowd that grew increasingly hostile and raucous.

When I said that I did not approve of gay marriage, that started the hissing and booing and catcalls. When I got to my description of GOP candidates in 2012, and I called Rick Santorum a "good guy", the place went nuts. I could barely hear myself through the booing and hissing. I said to the Council Members "I hear all these people booing and hissing behind me...that's not polite! I wouldn't do that to them...but then again, they are all liberals! They have a different standard of behavior!"

The crowd heard this retort and burst into laughter. At least the liberals know that they are liberals.

After the West Hollywood debacle, I caught up with Congressman Adam Schiff once again at the Greater Griffith Park Neighborhood Council. Not only did I get to go face to face with Schiff, I got to speak first as they called the public comment card.

I mentioned that Schiff was there and that he was going to tell people how wonderful Barack Obama and Obamacare were...and that I was there to tell them the exact opposite.


The funniest moment of the night happened when Schiff spoke. He started out talking about himself and his district lines being changed. He referred to my opening salvo when he said "I was not prepared to talk about our President tonight, but I think he is wonderful." Then he kind of looked over at me with little grin... looking for a reaction. The crowd in the room also looked my way. I did the classic "facepalm" maneuver where I slapped my hand across my face and shook my head "no" in disbelief.

The room erupted in laughter.

Maybe there is some hope for these people yet.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Meeting Adam Schiff

Last night I attended the Hollywood United Neighborhood Council meeting because I wanted to speak to that organization and I also wanted to see my opponent in the 28th Congressional District, Adam Schiff.

Much to my surprise, as I park and exit my vehicle, who do I see doing the exact same thing 20 feet away?

Adam Schiff!

I went up to him and introduced myself, shook hands and talked with him for a few minutes.

I explained that I was running against him, and that I respected him as an individual-- but I just didn't agree with his ideology or philosophies.

He didn't seem surprised or upset and generally handled it very well, even asking me a few questions about myself.

When the meeting started, the Neighborhood Council showed its usual fawning deference to elected officials and allowed Schiff to speak first and answer questions for about 10 minutes.

While I don't consider Schiff to be a charismatic or energetic leader, he was smooth and practiced in his delivery and his answers. He even admitted that his current offices would have to be moved because with the new boundary lines, his offices are now outside the district.

To be quite honest, it was a disappointing experience for me because I didn't see a lot of areas to attack him on. He seems like a pleasant and inoffensive bureaucrat. Kind of like Eric Garcetti. It is difficult to run against candidates that nobody seems to hate.

After Schiff spoke, the Neighborhood Council "went on a break" as people socialized and mingled for about 15 minutes.

Later on, the Neighborhood Council realized they wouldn't have a quorum to discuss business and they decided to cancel the rest of the meeting. I was slightly irritated that I didn't get to speak...but being as there were only about 20 people there, I didn't feel like it made that big of a difference.

I don't have a campaign meme for Adam Schiff yet.

"Freedom Hating Liberal" is Joe Barrett.

"Budget Destroying Socialist" is Paul Krekorian.

I am going to have to give some serious thought to this Adam Schiff character.

A review of his voting record in Congress might give me some new ideas.

Monday, February 20, 2012

I Stand With Walker

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker was a featured speaker at CPAC 2012. He was the featured speaker at The Ronald Reagan Banquet. He was very popular and the crowd loved him.

Walker explained how he is fighting a crucial fight in America. He is fighting back against public employee unions and all the corruption they are involved in. Government unions force members to join and then take their money and use it for purposes that many members don't agree with. These unions don't believe in freedom...they operate based on threats and force...which makes them illegitimate.

Walker lowered the tax rates in Wisconsin, and made it easier for business people to start new businesses. He changed the tide of progress in Wisconsin while other states continue their failed policies.

"There is no greater example of the failed policies we are fighting against than the State of Illinois," he said. Illinois has had its credit rating cut and has billions in unfunded mandates to cover.

My opinion is that Governor Walker is heroic for taking these actions.

