Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Into The Lions Den

Yesterday was almost an official campaign kickoff for Jennerjahn for Congress 2012.

In the morning I appeared at Los Angeles City Council and spoke during public comment about the continual overreaches by the City government.

I humorously referred to them as "The Pharaohs of Egypt" because of their fondness for controlling, totalitarian behavior. I mentioned the phrases "Cat Whisperer" and "Hamburglar"...and those Council Members clearly knew who they were without being mentioned directly.

I ended by quoting Moses "Let my people go..."

Later in the day, I made the aggressive choice to go and address the West Hollywood City Council (photo above) . Most Republicans don't have the courage to do this, but I do. These liberals definitely needed to hear from me.

When it was my turn to speak, I pointed out West Hollywood City Council member John Heilman as my former Law Professor at Whittier College School of Law back in 1994. He nodded and smiled.

I explained my positions to a crowd that grew increasingly hostile and raucous.

When I said that I did not approve of gay marriage, that started the hissing and booing and catcalls. When I got to my description of GOP candidates in 2012, and I called Rick Santorum a "good guy", the place went nuts. I could barely hear myself through the booing and hissing. I said to the Council Members "I hear all these people booing and hissing behind me...that's not polite! I wouldn't do that to them...but then again, they are all liberals! They have a different standard of behavior!"

The crowd heard this retort and burst into laughter. At least the liberals know that they are liberals.

After the West Hollywood debacle, I caught up with Congressman Adam Schiff once again at the Greater Griffith Park Neighborhood Council. Not only did I get to go face to face with Schiff, I got to speak first as they called the public comment card.

I mentioned that Schiff was there and that he was going to tell people how wonderful Barack Obama and Obamacare were...and that I was there to tell them the exact opposite.


The funniest moment of the night happened when Schiff spoke. He started out talking about himself and his district lines being changed. He referred to my opening salvo when he said "I was not prepared to talk about our President tonight, but I think he is wonderful." Then he kind of looked over at me with little grin... looking for a reaction. The crowd in the room also looked my way. I did the classic "facepalm" maneuver where I slapped my hand across my face and shook my head "no" in disbelief.

The room erupted in laughter.

Maybe there is some hope for these people yet.