Tuesday, April 12, 2011

What is Obama hiding from us?

Possible GOP Presidential candidate Donald Trump has been making big waves in the media with his "birther" talk about President Obamas birth certificate and eligibility to be President.

In a subtle shift of tactics, many of the "birther" crowd are now saying that Obama might have been born in Hawaii, but that there is something wrong about his birth status. In fact, both Donald Trump and Sarah Palin seem to be leaning in this political direction lately.

I mentioned in an earlier blog post that both of Obamas parents were young students at the University of Hawaii. It would be highly unlikely that they would have had the money to fly all the way to Kenya in order for him to be born there. People who knew his mother remember seeing her around Hawaii soon after his birth. The facts seem to be clear. Barack Obama was most likely born in Hawaii and is an American citizen.


Obama has spent over two million dollars in legal fees hiding his real birth certificate. The phony green one shown above is a fake. It is laser printed on security paper... two things that didn't even exist in 1961, so this document is a new fabrication that can be dismissed.

This caused me to brainstorm.... what is he hiding.... and why?

My thoughts? There are several possibilities.....


Barack Obama Sr. might be listed as a Muslim on the birth certificate, or Obama himself may be listed as such.
This would be embarrassing, but not totally condemning. (After all, about 30% of Americans believe he is a Muslim, anyway...)


Barack Obama Sr. was already married to another woman in Kenya at the time, so, therefore, his marriage to Obamas mother is invalid and Obama was born illegitimate. Obamas mother claims she found out about this fact much later. However, not enough facts are known about this situation...

Maybe Obama Sr. is not listed on the birth certificate. We do know that Obamas father and mother didn't stick together very long. In fact, they rarely saw each other after Obama came along, and they divorced just a few years later. Maybe it is possible that Obama Sr. wasn't sure he was the father of young Barack.

Which leads me to option 3....


It is possible that Barack Obama is a total fraud. Maybe he isn't Barack Obama at all.
His parents were young Communists/anarchists who met in a Russian language course at the University of Hawaii. Why were they studying Russian? The Russians were the Americans strongest enemy at the time because of the Cold War. They were studying Russian because they were Communists.

One of the close friends of the family was radical Communist agitator Frank Marshall Davis...who conveniently lived in Hawaii at the time. Davis was getting a bit old to be fathering children....he was about 55 at the time of Obamas birth... but who knows? Obamas family adored him. He was in their circle of trust. Obama even mentions him several times in his books.

Frank Marshall Davis had a bit of a pervert side to him, also... authoring a pornographic book in 1968.
Beside being a Commie, he was an all-around creep.
Not exactly the type of guy a President might want to brag about in his books.

There is an interesting photo comparison at this website.

This is all conjecture... maybe it happened. Maybe it didn't.

But a quick DNA test would answer a lot of questions about our 44th President.