Saturday, April 30, 2011

Anti-Semite? I don't think so.....

Normally I don't respond to criticism, but I do occasionally like to set the record straight.

Someone on the internet was making the ridiculous accusation that I was criticizing Congressman Paul Ryan for being Jewish. This is dumb on several levels. First, Congressman Ryan is not Jewish, he is Roman Catholic just like me and just like the vast majority of the people from our home State of Wisconsin. (I do criticize Ryan for being a RINO and a horrible compromiser in Congress, but these are only ideological and professional differences of opinion.)

Two, I don't criticize people for being Jewish. I might criticize people for being dumb, or Communists...but religion usually doesn't play a role in any of that.

Three, I am one of the strongest defenders of Israel that there is.
Take a look at this photo. This is me back in 2005, before I had ever run for any type of elected office. On my trip to Israel, I even volunteered to go fight in the Israeli Army in order to protect the historical home of Christianity. Strangely enough, the Israelis said they could not accept me because I was not an Israeli.
OK, fine, I said.... but I have plenty of reason to believe the call will go out someday, and that I will be rushing back to Israel to help fight and defend the Holy Land. With Obama in power, the enemies of Israel can only grow emboldened.

I have extremely deep respect for Judaism and its culture. Without Judaism, there would be no Christianity and no modern world as we know it. Jesus was Jewish. So were the 12 Apostles. The Bible and the Torah share a common core. I love Jewish people and I love Israel.

You know who doesn't? Muslims.
Fanatical worshippers of Islam have been trying to massacre Jewish people for hundreds of years.

Those are the real anti-semites.

Friday, April 29, 2011

My comments to the Redistricting Commission

The following are, more or less, my comments made last night to the California Redistricting Commission.

Good Evening Commissioners. My name is Phil Jennerjahn, and in the interest of fairness I should disclose that I actually ran for U.S. Congress in the 33rd Congressional District. I lost in the primary in June 2010.

I have to say that I am a little bit ashamed and embarrassed of my fellow Americans who are coming before you tonight. I'm hearing a lot of complaining. A lot of whining. People saying "I want...I want...I want.."

I'm going to be a little bit different from all of them.

I am going to ask you to ignore every single person who has spoken before me tonight.

There is no possible way, even if your brain was a supercomputer, that you could remember the more than 6,000 pieces of information that have been delivered to you tonight by those seeking favors.

You are being entrusted with making sure that Freedom and Democracy continue as healthy, viable options here in America.... and that is one hell of a responsibility. I don't envy you at this time.

I have serious concerns about Freedom and Democracy continuing in this country.

We have a horrible situation here in California.We have low voter turnout because of unfair elections.
We have districts here that are 85 or 90 percent one political party, and they end up sending the worst possible ideologues to Congress.

I went to an event last night with my Congressman...I won't mention his name, in order to be fair, but he agreed to take written questions last night. Oh, he took questions alright...after his staff had sorted through the unpleasant ones and thrown them away.
Why did he act that way? Because his district is 85 percent one party and he can never lose an election there.

And when you send people like this to the U.S. Congress, they start to make bad decisions.
Just recently the U.S. Government decided that free American citizens no longer have the right to choose what type of healthcare they want. There can be no greater example of tyranny than this.

I want you to all listen very closely right now. I'm going to tell you something that I think you will remember for the rest of you life.

I call it "The Federal Prisoner". It's a logic question and an ethics question.

Now, when you are re-drawing these district lines, I want you to think about this....
I want you to look at the person currently sitting in that seat. I want you to imagine that this person has been convicted of a crime and is currently sitting in a Federal prison.

Now, for some strange reason, this person decides to run for re-election from their prison cell.
If this person would win their election in that district...well...then those are the districts you don't need to worry about protecting, because they don't care about freedom or democracy.
These voters do harm and violence to our Constitution.
They are only concerned with what they want.

I don't give a damn about what they want.

You are being entrusted with protecting the U.S. Constitution. That is far more important.

I don't expect you to be perfect. You are human beings.
I just ask you to draw these districts fairly so that anyone can win an election.

Thank You.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Xavier Becerra: Communist

Last night I had the misfortune to attend a neighborhood gathering of citizens to address our local Congressman, Xavier Becerra. When I moved into CD 4 with the intent to challenge Tom La Bonge, one of the unfortunate side effects was that by crossing a district line, I ended up with a new Congressman. No longer under the dominion and control of Socialist Karen Bass, I was not thrilled to find out that I had ended up in the district of a real Communist, Xavier Becerra.

Becerra was pure nonsense last night at the meeting, finding elaborate spin moves to try and talk his way out of trouble. The voters that were present? Yikes. I think most of them were there for the free food. These were all people who received goodies from the government.... welfare...housing...etc. They had no concept that big government was a bad idea. In fact, some of them sounded like they thought the government wasn't involved enough in our lives. It was a house of horrors for me.