I even brought back a "I Stand With Walker" yard sign from CPAC as a gift for a certain Sunland Tujunga liberal that I know.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Newts brilliance on foreign policy is unmatched

Newt Gingrich has a mastery of foreign policy that makes his opponents look like school children.

If you watch the above video, you will see Newt discuss - at depth - foreign policy, nuclear weapons, terrorism, Iran, Israel and other subjects.

Not once do you feel that Newt doesn't know exactly what he is talking about. In fact, he seems to have the best grasp on these subjects of any current GOP candidate.

This is not saying that I am supporting him. I'm just agreeing that he is a smart and talented man.

It is a shame that we couldn't transplant Newts brain into a different candidate. Because I think Newt is done in 2012. The crowd at CPAC started turning towards Rick Santorum because Rick Santorum is morally righteous and didn't get involved with apostatsy involving global warming like Gingrich.

Gingrich is a brilliant ideas guy, but his social life is a train wreck that ruins his chances with female voters nationwide.
I doubt he will be the GOP nominee in 2012. In fact, I think Santorum takes over and starts beating Romney the rest of the way forward. The evangelicals seem to have selected Rick Santorum as their choice.

Romney, compared to Gingrich, is a joke. I don't think Romney could give a 30 minute speech on foreign policy.

In fact, does Romney even have a foreign policy? He sure doesn't talk about it much.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

"Touchdown Tommy" La Bonge loses it over Zuma Dogg F-bomb

In the video clip above, local community activist and former Mayoral candidate David "Zuma Dogg" Saltsburg uses a profanity near the end of his public comment. Zuma Dogg is frustrated by the fact that he and fellow freedom activist Matt Dowd took on the City of Los Angeles in Federal Court and beat them on their nonsensical decisions to ban personal performances (busking) at Venice Beach. The Federal Court judges said that their performances were protected free speech.

Zuma Dogg cranked up the cranky juice and unloaded on City Council after avoiding their meetings for nearly a year.

Here's a solution for the City: Pay the man.

Zuma Dogg might, just might, disappear into the background and the City of Los Angeles can turn the volume back up on microphones at City Hall....because they sure like to turn them down when the prophet Zuma Dogg speaks.

They don't like hearing what he has to say.

I find it highly interesting that an adult man like Tom La Bonge would get so excited over one little four letter word. Didn't he say that he played football in high school? I would imagine he had probably heard the phrase before, then.

Me, on the other hand....the other day I had to put up with the sickening sight of our jackass Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, prancing like a buffoon down the center aisle at City Council - accompanied by a crowd of singers celebrating Black History Month. He then presented a City "Certificate of Appreciation" to actress Sheryl Lee Ralph, because she was clearly lacking enough official recognition and awards for her work in the entertainment industry.

Don't these people have any real government work to do?

When it comes to a contest between myself and Touchdown Tommy to see who should be more offended in Council chambers, I would be the winner by a country mile.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Chris Christie says "No" to Gay Marriage

Interesting developments over the last few days. The New Jersey legislature, filled with liberals, has voted to approve Gay Marriage in New Jersey.

Governor Chris Christie takes offense at this type of rampant activism and says publicly that he will veto the bill as soon as it gets to his office. Good for him.

Gays nationwide are confusing this issue with Civil Rights.

There is no "right" to gay marriage. Never has been.

ALL major religions condemn homosexuality and will not allow gay marriages in their houses of worship.

Gays have the right to equal treatment under the law, but this does not include the right to create a fantasy concept of gay marriage.

Chris Christie says that he is willing to put the issue to a public vote, because he knows that followers of organized religion will have the votes to defeat this alien concept.

In other news out of Christies office, Christie ordered State flags flown at half staff to honor Whitney Houston.

This, I disagree with. Houston was a popular music singer who had drug issues.

I don't see her as being a role model worthy of this tribute.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

The Sarah Palin Equation

You are a Republican voter who desperately wants Obama out of the White House, but you are dismayed at the choices left to you in the 2012 GOP primaries.

Mitt Romney? Too much liberalism...and Romneycare? Yuck.

Newt Gingrich? Yikes. Gingrich has pulled the pin on his grenade. He is using one hand to hold onto the grenade...and he's using the other hand to get drunk. Bad things will happen.

