Saturday, April 30, 2011

Anti-Semite? I don't think so.....

Normally I don't respond to criticism, but I do occasionally like to set the record straight.

Someone on the internet was making the ridiculous accusation that I was criticizing Congressman Paul Ryan for being Jewish. This is dumb on several levels. First, Congressman Ryan is not Jewish, he is Roman Catholic just like me and just like the vast majority of the people from our home State of Wisconsin. (I do criticize Ryan for being a RINO and a horrible compromiser in Congress, but these are only ideological and professional differences of opinion.)

Two, I don't criticize people for being Jewish. I might criticize people for being dumb, or Communists...but religion usually doesn't play a role in any of that.

Three, I am one of the strongest defenders of Israel that there is.
Take a look at this photo. This is me back in 2005, before I had ever run for any type of elected office. On my trip to Israel, I even volunteered to go fight in the Israeli Army in order to protect the historical home of Christianity. Strangely enough, the Israelis said they could not accept me because I was not an Israeli.
OK, fine, I said.... but I have plenty of reason to believe the call will go out someday, and that I will be rushing back to Israel to help fight and defend the Holy Land. With Obama in power, the enemies of Israel can only grow emboldened.

I have extremely deep respect for Judaism and its culture. Without Judaism, there would be no Christianity and no modern world as we know it. Jesus was Jewish. So were the 12 Apostles. The Bible and the Torah share a common core. I love Jewish people and I love Israel.

You know who doesn't? Muslims.
Fanatical worshippers of Islam have been trying to massacre Jewish people for hundreds of years.

Those are the real anti-semites.