Becerra had a long list of the usual culprits to point his fingers was all Wall Streets was all the banks....etc, etc.....
Never, not once, during his speech did he take any responsibility for anything. And with the crowd assembled, it was about what they liked to hear. It was always somebody else's fault.

One bright spot was that I saw Stephen Smith there...a Conservative figure in L.A. politics who actually ran against Becerra in the last election. Smith said he didn't get to ask a question ...and that didn't surprise me. Becerra, like all good little Communists, does not allow dissent, and his staff had screened through all written questions beforehand. I obviously did not get to ask my question, which had correlations between Obamacare and the medical care in Fidel Castros Cuba.

Smith made several good points in our conversation and expressed interest in running against Becerra again. I told him the district was unwinnable, but he said "our voice needs to be heard". I liked that.
Smith is a good man, but if he runs again, he can't be making any more videos like this.
Just my personal opinion. Voters don't care for goofiness when they are losing their homes and savings.

Becerra, to his credit, did welcome a line of voters at the end of the meeting to shake hands.
Some people even wanted their photo taken with our little mini-Fidel of the 31st District.
Me? Not so much....

I did manage to hear a conversation he had with a local resident who was complaining about the cost of Obamacare raising their insurance prices.

When asked about how Obamacare will stand up against the multiple state lawsuits against it, Becerra held up his hands with the "fingers crossed" pose and said "hopefully we will win".

Yep...he makes my list.

Xavier Becerra: A Dangerous Enemy of Freedom.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Barack Obama: Muslim Sympathizer

I was watching CNN tonight and caught a clip of Donald Trump doing his best to destroy Obamas chances in 2012 by going into the stratosphere with his conspiracy birther talk.

He said Obamas birth certificate "is missing". He also said something about Obama maybe hiding things on the birth certificate ..."because he's a Muslim"

Wow. Trump really dropped the atom bomb there. He didn't say maybe. He said Obama was a Muslim, which is something that concerns many, many Americans.

I personally don't think Obama is a Muslim.
But he is definitely a Muslim sympathizer.

His middle name, Hussein, is a figure from Islam.

The photo above is him removing his shoes before entering a mosque.

He even said the Arabic call to prayer is "one of the prettiest sounds on earth".

2008 Presidential candidate Mike Huckabee said that Obama attended a "Madrassa"

There is no disputing that Barack Obama is the first American President who ever lived in a Muslim country (Indonesia).

These facts are all disturbing to me as they evidence his support of Islam, which is the most vicious and bloodthirsty religion on earth. After all, Islam is the only religion whose followers have committed 17,000 terrorist attacks since 9-11.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

"Che" with Benicio Del Toro

Last night I watched a DVD of the film "Che" about the notorious Cuban guerilla fighter Ernesto "Che" Guevara.

You might wonder what I was doing watching a film like this, since I am fervently anti-Communist.

I don't feel that I have to cut my worldview off to other points of view. Hollywood is notorious for producing lefty, anti-American films like "Avatar", but that doesn't mean I can't watch them and just take their message with a grain of salt. I actually get a good laugh out of some of the wild junk the left produces.

"Che" was actually a great film. It was directed by Steven Soderburgh in a very artistic and stylish manner.
I admire Benicio Del Toro for his years of research he put into this film...interviewing people who knew Che personally. The results are obvious on film, as Del Toro literally becomes Che Guevara in the film. Del Toro, who is Puerto Rican, actually had to change his accent in Spanish to an Argentinian accent that was distinctly different from the others on the film, who had varying Cuban accents.

As a Spanish speaker, I noticed it and was impressed by his efforts.

It is difficult to applaud in any way the efforts of Che Guevara or those of Fidel Castro.

There is one thing I actually admire about both men and that is that they were real men. They saw their country was being ruined by the evil dictator Fulgencio Batista, and they decided to do something about it.
Batista had murdered over 20,000 Cubans by the time he fled the country with hundreds of millions in misappropriated gains. He would have been executed by Castros army if he had been caught, and deservedly so.

The dark side of the Cuban revolution is that Che Guevara and Fidel Castro were not really freedom fighters like all lefties always claim to be. They did not replace a dictator with freedom or democracy. They were just fighting so that they could gain control over power and become the new dictators, which is exactly what they did. Castro and Guevara executed thousands of people who had been loyal allies to Batista and went on to seize industries and redistribute land and wealth to the population.

Castros actions have set Cuba back 50 years. For every positive improvement Castro can argue, there are tons of negatives. Destroying capitalism hasn't improved things for Cuba. They continue to fall further and further behind the rest of the world. I've been there myself. I've seen it.

Del Toro and the movie do not romanticize Guevara. They show him doing negative things, like executing some of his own troops. But they do tend to steer away from that dark area of Cuban history in general.

Even though I don't approve of the end results of the Cuban Revolution, it was an interesting period in time and I enjoyed the depiction in this film of the lives of the characters involved.