Rick Santorum? Seems like a nice guy, but he has very little money or organization.

Ron Paul? Yeah.... about that...

Anyway, here is the solution.

It is called "The Sarah Palin Equation".

It is named for the former Governor of Alaska -- whom many voters were desperately hoping would enter the Presidential race. This mathematical equation was invented because Sarah blew the dog whistle. Sarah basically said -- without saying it -- that she would be willing to be the nominee. She wants her supporters to mobilize, but she can't come out and say it without appearing to be impolite to all the current candidates.

I'll help Sarah out.

I thought about it and wondered... "How could we get to a brokered convention?"

The remaining candidates would have to split the delegates fairly evenly to prevent them from brokering a deal amongst themselves. Here's how it could be done.

If you are a Republican voter, and you want a different this.


(for proportional primaries)

If you were born in January, February, March, or April
.... you vote for Gingrich

If you were born in May, June, July or August, vote for Romney

If you were born in September, October, November or December vote for Santorum

(For winner-take-all primaries)

Everyone votes for the candidate in last place in the delegate count.
(In many cases, this will be Ron Paul)

Now, this equation not only helps Sarah Palin fans, but it also helps Mitch Daniels fans and Jeb Bush fans. Hell, even crazy Ann Coulter could get her dream-crush Chris Christie into the race if this plan works out. But people would have to follow it.

It would take an army of Twitter and Facebook fans to spread this idea around.

Who knows? If Sarah Palin were just to say one time on television... "I have heard that if you Google the phrase 'The Sarah Palin Equation'.....

(Phil Jennerjahn is a candidate for Congress in Californias 28th Congressional District.)

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

CPAC 2012 - Day 2/3

(continued from yesterday...)

I skipped the Newt Gingrich speech to go have a late lunch with friends and then go do my photo shoot at the U.S. Capitol building with brilliant photographer Amile Wilson. Amile is an independent filmmaker who also does photography on the side.

The photos turned out well and I was pleasantly surprised -- being that the skies were overcast and there was a lack of light. I have already posted some of them on my Facebook page and used some of them to replace my Twitter icons.

I returned to the Marriott to attend the fancy banquet dinner with Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker. I really liked hearing him speak and defend his actions. He made it clear that the union members in Wisconsin are absolute tyrants and socialists. And they are wrong and Walker is right. He only wants public employees to enjoy the freedom NOT to join the public employee unions. And considering the high cost they pay, that is probably the best idea to give them the option. The unions will spend millions to try and crush him because his actions are an existential threat to their existence. I took home a sign that says "I stand with Walker".

At the banquet I was lucky to run into my friend John Clark from Florida and met his good friend and fellow staffer Nick Scher. I had met John in 2010 when he was working with then-candidate Allen West of Florida. During the dinner, John, Nick and I had great conversation about how quickly things can change in politics. At CPAC 2010, then-candidate Allen West didn't get that much attention. At CPAC 2011, Congressman Allen West was invited to be the keynote speaker to close the convention.

We also remarked on the stunning path of Marco Rubio. At CPAC 2010, Rubio was a candidate for U.S. Senate, but was facing long odds against Charlie Crist. At CPAC 2011, Senator Marco Rubio was a bright star for the GOP. Now, at CPAC 2012, Senator Marco Rubio wins the Straw Poll as the top candidate for Vice-President. An amazing journey for both these men in just two short years.


Saturday morning is always the worst possible time slot for speakers. Of course, they awarded this slot to the rather dull Bobby Jindal of Louisiana. Plenty of available seating, due to the fact that some CPAC convention attendees go out partying on Friday night and can't wake up early on Saturday.

Jindal spoke, then was followed by Dinesh D'Souza, who is also of Indian descent and he joked to the crowd that it was "Indian American" day at CPAC. D'Souza was the author of "The Roots of Obamas Rage" and spoke at length about the psychology of Barack Obama and why he behaves the way he does. I think D'Souza was fascinating and he gave the crowd plenty to think about.

