Thursday, April 28, 2011

Xavier Becerra: Communist

Last night I had the misfortune to attend a neighborhood gathering of citizens to address our local Congressman, Xavier Becerra. When I moved into CD 4 with the intent to challenge Tom La Bonge, one of the unfortunate side effects was that by crossing a district line, I ended up with a new Congressman. No longer under the dominion and control of Socialist Karen Bass, I was not thrilled to find out that I had ended up in the district of a real Communist, Xavier Becerra.

Becerra was pure nonsense last night at the meeting, finding elaborate spin moves to try and talk his way out of trouble. The voters that were present? Yikes. I think most of them were there for the free food. These were all people who received goodies from the government.... welfare...housing...etc. They had no concept that big government was a bad idea. In fact, some of them sounded like they thought the government wasn't involved enough in our lives. It was a house of horrors for me.

Becerra had a long list of the usual culprits to point his fingers was all Wall Streets was all the banks....etc, etc.....
Never, not once, during his speech did he take any responsibility for anything. And with the crowd assembled, it was about what they liked to hear. It was always somebody else's fault.

One bright spot was that I saw Stephen Smith there...a Conservative figure in L.A. politics who actually ran against Becerra in the last election. Smith said he didn't get to ask a question ...and that didn't surprise me. Becerra, like all good little Communists, does not allow dissent, and his staff had screened through all written questions beforehand. I obviously did not get to ask my question, which had correlations between Obamacare and the medical care in Fidel Castros Cuba.

Smith made several good points in our conversation and expressed interest in running against Becerra again. I told him the district was unwinnable, but he said "our voice needs to be heard". I liked that.
Smith is a good man, but if he runs again, he can't be making any more videos like this.
Just my personal opinion. Voters don't care for goofiness when they are losing their homes and savings.

Becerra, to his credit, did welcome a line of voters at the end of the meeting to shake hands.
Some people even wanted their photo taken with our little mini-Fidel of the 31st District.
Me? Not so much....

I did manage to hear a conversation he had with a local resident who was complaining about the cost of Obamacare raising their insurance prices.

When asked about how Obamacare will stand up against the multiple state lawsuits against it, Becerra held up his hands with the "fingers crossed" pose and said "hopefully we will win".

Yep...he makes my list.

Xavier Becerra: A Dangerous Enemy of Freedom.