They certainly changed the world. Just not in a good way.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Donald Trump: The 2012 version of Meg Whitman

I was thinking today about this potential Donald Trump candidacy and why it bothers me so much.

Then it hit me: Donald Trump is the 2012 version of Meg Whitman.

The parallels are there for all to see.

A troubling voting record.

A troubling history of having donated money to the opposition.

No track record of having held any political office before.

A disturbing lack of clarity when it comes to message, ideology, or mission.

A "checkbook candidacy" that is supported almost entirely by the candidate and their own personal wealth.

An arrogance that borders on egomania. The candidate believes they are the best candidate for the highest office without having worked their way through the political career process.

Yes, if you add all these facts together, you see that Donald Trump is, indeed, a mirror image of Meg Whitman - who lost the Governors race in California in 2010.

I hope GOP primary voters in Iowa and New Hampshire will show Mr. Trump the door, should he arrive, uninvited, to their political get-together in 2012.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

My Redeemer

Over 2,000 years ago they rolled away the stone.... and found that the tomb was empty.

That is why today over 2 billion people choose to follow Jesus of Nazareth.

Happy Easter, everyone...

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Rand Paul loves freedom

I really love this video clip of Kentucky Senator Rand Paul skewering a liberal over the hypocrisy of allowing abortion, yet not allowing people the freedom to choose their own light bulbs or toilets.

It really shows the insanity of liberal ideology. The woman at the end can't help but smirk, because she is nothing but a Statist. A freedom-hating liberal. And a budget-destroying Socialist.

I really like this guy Rand Paul. I could see supporting him in a run for higher office.

The people of Kentucky are lucky to have a champion of freedom in Washington.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Earth Day 2011 ?

Somewhere, today, Stephen Box will be pedaling his bicycle on the streets of L.A., personally saving the world by conserving a few gallons of gasoline.

Tomas O'Grady will be collecting rainwater (if it rains) or maybe he will be planting an herbal garden at a local school.

Allison Cohen-Ferraro will be using biodegradable inks and paper to praise fellow eco-warriors all around the city in her local gossip sheet, the Los Feliz Ledger.

Tom La Bonge will celebrate Earth Day by eating some pumpkin bread.

Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa will continue to ignore the City budget problems for the 1,725th day in a row. Instead, he will appear at a silly photo op with children and flowers and gospel singers.

The Dark Lord (Paul Krekorian) will continue to pander to the Sierra Club by going on yet another hike with them. On the hike, he will daydream about taking peoples automobiles away from them.

Eric Garcetti, Janice Hahn, The Cat Whisperer (Paul Koretz), and The Hamburglar (Jan Perry) will all make long-winded presentations at City Council pointing out their own efforts at saving the globe. After the Council meeting, they will all go out onto the lawn on the South side of City Hall and get into a big hippie drum circle and dance. If we are lucky, Jan Perry might even bust out musically with this Broadway hit.

Me? I'm going to celebrate Earth Day my own special way.

I'm going to get into a vehicle that seats 33 people and drive it all over the city.
It gets about 5 miles to the gallon. Vroom vroom.

Happy Earth Day, everyone.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Mike Gatto: A Dangerous Enemy of Freedom

Yesterday I received an email from my friend Scott Johnson (a.k.a. "Red Spot") over at the Mayor Sam blog informing me that I was fortunate enough to have made an "enemies list" on an obscure blog that supports Assemblyman Mike Gatto.

I found this surprising, because I had been quite fair to Assemblyman Gatto. I had been critical of him and discussed the accusation that his staff had started a blog that attacked Mayor Sam's creator Michael Higby. Gatto denied this and I even extended him the courtesy of allowing him to respond on my blog, an unusual move in the blogosphere.

Well, there won't be any more of that.

Gatto has officially made my list. A list of corrupt, incompetent public officials who need to be removed from office.

Many thanks to journalist Peter Musurlian, who sent me an email directing me to his page of YouTube videos which are filled with offensive clips of Assemblyman Gatto and the ridiculous and criminal behavior of his staffers.

Who is this dickhead Larry Kaplan? And where does he get off telling someone they have to leave a public meeting? If I was Peter Musurlian, Larry Kaplan would be one of several defendants standing in a Federal courtroom trying to explain to the judge how they have the authority to override and destroy the constitutionally guaranteed right to address your public leaders with your grievances.

And who is the guy with the name tag that says "Kevin" near the end of the video? That guy is a total psychopath. If he or Larry Kaplan are drawing a public paycheck, I'm going to be filing a complaint with the governmental offices that employ them. Their behavior is reprehensible.

Mike Gatto should be ashamed of himself for allowing these lunatics to behave this way in conducting official business on his behalf. If they worked in the private sector, they would all be fired for this behavior.

If I was Mike Gattos opponent in the next election, I would be using these videos as my campaign ads.