The highlight of the morning for me was an unknown Irish firebrand who I later learned is named Ann McElhinney. She's a producer of a movie called "Frack Nation" and her speech was clever and funny and charming. She had the audience roaring in laughter. I can't find that exact speech online, but here is a clip of her at a later seminar at CPAC, and you can get the idea of what type of public speaker she is.

I was surprised to see a lot of people clearing out and leaving the conference before the keynote speaker... but I thought about it and realized some of these activists were "paid attendees " from the campaigns of the certain Presidential candidates (i.e. Mitt Romney).

I was in the lobby when Sarah Palin passed through, and it created kind of a mob scene as people swarmed towards her. I did manage to get about 10 feet from her (photo above), but that was as good as I would get.

Sarah gave a great keynote speech that kind of took some indirect shots at Mitt Romney for being a phony Conservative. I loved that.

Sarah had her speech temporarily interrupted by protesters, but she shouted them down by getting the crowd to chant "USA! USA! USA".

Those that were watching on television probably wondered why she did that, because they probably didn't hear the protesters shouting from offstage.

Overall, I thought the conference was great.

One great new policy was the conference making the decision to limit each attendee to one single coded registration number to vote in the straw poll. I had seen people cheating in 2010 by voting downstairs, then running upstairs to vote again. This year you got a coded entry number and one shot at it.

Mitt Romney won the CPAC 2012 Straw Poll.

Ron Paul supporters were strangely absent this year.
But most CPAC attendees didn't mind.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

CPAC 2012, Trouble on Day 2

Friday was the big day of the CPAC conference. Three of the men who could possibly become the next President of the United States were scheduled to speak in the main ballroom, although they were scheduled at staggered times during the day to avoid direct conflicts.

The one conflict that couldn't be avoided was the presence of some dirty hippies intent on disrupting the event. Some of the "Occupy Wall Street" crowd came to the Marriott in force. And things got a little ugly. More on that later....

The day actually started off on an almost perfect note, as former Governor Mike Huckabee gave a rousing speech to start the day. He reminded Conservatives that our country cannot exist without morality. He stated that there cannot be a separation of fiscal conservatism from social conservatism. His comments about conception and the dignity of life brought several in the audience to tears. It is a fantastic speech and I hope all of you will watch it.

I know his words stuck with me for hours afterwards and I wondered if our party had made a mistake by not convincing him to run. He espouses Conservatism in a way that is very emotional and powerful and has an effect on voters. Had he entered the race...he would have won Iowa and South Carolina and he would have been in the top 2 candidates for the entire race.

After his speech, I went to a different conference room to see Governor Huckabee introduce a movie called "The Gift of Life." I watched some of the film, then headed back to the ballroom to see Rick Santorum. Because Mitt Romney and Newt Gingrich are such terrible candidates, Rick Santorum started to generate some real momentum at CPAC. Most of the supporters in the hallways carrying signs and handing out flyers were for Santorum. During his speech, he mocked the media pundits who keep saying that Romney has more money and that only Romney can win. It was a point that really hit home with social conservatives.

I tried to get into the Tyler seminar room for a forum about European debt, but the room got too crowded and they weren't letting any more people in. I noticed people on Twitter were tweeting about trouble outside CPAC so I went outside to see what was up.

Of course, the Occupy Wall Street/99 Percenters were there, causing trouble.

Hundreds of them were marching in the street outside the Marriott. They tried to storm up the driveway and get into the conference, but a police cruiser cut them off and other squad cars soon arrived. Myself and other attendees who were headed out to lunch got somewhat close to the protesters, but that only enraged them more. The police started yelling at us that we would be arrested if we didn't go back into the hotel. I told one of the officers that this demand was bullshit because I was staying across the street and these dirty hippies were interfering with my right to return to my residence. The officer said I would have to go around the protest.

One interesting thing about the protest is that if you see the photos above, they had an enormous blow up cartoon character of a "Fat Cat" squeezing the neck of a little blue collar worker. I thought that the image was clever, although inaccurate.

