Wednesday, March 27, 2013

I Support Traditional Marriage

I am against gay marriage for multiple reasons. I'm hoping the Supreme Court can hold on to our cultural traditions. If gays are allowed to redefine marriage according to their whims and desires, it opens a Pandoras box of destruction on our world: Polygamists, child molesters, pedophiles, incest cases and blood relatives can then ALL also demand to bend the rules of law to conform to their behavior. It is a slippery slope. You bend the rules for some, and eventually you have to bend the rules for all.

Sunday, March 24, 2013

A Political Consultants Projections

Back in January, I gave a pretty good analysis of the Mayors race in Los Angeles.

Having run for -- and lost -- the Mayors Office in 2009, I felt I had a pretty good read on the situation.

Here were my projections back in January:

Garcetti 31%
Greuel 27%
James 17%
Perry 14%
Others 11%

And these are the actual March Election results:

Garcetti  32.9%
Greuel    29.2%
James    16.4%
Perry      15.9%
Others     5.6%

So, I got all Top 4 candidates in exact order with almost the exact percentages.

Maybe some of these Socialists in downtown should start listening to what I have to say.

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Michelle Shocked & The Tyranny of The Left

In case you didn't hear about this little item of news recently, singer-songwriter Michelle Shocked recently made some comments during a performance that some people interpreted as being "anti-gay".

Shocked was defending traditional marriage and expressed her fears of a world where gay marriage becomes a legalized institution.

Of course, over-reacting as they normally do, the left flew into a media-rage. Threatening Twitter tweets came flying in from every corner of the globe. The concert promoters of her musical tour immediately cancelled 11 of her 12 upcoming perfomances. The lone club holdout was by accident, as the owner of the club was on vacation and could not be contacted for comment.

The strange part about the situation is that Michelle Shocked had formerly been seen as a cultural "gay icon". Her appearance and homespun hit music from the early 90s had many Americans assuming that she was a lesbian. Shocked did little to discourage the assumption, even though she did actually marry a man and become a born-again Christian.

This story serves as a perfect example of the tyranny of the left. The absolute fascism of those who believe in political correctness. The club owners who cancelled her concerts and financially damaged her did so without even the courtesy of a phone call to discuss the matter.

What if what Shocked had said had been misinterpreted? Or misreported?

Where was their due diligence on the matter? There was none.

Liberals reacted in typical knee-jerk fashion and immediately condemned Shocked and her comments.

The holier-than-thou lefties who claim to preach acceptance showed their true colors.

When it comes to freedom of speech, they only support it if what you say is politically agreeable to them. Anything else needs to be banned.

Yet another reason that voters should be wary of allowing leftists to have any political power in this country.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

"The Bible" on The History Channel

I am one of those millions of viewers who has been tuning in to the new miniseries "The Bible" on The History Channel.

While I feel they are doing a competent job of telling these stories, they are leaving many things out and also allowing some historical inaccuracy.

In one of the episodes, the robes of Ramses were so white and ironed that they looked like they came right out of the packaging at a Macys or Bloomingdales store.

In another episode, Ramses wore a metallic body paint that did not exist at that time.

However, the overall production quality is pretty decent.

The narration by Keith David is just phenomenal.

I'm looking forward to more episodes.

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Allen West at CPAC this morning

Viva il Papa!!

I was thrilled to see the selection of Pope Francis yesterday live on television.

This is an event that only happens a few times in each persons life.

Since 1968, there have been six manned space missions that have landed on the moon.

In that same time frame, there have only been four new Popes.

Friday, March 8, 2013

Phil Jennerjahn for Mayor!!

I didn't vote for Kevin James. I couldn't do it.

Especially not after a bunch of people told me they were writing in my name on the ballot.

Out of respect for their show of support, I followed their lead and voted for myself by writing in my own name on the ballot. Why not, I figured?

It will probably be one of the last times I ever get to vote for myself. In fact, the upcoming Mayoral runoff in May will be my last chance...and I'm going to write in my name there again.

I can't vote for these city-bankrupting Socialists, Eric Garcetti or Wendy Greuel.

No way.

That would be like voting for Godzilla. Except that in the long run, Godzilla would probably actually be less destructive to Los Angeles than Garcetti or Greuel.

No, I think I'm done with politics.

My Congressional run against Adam Schiff was the best I've ever done....and I still got my ass kicked.

The voters in my district preferred the abortion-loving, gay-marriage-supporting Socialist who believes that the government has the right to seize any industry it so desires....including health care.

How do you even wrap your head around a fact like that?

