Saturday, February 18, 2012

"Touchdown Tommy" La Bonge loses it over Zuma Dogg F-bomb

In the video clip above, local community activist and former Mayoral candidate David "Zuma Dogg" Saltsburg uses a profanity near the end of his public comment. Zuma Dogg is frustrated by the fact that he and fellow freedom activist Matt Dowd took on the City of Los Angeles in Federal Court and beat them on their nonsensical decisions to ban personal performances (busking) at Venice Beach. The Federal Court judges said that their performances were protected free speech.

Zuma Dogg cranked up the cranky juice and unloaded on City Council after avoiding their meetings for nearly a year.

Here's a solution for the City: Pay the man.

Zuma Dogg might, just might, disappear into the background and the City of Los Angeles can turn the volume back up on microphones at City Hall....because they sure like to turn them down when the prophet Zuma Dogg speaks.

They don't like hearing what he has to say.

I find it highly interesting that an adult man like Tom La Bonge would get so excited over one little four letter word. Didn't he say that he played football in high school? I would imagine he had probably heard the phrase before, then.

Me, on the other hand....the other day I had to put up with the sickening sight of our jackass Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, prancing like a buffoon down the center aisle at City Council - accompanied by a crowd of singers celebrating Black History Month. He then presented a City "Certificate of Appreciation" to actress Sheryl Lee Ralph, because she was clearly lacking enough official recognition and awards for her work in the entertainment industry.

Don't these people have any real government work to do?

When it comes to a contest between myself and Touchdown Tommy to see who should be more offended in Council chambers, I would be the winner by a country mile.