Saturday, March 23, 2013

Michelle Shocked & The Tyranny of The Left

In case you didn't hear about this little item of news recently, singer-songwriter Michelle Shocked recently made some comments during a performance that some people interpreted as being "anti-gay".

Shocked was defending traditional marriage and expressed her fears of a world where gay marriage becomes a legalized institution.

Of course, over-reacting as they normally do, the left flew into a media-rage. Threatening Twitter tweets came flying in from every corner of the globe. The concert promoters of her musical tour immediately cancelled 11 of her 12 upcoming perfomances. The lone club holdout was by accident, as the owner of the club was on vacation and could not be contacted for comment.

The strange part about the situation is that Michelle Shocked had formerly been seen as a cultural "gay icon". Her appearance and homespun hit music from the early 90s had many Americans assuming that she was a lesbian. Shocked did little to discourage the assumption, even though she did actually marry a man and become a born-again Christian.

This story serves as a perfect example of the tyranny of the left. The absolute fascism of those who believe in political correctness. The club owners who cancelled her concerts and financially damaged her did so without even the courtesy of a phone call to discuss the matter.

What if what Shocked had said had been misinterpreted? Or misreported?

Where was their due diligence on the matter? There was none.

Liberals reacted in typical knee-jerk fashion and immediately condemned Shocked and her comments.

The holier-than-thou lefties who claim to preach acceptance showed their true colors.

When it comes to freedom of speech, they only support it if what you say is politically agreeable to them. Anything else needs to be banned.

Yet another reason that voters should be wary of allowing leftists to have any political power in this country.