The Democratic Party should be ashamed of themselves for allowing this type of behavior.
But, they have no shame. Any type of freedom-destroying totalitarian behavior fits right in with what they have always wanted: total control over your life.

Mike Gatto is a Dangerous Enemy of Freedom.

And as such, he is my enemy.

He doesn't give a damn about any of your rights.
He doesn't give a damn about the Constitution.
He only cares about himself, and staying in power.

People like that often end up behind bars.

Ask Robert Rizzo.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Why Ron Paul needs to stop running for President

I know the Paulistas out there aren't going to like this blog post, but Congressman Ron Paul needs to stop running for President. He needs to sit out this 2012 race and not run for the White House anymore. Why?...

1. He's too old.

I personally don't believe in ageism. I think people can do wonderful and creative things at all ages. However, many voters do not feel the same way. One of our greatest Presidents, Ronald Reagan, was 69 years old when he was elected President. News commentators continually harped on that fact and worried openly about him dying in office. People forget that Ronald Reagan was elected in spite of his age, not because of it. If Jimmy Carter had not made a shambles out of the economy in 1980, Reagan would have lost that election. The simple fact is this.....Ron Paul will be 77 years old on election day in 2012. He would be 81 on election day in 2016. Our current President was 47 years old on the day he assumed his office. Voters notice things like that.

2. He can't win.

Ron Paul ran for President in 2008, spending over 37 million dollars...and he didn't win a single state primary. In 2012, he would most likely be facing a field with some of the same candidates (Mitt Romney and Mike Huckabee) who beat him in 2008. There is no compelling reason to believe the results will be any different this time around.

3. He makes poor decisions.

This is a man who spent over 37 million dollars running for President...yet he can't avoid getting pranked by a famous comedian? If you watch this video, you see Congressman Ron Paul being made the brunt of a joke by world-famous comedian Sasha Baron Cohen. Are you telling me that Ron Paul was ignorant of this mans reputation, and still agreed to an interview with him? Didn't he employ any staff members with knowledge of popular culture to warn him of this mans reputation? He never should have been in that situation. Would Newt Gingrich agree to an interview with Cohen? No.

And Ron Paul is supposed to protect America and the free world? Yikes....

4. His ideology is unsound.

I'll be honest. I purchased and read Ron Paul's book "The Revolution". There were many things I liked about his book. There were many great ideas. I absolutely agree with him on many aspects of his criticism of our current government policies concerning the printing of money and the accumulation of debt. In these areas, I actually think Ron Paul is somewhat of a genius.

I also agree with him that the cost of our military industrial complex to support our military objectives needs to be reduced. Paul says we don't need to keep troops in Japan and Germany anymore. I agree. Those wars have been over for 65 years now. However, Ron Paul has such strong Libertarian tendencies, that I fear him becoming Commander in Chief of our military. He has a dangerously naive world view that if we just leave other countries alone, then we won't have any problems anymore.

The "religion" of Islam has been at war with the rest of the world for 1400 years. It is a religion so violent and dangerous that they have killed millions of their fellow Muslims. In Ron Pauls world, he thinks it would be ok to turn our backs towards these peace-loving people. I disagree.

5. His son, Rand, is actually the better candidate.

Rand Paul was elected to the U.S. Senate in his first run at office. In fact, he set fundraising records in Kentucky during that campaign. He shows great potential in the future. Rand seems to share a lot of his fathers libertarian ideologies, yet seems more practical when it comes to matters of national security. In the battle to support the causes of personal freedom, it may be time for Ron Paul to step aside and let his son Rand lead the charge.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Arizona Governor Jan Brewer dials it back a bit

Arizona Governor Jan Brewer, who recently found fame and adulation as a Conservative icon by enacting tough immigration laws in her state, today toned down her support of similar causes by vetoing two new bills that would ask Presidential candidates to show a birth certificate to make the ballot in Arizona, and a law that would allow guns on campuses.

I support her on the first veto. I don't support the second veto.

The "Birther Bill", as it had become known in the media, was sure to give Arizona a black eye in the media had it passed. The furor over Barack Obama being President is what drove this bill. Not any logical argument or common sense.

Liberals are quick to point out that no other American President has ever been asked to produce his birth certificate. They say this campaign against Obama smacks of racism. I respond to this line of argument by saying that no other Presidential candidate has ever been as secretive or misleading as Barack Obama.

However, as I have said in other blog posts, the "birther" stuff needs to go away. It is unproductive. The time for vetting Obama was before he got elected, not after he has served as President for two years.

Brewer showed unusual fair-mindedness when she vetoed this bill, saying that States should not be setting their own standards as to who can and cannot run for office. I agree with her that there is too much potential for abuse if you start allowing people to make up their own rules about getting on the ballot.

On the second veto, Brewer made an excuse about it being "poorly written", but that doesn't mean they should abandon the idea. As an NRA member, I am always concerned about citizens having the right to arm and defend themselves from violence. A number of recent campus shootings show that without an armed presence on campus, the students who attend are at a severe disadvantage should someone wish to harm them.