I was in a bad mood when I went back into the hotel and was confronted by activists who were pimping their favorite candidate. People were swarming the lobby trying to hand out their favorite candidates t-shirts, campaign signs, stickers, and buttons. It was little hellish for me, as I didn't care for any of them.

Even though I was wearing my Perry for President button on my lapel, an eager young college kid shoved a Romney sign into my hand and shouted "Mitt Romney for President!"

I was stunned.

I looked at him and shouted "Here's what I think of your Mitt Romney!" and I tore the sign to pieces and threw the pieces in the air like confetti. This drew an enormous laughter and cheers from all the Santorum supporters. The Romney people sulked and one of them shouted "You're a dick!" Another Romney whiner said "He's with Perry, so he's already a loser"...which drew some revenge laughs from their crowd.

(To be continued in tomorrows TJR...)

Monday, February 13, 2012

CPAC 2012, Day 1

I have been out of town for several days attending CPAC in Washington D.C. Last year I was able to do some live reporting from the computers in the lobby/bar of the Marriott -- but this year they installed some type of new password code system so that only registered guests could use them. I was staying two blocks down the street in a Bed & Breakfast that I have become fond of. So I was shut out of live reporting.

One of these days I am going to have to buy a laptop.

Anyway....let's get to the rundown.

The first speaker to start the show was South Carolina Senator Jim DeMint. DeMint is one of the strongest, and most Conservative political figures in America. If he had run for President, he would have won South Carolina in a blowout. He reminded audiences of our values and choices and took a few shots at the liberals and RINOs he works with on a daily basis.

Almost immediately after DeMint came Florida Senator Marco Rubio. Rubio really blew the doors off the place with a fantastic speech that left everyone wondering why we didn't have him as an option in the current primaries. He is so much better than Romney or Gingrich that it is ridiculous. At the end of CPAC, the straw poll revealed that Rubio was the runaway winner for the straw poll choice for Vice-President. For that possible selection...we will have to wait and see.

A little later the popular and powerful Conservative Michele Bachmann took the stage. She actually ridiculed some of the aspects of her recent campaign of running for President, like how the media made a big deal out of her misquoting the birthplace of John Wayne and the birthdate of Elvis Presley. "Because we all know that these are such crucial policy issues when running for President of the United States."

The crowd roared at that one.

I slipped out to grab some lunch and came back at the proper time to see my main man...Governor Rick Perry of Texas. I actually wore my "Perry for President" campaign button for the whole three days at CPAC and got quite a few comments about it. I actually handed out a few extra Perry buttons to other attendees who said they were Perry fans. My repeated answer to multiple questions about it was "Loyalty is important to me. I don't support these other candidates."

Imagine my dismay when I come back from lunch to the main ballroom and see not Rick Perry, but Speaker of the House John Boehner!! I am not a fan of Boehner and was upset with the switcheroo. I angrily tweeted.."What the hell is Boehner doing speaking? Where is Rick Perry?"

As it turns out, they had to make a sudden adjustment in the schedule. Boehner and others went on about 15 to 20 minutes early. I was upset when I thought that Rick Perry had been wiped from the schedule...but then later as I was walking around in the hallways talking to people I hear the simulcast TV sets saying ..."Governor Rick Perry!" I had to sprint back to the ballroom to see my Presidential pick. He was he usually is. Funny. Charming.

It's a tragedy for me that he didn't practice for the debates.

I was checking out the exhibitors floor and all the merchandise booths later and missed the speech by Herman Cain. I've never cared for Cain, so I didn't care about seeing him speak. His career is pretty much ruined right now, so I felt anything he had to say was irrelevant. I'm actually pissed off at him for jeopardizing GOP chances in 2012. He shouldn't have been running for President when he was cheating on his wife for multiple years. That type of scandal is what loses elections. Besides, as a candidate, he pretty much sucked, anyway.

Funny thing though, I step outside and I see Cains campaign chairman Mark Block outside the hotel...smoking...(what else?). I snapped a photo of that.

I saw Lt. Col. Oliver North in the exhibitors hall being interviewed on TV. He later spoke to the crowd in the main ballroom.

