Wednesday, April 13, 2011

It might be Marco Rubios time....

Republicans across the country are concerned that our next Presidential candidate has not yet identified himself (or herself ). The race is becoming a quagmire with no overall favorite and many voters waiting for their favorite candidate to jump into the race.

One of my favorites, Congressman Mike Pence, decided to stay home and to try and get elected Governor of Indiana. I don't doubt that he will run for President someday, it just won't be in 2012.

Businessman Donald Trump seems to be making big noises in the media right now, but he has a "squishy" quality to him that leaves many in the party uncomfortable.

If you watch this video, I am starting to think that -- just maybe -- it might be time for Marco Rubio. He is a great speaker....very Conservative, and very clear on his values. He already delivered an uppercut to Charlie Crist down in Florida when most media sources said he couldn't win. Watch the video, and decide for yourself.

I would be happy to support him.