Monday, April 18, 2011

The left shows their true colors

These people are losers.

America haters.

Associates of Joe Barrett.


Obama voters.

Watch out America, our future depends on defeating these people.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Sarah Palin loves Wisconsin!!

...and Wisconsin loves Sarah Palin! Even though there were some activist union thugs in the audience booing her, Sarah rolled on through a speech that continued to cripple Barack Obamas chances at re-election next year.

She praised Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker for having the common sense to be willing to slash the State budget. She told the unruly union members there that Walker was actually protecting their jobs.

Her speech pretty much threw down the gauntlet to other 2012 challengers to Obama and let the others know that she will be a factor in that race, whether she runs for office or not.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Trutanich for District Attorney?

News has come that City Attorney Carmen "Nuch" Trutanich is filing papers for an exploratory committee to run for District Attorney if current D.A. Steve Cooley decides to retire.

I like Steve Cooley, but if he wants to end his long career, I think Nuch would be a fine replacement.

Nuch will always be my hero for threatening to throw City Council Member Jan "The Hamburglar" Perry in jail over her misbehavior in city dealings with the investment group AEG.

He also ended the career of hack politician and former 5th District Council Member Jack Weiss.

That, alone, is something we can never thank him for enough.

Friday, April 15, 2011

"Atlas Shrugged" in theaters today!

One of the greatest and most important novels of all time has now been made into a major motion picture.
"Atlas Shrugged" arrives in theaters today. The film is based on the novel of the same name by objectivist writer Ayn Rand. Her novel was groundbreaking in that it destroyed a lot of liberal dogma and charted a new path based on the freedom of the individual against the oppressive power of a collectivist state.

It is difficult to summarize a 1200 page novel in a few sentences... so I will send you here.

I will go see the film this week. I hope others will, also.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

We need more DeMints, fewer Boehners

Watch this video. South Carolina Senator Jim DeMint is voting "no" on the newly brokered Federal budget agreement.

"A lot of the cuts aren't real.." DeMint says. Damn right.

"In February, which is a short month, we borrowed over 238 billion dollars".

DeMint understands that borrowing like that will bankrupt this country.

DeMint will also try to hold the line in raising the debt ceiling.

We need more DeMints in Washington, and fewer Boehners.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

It might be Marco Rubios time....

Republicans across the country are concerned that our next Presidential candidate has not yet identified himself (or herself ). The race is becoming a quagmire with no overall favorite and many voters waiting for their favorite candidate to jump into the race.

One of my favorites, Congressman Mike Pence, decided to stay home and to try and get elected Governor of Indiana. I don't doubt that he will run for President someday, it just won't be in 2012.

Businessman Donald Trump seems to be making big noises in the media right now, but he has a "squishy" quality to him that leaves many in the party uncomfortable.

If you watch this video, I am starting to think that -- just maybe -- it might be time for Marco Rubio. He is a great speaker....very Conservative, and very clear on his values. He already delivered an uppercut to Charlie Crist down in Florida when most media sources said he couldn't win. Watch the video, and decide for yourself.

I would be happy to support him.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

What is Obama hiding from us?

Possible GOP Presidential candidate Donald Trump has been making big waves in the media with his "birther" talk about President Obamas birth certificate and eligibility to be President.

In a subtle shift of tactics, many of the "birther" crowd are now saying that Obama might have been born in Hawaii, but that there is something wrong about his birth status. In fact, both Donald Trump and Sarah Palin seem to be leaning in this political direction lately.

I mentioned in an earlier blog post that both of Obamas parents were young students at the University of Hawaii. It would be highly unlikely that they would have had the money to fly all the way to Kenya in order for him to be born there. People who knew his mother remember seeing her around Hawaii soon after his birth. The facts seem to be clear. Barack Obama was most likely born in Hawaii and is an American citizen.


Obama has spent over two million dollars in legal fees hiding his real birth certificate. The phony green one shown above is a fake. It is laser printed on security paper... two things that didn't even exist in 1961, so this document is a new fabrication that can be dismissed.

This caused me to brainstorm.... what is he hiding.... and why?

My thoughts? There are several possibilities.....


Barack Obama Sr. might be listed as a Muslim on the birth certificate, or Obama himself may be listed as such.
This would be embarrassing, but not totally condemning. (After all, about 30% of Americans believe he is a Muslim, anyway...)


Barack Obama Sr. was already married to another woman in Kenya at the time, so, therefore, his marriage to Obamas mother is invalid and Obama was born illegitimate. Obamas mother claims she found out about this fact much later. However, not enough facts are known about this situation...

Maybe Obama Sr. is not listed on the birth certificate. We do know that Obamas father and mother didn't stick together very long. In fact, they rarely saw each other after Obama came along, and they divorced just a few years later. Maybe it is possible that Obama Sr. wasn't sure he was the father of young Barack.