No, I had briefly considered other options. I thought about running for City Council...but who would want to go to work with losers like "Two Job Bob" and "One Bill Gil" every day?

I thought about running against John Campbell next time in a primary in Orange County....but lacking a half million dollars, I wasn't going to beat that idea is out.

I thought about running in the 2014 primary for Governor. After Jerry Brown whipped Meg Whitman and her $100 million bucks...not too many career politicians are going to want to run in 2014.  But because I have never taken a single penny in political money from anyone, I wouldn't be winning that primary either. So that idea is also being scratched off the list.

I think I have settled on leaving politics and doing something else with my life. Maybe I will write a book. Maybe I will become a TV talk show host. Who knows what the future holds?

But I know I will cast one last final vote for myself in the Mayoral runoff.

And I will enjoy doing it.

It's too bad the voters weren't ready for someone like me.

If I had won the Mayoral election in 2009, my very first act as Mayor was going to be to order the arrest and prosecution of Antonio Villaraigosa for fraud, larceny and embezzlement. I was also going to have some of the City Council members brought up on charges.

It would have been interesting, to say the least.

Instead, this city will now get Eric Garcetti or Wendy Greuel. Both of them will probably choose as their first act to go to a park, watch schoolchildren sing, and then plant a tree.

Yeah, that's who wins elections in L.A.


Wednesday, March 6, 2013

March 5th - A Triumph of Evil

Well, I don't have too much to say this morning.

I walked out of my polling place yesterday about as depressed as I have ever been in my life.

At least in 2008 and 2012, I thought there was a chance that John McCain or Mitt Romney could beat Obama.

Yesterday, I knew only evil would be triumphant.

If you check my previous blog post about this, you will see that I was nearly spot-on in my analysis.

Government workers vote to protect their loot. They always do.

They chose Eric and Wendy. Exactly like I said they would.

Kevin James and Jan Perry had no chance. None. Just like I said.

A few minor surprises. Dennis Zine is in trouble in the Controllers race. Ron Galperin finally has enough name recognition from previous political runs that he might be able to beat Zine in June. He has the money to try it.

"One Bill Gil" Cedillo is one of the big losers of the night, being forced into a runoff instead of winning outright like the vile "Two Job Bob" out in the Valley in District 3.

The Cat Whisperer? Yeah, yeah.... four more years.

SeƱor Fuentes? Viva Socialismo!

A minor surprise in CD 9 as the career bureaucrat Curren Price has been forced into a runoff against a popular Latina:  City Hall staffer Ana Cubas.

At least the tax raise proposition lost.

But most other results were very sour for those who love freedom and Capitalism.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Wendy Greuels bloodlust for the Mayors Office

I've noticed something very disturbing in this Municipal Election that we are having here in Los Angeles on Tuesday.

Wendy Greuel, who is normally a charming and inoffensive political figure, has developed something of a bloodlust for occupying the Mayors Office.

Wendy must have read "The Prince" while she was in high school or college, because she is acting very Machiavellian.

If you look at the slamming ads above, she seems to suddenly find very distasteful the very people she worked together with on City Council for several years.

By comparison, Eric Garcettis mailers stating that Wendy Greuels numbers about finding fraud, waste, and abuse in the system just "don't add up.." seem almost amateurish in their attempts to sway voter opinion.

Wonkish, cerebral discussions of policy minutiae aren't going to cut it.

You either like these people or you don't. And Wendy is doing her best to make sure nobody likes her opponents on Election Day.

I have warned voters before about underestimating "The Pixie".

I still think she is going to win.


Because she seems to want it the most.

A large percentage of L.A. voters are low-information voters who know little about Wendy, or Eric or Jan.

If they did, those three wouldn't have a chance in hell of getting elected.

So we are faced with the prospect of labor union shill Wendy Greuel as Mayor.

And we will also have gangster Herb "Boss" Wesson running City Council.

Does anyone remember "Boss" Wesson ridiculing former Mayor Richard Riordan as if he were some type of Angeleno Forrest Gump and cackling as Riordan left Council chambers?

If you thought the Antonio Villaraigosa years were bad, we may be facing a whole new level of hell here in Los Angeles in 2013.

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Manny Aldana for City Council!

I'm supporting my friend Manny Aldana in the City Council race in District 9. I love his new flier that points out that almost all the other candidates are carpetbagging professional politicians who have never lived there.

Friday, March 1, 2013

I'm voting for Joe Essavi!

I'm happy to support my friend Joe Essavi, and I hope he wins on Tuesday.