Tuesday, April 5, 2011

More tyranny from the politically correct

Most of you have no idea what SB48 is.

California State Senate Bill 48 - a bill sponsored by State Senator Mark Leno is a freedom-stealing, Socialist, politically correct, bunch of nonsense.

To describe it more simply... the bill basically says, "I am politically correct, so everyone else must also think and act like me...". This is typical behavior from leftists/Statists.

Conservative and religious groups are offended and disturbed by the wording of the bill, which mandates that all public schools must teach in a manner that does not discriminate against homosexual viewpoints.

It evens requires that transgender behavior be treated as a normal fact of life.
Nothing is too bizarre for the left.

Senator Leno, a homosexual, is very determined to get this bill passed.

In this video below, Senator Huff from Diamond Bar tells him... "Not on my watch"!

Senator Huff is one of my new heroes.

Senator Leno gets himself added to the "Dangerous Enemies of Freedom" list...