Which leads me to option 3....


It is possible that Barack Obama is a total fraud. Maybe he isn't Barack Obama at all.
His parents were young Communists/anarchists who met in a Russian language course at the University of Hawaii. Why were they studying Russian? The Russians were the Americans strongest enemy at the time because of the Cold War. They were studying Russian because they were Communists.

One of the close friends of the family was radical Communist agitator Frank Marshall Davis...who conveniently lived in Hawaii at the time. Davis was getting a bit old to be fathering children....he was about 55 at the time of Obamas birth... but who knows? Obamas family adored him. He was in their circle of trust. Obama even mentions him several times in his books.

Frank Marshall Davis had a bit of a pervert side to him, also... authoring a pornographic book in 1968.
Beside being a Commie, he was an all-around creep.
Not exactly the type of guy a President might want to brag about in his books.

There is an interesting photo comparison at this website.

This is all conjecture... maybe it happened. Maybe it didn't.

But a quick DNA test would answer a lot of questions about our 44th President.

Rebel Flags & The Civil War Anniversary

Today marks the 150th Anniversary of the start of the Civil War. In April of 1861, Confederate troops fired on Fort Sumter in Charleston, South Carolina. They took the Fort, and from that point on there would be no turning back. The War had begun.

My connection to this event is that I grew up in the South during my elementary school years. My father taught at the University of Alabama in Tuscaloosa. I grew up a Crimson Tide fan. My family eventually moved to Green Bay, Wisconsin and I spent much more of my life there, but I do have very fond memories of Southern Culture.

Southerners still used the catchphrase "Damn Yankees" a lot when I was growing up. And no, they weren't talking about the baseball team from the Bronx. Southerners were very proud of their culture and history and it was fairly common to see Confederate, or "rebel" flags flying from homes, cars, etc....

In fact, the photo above is from a University of Mississippi football game. "Ole Miss" is nicknamed the Rebels, and their mascot was a rebel.... until the liberal "thought police" stepped in.

The next thing you know the rebel flag was being banned at Mississippi games, even though it had been a longstanding tradition.

I don't care for revisionist history, and if I am ever elected to public office, I will work hard against it.
In fact, I'm thinking of bringing legislation forward called the "Historical Accuracy Act" that would state that the Federal Government cannot mandate that organizations change their names/logos simply because they are not politically correct. No University should be denied anything just because their school nickname is "The Rebels".

I know African Americans are touchy about this subject, but you can't go around destroying history just because you don't particularly like it.

The professional football team in Washington D.C. can be called The Redskins, but Mississippi has to give up their rebel flags?... It makes no sense.

Critics will say that the flag stands for slavery.... but eight American Presidents owned slaves.
Including George Washington. So...should we tear down the Washington Monument next?
And the Jefferson Memorial also...? He was another slave owner.

Eventually, you reach a point of ridiculousness with all this nonsense.
You can't whitewash history. Let it go.
These people lived in different times.
To hold them to modern standards is ludicrous.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Rush is right!

Watch this video.
Rush Limbaugh says that "if you voted for Obama" then you deserve to be unemployed and miserable.

Obama and his fantasy ideas about how the world work are unrealistic.
Taking tax money out of the economy to hand it to bureacrats has never solved anything.
The "stimulus" was all fraud and embezzlement. It didn't stop unemployment from rising and produced zero economic growth.

Most of my dumb liberal friends are doing much worse now that Obama is in power.
Most of them used to be gainfully employed. Many are now looking for work.

My liberal friends love to hate on George W. Bush, but when Bush was President, the stock market hit record highs, gasoline was $1.68 a gallon -- and unemployment was 5%.

Stephen Box, biker gang hold LA traffic hostage

Well... he did it again!

Stephen Box and his unruly gang of bikers held Los Angeles traffic hostage for several hours yesterday, snarling the path of free commerce all over Hollywood and Downtown Los Angeles.

These vehicle-deficient Socialists demanded, and somehow got, the right to rampage across the city on blockaded streets. At taxpayer expense. Wow.

According to them, their petty interest in riding on a traffic-free street is more important than anyone else getting to work, earning a living, purchasing goods and services, growing the economy, etc....

These blockaded streets caused traffic nightmares as frustrated motorists flooded adjacent streets trying to circumnavigate this lawless, Socialist nightmare.

Of course, this event interfered with my ability to work yesterday. My company was unable to pick up some of our customers at downtown hotels, and ended up losing income.

Can I take back my vote for Box for City Council?
Both he and his biker gang lack common sense.

Even worse, our deadbeat Mayor lives in a fantasy world where he thinks this interruption of traffic and commerce is a good thing. A closet Communist, Villaraigosa has never spent a moment worried about local companies losing income or market share.

God help us all.

And they wonder why people are moving away from here....

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Sunday at The Masters

Today, Sunday, is one of the best days in all of sports.