The evening ended with the fancy schmancy Presidential Banquet with featured speaker Congressman Paul Ryan of Wisconsin. Or "Paul Rino" as I call him for his famous ability to compromise on everything. The dinner was great. Fancy food. Good wine.

The party hosts surprised me by having a Cuban band come in and rock the place. Some of these Conservatives were dancing! Imagine that. Not your boring old Republicans by any measure. Check out the video.

More updates on Day 2 coming tomorrow.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Santorums Big Night

Former Pennsylvania Senator Rick Santorum had a great night on the campaign trail yesterday, sweeping all three elections held on Tuesday. Santorum rolled to dominating wins in Missouri and Minnesota, and eked out a close one in Colorado, a state that former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney had been widely expected to win.

Combined with the Patriots losing the Super Bowl....the last few days haven't been good to Mitt Romney.

Pundits on the networks speculated that Mitt Romney is still unloved by Conservatives... (no kidding!) and Andrew Breitbart speculated that maybe the anti-Romney forces might come to a consensus at CPAC this week.

Coincidentally, I will be at CPAC starting on Thursday.

Santorum isn't perfect, but he is a solid Conservative and I could see supporting him if he survives the primaries. But there is a long way to go.

The person most crippled by last night was Newt Gingrich. Gingrich didn't even come close in any of those elections. His campaign is on life support now.

Santorum bought himself some publicity and momentum with these wins.

Lets see if he can roll that into a chance to beat Romney.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Obamas War on Catholicism

It's not enough that we have to worry about the Muslims, now we have to worry about our own President trampling on our faith...??!!

For those of you who are unaware, Barack Obama has declared war on religious freedom and more specifically against the Catholic Church.

His unconscionable demand that Catholic hospitals provide birth control is an attack on religious freedom. The Catholic Church will not bend to this tyrant. They have been around a lot longer than he has.

The Bishops of the Church realize that their faith itself is under attack. They will act as appropriate.

I actually appreciate more tyranny from Obama. It actually makes the case all the more clear to voters why he needs to be replaced. The guy keeps acting like he is the Pharaoh of Egypt.

Yes, expect Obama to lose the election over this.

He won't be getting 47% of the Catholic vote in 2012, that is for sure.

Monday, February 6, 2012

Meet my opponent, Scott Schmidt

If I successfully complete my paperwork to run for Congress in the 28th Congressional District, one of my opponents in the primary will be this man, Scott Schmidt.

Schmidt ran for West Hollywood City Council in the past but was unsuccessful in his attempt.

Schmidt is a Gay Republican, and a proud supporter of Gay Marriage.
Schmidt was active in the "No on 8" campaign.

This should be interesting when we get to the debates.

I'll have to make sure to bring some of my "YES ON 8" campaign stuff to the forums and remind him of what the voters of California have already decided.

Voters have rejected the nonsensical idea of gay marriage.

I support traditional marriage and the Judeo-Christian values that state that marriage is between a man and a woman.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Angry Newt is the best!

Last nights Nixon-like tirade from Newt Gingrich is a perfect example of why nobody wants him to drop out.

He is just too damn entertaining.

"Unlike Governor Romney , I care very deeply about helping the poorest Americans".

"I also believe that the vast majority of Republicans across the country are going to want an alternative to a Massachusetts Moderate who has in his career has been pro-abortion, pro-gun control, pro-tax increase and who ranked third from the bottom in creating jobs while he was Governor."

"What happens is...every primary day or caucus day the Romney headquarters in Boston sends out the rumor that they believe I will withdraw, which of course is their greatest fantasy".

"I've said myself...if the choice is Obama or Romney, there is no choice!"

"I'm kind of mildly amazed at the news medias desperation for finding some excuse to say 'wouldn't you please quit this evening' ? "

Saturday, February 4, 2012

After going 0-55, should Ron Paul hang it up?

I know this blog post will get me in trouble with the Ron Paul crowd, but it needs to be said.

Maybe Ron Paul needs to drop out of the Presidential race.

After todays big win by Mitt Romney in Nevada, Ron Paul will have a record of 0-55 in the last 55 primaries and caucuses he has entered over the last four years, going back to 2008. Ron Paul might actually finish in last place for the third straight time today.

