Monday, April 25, 2011

Donald Trump: The 2012 version of Meg Whitman

I was thinking today about this potential Donald Trump candidacy and why it bothers me so much.

Then it hit me: Donald Trump is the 2012 version of Meg Whitman.

The parallels are there for all to see.

A troubling voting record.

A troubling history of having donated money to the opposition.

No track record of having held any political office before.

A disturbing lack of clarity when it comes to message, ideology, or mission.

A "checkbook candidacy" that is supported almost entirely by the candidate and their own personal wealth.

An arrogance that borders on egomania. The candidate believes they are the best candidate for the highest office without having worked their way through the political career process.

Yes, if you add all these facts together, you see that Donald Trump is, indeed, a mirror image of Meg Whitman - who lost the Governors race in California in 2010.

I hope GOP primary voters in Iowa and New Hampshire will show Mr. Trump the door, should he arrive, uninvited, to their political get-together in 2012.