Today the Masters golf tournament will crown a new champion.

By the looks of it, the odds-on favorite is a 21 year old kid from Ireland named Rory McIlroy.

I hope he is ready for how much his life is going to change forever ...if he can hold onto his 4 stroke lead today.

I think he will win. The kid hasn't been hitting any bad shots all week.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Jennerjahn for Congress 2012!

It seems that a Congressional vote today has forced me to make a historic decision.

Subject to new district lines being re-drawn, I have chosen my new path to Washington, D.C.

I intend to battle Gary Miller in the 42nd Congressional District,which includes the following communities:

Diamond Bar, La Habra Heights, Rowland Heights, Whittier, Anaheim, Brea, La Habra, Mission Viejo, Placentia, Rancho Santa Margarita, Yorba Linda, Chino, and Chino Hills.

Miller voted with the liberals for trillions more in spending today. He should have held the line and shut down the government. But he didn't. Because he is a big-spending, big-government RINO.

Miller is weak in his own district. Challenger Phil Liberatore forced a primary result in 2010 where Miller won by only 49-38%.

I already have my campaign meme figured out... "Miller's Crossing".

Just like the movie. Treachery, deceit, and organized crime.

Hopefully, Miller has committed his last crime against the taxpayers.

Friday, April 8, 2011

The Nanny-State President

Here is some more video of our Nanny State President. In it, he talks about his Centrally Planned Economy.

He tells consumers to buy hybrid vehicles, and says that gas prices go higher because of increased demand.

He fails to mention the fact that he overreacted to the oil spill in the gulf and shut down hundreds of drilling platforms. He caused unemployment and higher gas prices, and he permanently lost a few oil platforms, as they moved south to the Caribbean and Brazil.

I can't wait until this guy is out of office.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

The 1986 Masters

Has it really been 25 years?

It seems a lot shorter than that, but the calendar doesn't lie.

Back in 1986, I was privileged to watch one of the greatest sporting events to ever happen in human history.

Jack Nicklaus won the 1986 Masters golf tournament.

If you watch the above video, you will see people talking about the magic they felt that day. They talk about hearing crowd roars that gave them the chills. A noise level they had never heard before... or since.
You know something special has happened when everyone involved is moved to tears just talking about it.

It wasn't a surprise to see Jack Nicklaus win the Masters.
He had won the tournament five other times before.
But this time was different.

He was 46 years old.

Seeing Jack Nicklaus win this tournament was about as improbable as seeing George Foreman knock out Michael Moorer to become Heavyweight Champion of the World at age 45. It was something that seemed to defy logic and common sense. Something like that just can't happen. But it did.

Jack Nicklaus had been my golfing idol since I was very young. My father was a big fan of his, and we enjoyed watching his tournaments together. The first golf book I ever bought was "Golf My Way" by Nicklaus.

For my money, he will always be "The Greatest Of All Time".

Some people are ready to hand that title to Tiger Woods. Not me.
I've never been a fan of Tiger Woods.

I don't deny that Tiger Woods has physical skills that few other golfers possess. But he had a big advantage from the very start. In 1996, Tiger Woods signed endorsement contracts to promote corporate golf products during his pro career. He got $40 million from Nike and another $20 million from Titleist.
Tiger was set for life, financially, before he even started.
That gave him the advantage of being able to go for broke on every shot in every tournament.

Tiger Woods never had to back off a shot because he was thinking about his mortgage or his kids college fund.

Jack Nicklaus' career PGA Tour earnings were $5,723,192
Tiger had made ten times Jacks career earnings before he took his first swing as a professional.
Some of the old time greats played because they loved the game.

And Jack Nicklaus will always be the greatest.
I don't care if Tiger wins 20 majors.
When Tiger Woods fires a six under par on the back nine to win The Masters in 2022, then you can come talk to me.

The Masters Tournament starts today in Augusta, Georgia.
And I will be watching, like I always do.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Can Paul Ryan save America?

I'm not really so sure that he can, but I'm going to give him a hell of a lot of credit for stepping into the arena and being part of the fight.

Ryan is tough. He's Sconnie tough. He's sticking his neck out on the chopping block.
If this budget of his doesn't work , it will kill his career.
He is either going to be the hero, or the goat.
There are no other options left now.

The Democratic bunglers led by Obama had 2 years to get a budget done!
They didn't do that.

Paul Ryan is letting us know that only the Republicans are willing to be the adults in the room when it comes to the budget.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

More tyranny from the politically correct

Most of you have no idea what SB48 is.

California State Senate Bill 48 - a bill sponsored by State Senator Mark Leno is a freedom-stealing, Socialist, politically correct, bunch of nonsense.

To describe it more simply... the bill basically says, "I am politically correct, so everyone else must also think and act like me...". This is typical behavior from leftists/Statists.

Conservative and religious groups are offended and disturbed by the wording of the bill, which mandates that all public schools must teach in a manner that does not discriminate against homosexual viewpoints.