When you run for President for four years and can't win a single primary, the voters are telling you something. They are telling you that you are not the one for them.

And he can't complain that he is underfunded. Ron Paul spent $37 million of other peoples money in 2008, and he is spending even more now in 2012.

Rick Santorum, on the other hand, spent $30,000 in Iowa and won the caucus there.

With Ron Paul, it has always been about his message.

A Libertarian-style of Republican, Ron Paul has issues with the Federal Reserve and the use of force by our military.

I bought Ron Pauls book "The Revolution" and found it interesting.

I agree with him on certain things, but disagree on others.

Ron Paul demonizes the Federal Reserve... but a contrarian could argue that America became the most powerful nation on earth between the 1920s and 1980s by having a Federal Reserve where was the harm then?

I generally agree that having your countries future depend on the arbitrary whims of the people at the Federal Reserve is a dangerous thing. But every advanced culture needs banking and currency, so I don't know what the alternative option would be.

Ron Paul also has a Libertarian world view that borders on being naive. Paul blames America for a lot of the conflict in the world, conveniently overlooking the fact that America has been getting attacked by others for over 200 years. From the Barbary Pirates to Pearl Harbor and 9-11...the world has proven beyond any doubt that you can't stick your head in the sand and hope that your enemies will go away.

It is specifically Ron Pauls foreign policy views that send voters running to other candidates.

It is why he will lose in Nevada today.

And it is why he will probably go 0-100 by the time the GOP holds its Convention in Tampa later this year.

Friday, February 3, 2012

Dick Morris predicts "landslide loss" for Obama in 2012

Dick Morris says that Obama is headed for a landslide loss in November. I certainly hope he is right.

But he also said Romney would win South Carolina and Hillary would beat Obama.

So I wouldn't put too much faith in his predictions.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Mitt Romney & The Super Bowl

Mitt Romney won the Florida GOP Primary yesterday. Some political experts felt it was in dominating fashion. I don't think that way. More voters voted for someone other than Romney than voted for him. He has still never cracked 50% in any primary, but that might happen in the upcoming primary in Nevada, where there is a large Mormon population.

I was thinking last night about how similar the primaries are to the NFL playoffs.

Getting to the general election is the equivalent of going to the Super Bowl. Winning that Super Bowl puts you in the White House for four years.

Mitt Romney isn't in the Super Bowl yet, but he is getting close.

These next few primaries are like the Conference Championship game for Republicans.

And where are all the players?

Gary Johnson, Thaddeus McCotter, and Buddy Roemer never made it to the big leagues and are watching the playoffs from home.

Jon Huntsman is doing interviews from New Hampshire, saying he really likes "this football stuff" and finds it all very interesting.

Herman Cain is back at Godfather's Pizza. They are gearing up for a very big Super Bowl weekend. They are having a special promotion for their pizzas. You already know what the price will be....

Michele Bachmann quit the cheerleading team. She accused the others of being mean to her.

Rick Perry got cut from the team. He never studied the playbook or got comfortable in the system.

Ron Paul is in the parking lot outside the big game. He is doing interviews where he says "we need to stop this gridiron warfare stuff. It's very expensive and it's not Constitutional."

Rick Santorum is on the sidelines yapping in the ear of coach Fred Thompson. "C'mon coach.... Newt isn't getting it done...put me in...put me in coach!"

Newt Gingrich is on the field arguing with the referee. He's pointing at the instant replay board and saying about Romney...."You see, ref...he cheated! He cheated! Throw the flag! He's a Massachusetts Liberal!!"

Coach John McCain is talking to Mitt Romney on the other sideline. "You don't want to do anything crazy. Just get in there and run it! Run it!"

Newt Gingrich is going crazy on the other side of the ball. He keeps calling out crazy blitzes. But Romney just keeps running it into the middle of the line. Two or three yards at a time.

Romney looks at the scoreboard and the play clock and lets it wind down before running another play. He's up by two scores with under ten minutes left in the game.

Mitt Romney is probably going to the Super Bowl.