It evens requires that transgender behavior be treated as a normal fact of life.
Nothing is too bizarre for the left.

Senator Leno, a homosexual, is very determined to get this bill passed.

In this video below, Senator Huff from Diamond Bar tells him... "Not on my watch"!

Senator Huff is one of my new heroes.

Senator Leno gets himself added to the "Dangerous Enemies of Freedom" list...

Monday, April 4, 2011

Donald Trump for President? I don't know....

Here is a pretty good interview clip of Donald Trump explaining the reasons he might run for President in the Republican primaries in 2012.

I'm not saying that I support Trump, but I'm willing to listen to his propositions.

There are things I like about "The Donald", but there are some other things I don't like. I think all Republican voters are going to have to realize that most of our legitimate candidates have flaws, and we are not going to be able to get everything we want in a candidate out of one person.

The first item out of the gate to address: Is Trump serious?

Donald Trump is a master of the media and a master of self-promotion. He has made noises before about running for President, and then disappeared. Will this time be any different?

I tend to think Trump won't run, but he seems to be increasingly serious about filing papers.
Maybe he will. If ever there was a time for it, that time is now.
The Republican field is seen as weak and wide-open. And facing Barack Obama in the general election is a Republicans dream because Obama is an incompetent President who will have angered many voters with several years of high gas prices and high unemployment by the time the election rolls around.

Trump seems to be gaining momentum from Republican voters who are desperate to remove the current resident of the White House. Trump has big money and big name recognition. If he jumps into the race, Tim Pawlenty and Ron Paul and some of the other 2012 pretenders might as well close up shop.

On to the next big question...


Actually, I think he can. If you watch this video, Trump really knows business and understands financial markets and how America really works. He isn't afraid to admit that we need to pursue more oil resources. He understands trade imbalances and currency manipulation. In a potential 2012 campaign against Barack Obama, he would provide a clear, compelling, and competent alternative. Barack Obama had never been in charge of anything before becoming President. His lack of experience shows and harms our country in multiple ways every day.

The biggest question Republican voters have to ask themselves is...

Is Trump the right candidate for our party?

This is the tough question where I have problems with Trump.

Trump has donated money to some really nasty lefties... Anthony Weiner, Charlie Rangel!, Hillary Clinton, Chuck Shumer, etc... But of course, Trump will dismiss these items as being a standard practice of businessmen who are playing both sides of the street ... just to be safe.

Trump says he is "pro-life" , but will respect the law as it stands regarding abortion.
That is a soft answer that I don't like.

I have also heard stories that Trump has filed for bankruptcy several times in the past. I'm not sure if this is true, but if it is, then I find that extremely dishonorable. Any man who has hundreds of millions of dollars should pay off all his creditors.

I also have an almost secretive worry that Trump might be doing this in order to benefit himself financially.
I can imagine him steering large government contracts towards companies that he owns stock in.

Trump is a clever capitalist who uses the system to his advantage.

Republican primary voters will have their say on Trump if he runs in 2012.

Trump is not my top choice, but I'd gladly take him over the looter who currently resides at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

My nightmare: Alarcon re-elected!

I was tossing and turning in bed last night having a horrible nightmare.

City Council Member Richard "Fredo" Alarcon was being re-elected.

Now, of course, this nightmare makes no sense. Alarcon is termed out and can't run again in the 7th Council District or any other Council District, for that matter.

But...the fact remains...what if?...what if?

What if Alarcon wasn't termed out?
Even though he is a career criminal who has been feeding at the public trough for years, Alarcon might beat any challenger in the 7th!

Think about that.

A sitting Council Member hasn't been beaten in an election in over 20 years.

Even though Alarcon is under indictment, he could possibly still win re-election.

The City of Los Angeles is that corrupt that he would still get the backing of the unions and the career politicians and the special interests.

The horror....the horror....

Saturday, April 2, 2011

I voted for Governor Rick Perry!!

I received a Presidential Straw Poll ballot from the Republican National Committee in the mail.
I have to admit that I was very happy to be able to vote for Texas Governor Rick Perry!

Interesting to note: Michele Bachmann, Herman Cain, and Donald Trump were also listed as choices, where they weren't being listed a few months ago in these types of polls.

The addition of Perry as a choice is a step in the right direction.
This straight-shooting, tough talking Texan would defeat Barack Obama in 2012 if his name is on that ballot.

Friday, April 1, 2011

Pence: "Shut it down"

The Republican Party really lost one of their stars in the GOP race for the 2012 nomination when Congressman Mike Pence of Indiana decided to go home and seek the Governors office.

Pence is a logical, sensible man with strong Conservative values. He knows our current path is unsustainable and will end in tragedy if our unbalanced budgets are not corrected.

He is willing to shut down the government. I'm with him.

Bachmann in Iowa!!

She is magnificent.

Abolish the tax code? Sign me up for that.