Monday, April 11, 2011

Stephen Box, biker gang hold LA traffic hostage

Well... he did it again!

Stephen Box and his unruly gang of bikers held Los Angeles traffic hostage for several hours yesterday, snarling the path of free commerce all over Hollywood and Downtown Los Angeles.

These vehicle-deficient Socialists demanded, and somehow got, the right to rampage across the city on blockaded streets. At taxpayer expense. Wow.

According to them, their petty interest in riding on a traffic-free street is more important than anyone else getting to work, earning a living, purchasing goods and services, growing the economy, etc....

These blockaded streets caused traffic nightmares as frustrated motorists flooded adjacent streets trying to circumnavigate this lawless, Socialist nightmare.

Of course, this event interfered with my ability to work yesterday. My company was unable to pick up some of our customers at downtown hotels, and ended up losing income.

Can I take back my vote for Box for City Council?
Both he and his biker gang lack common sense.

Even worse, our deadbeat Mayor lives in a fantasy world where he thinks this interruption of traffic and commerce is a good thing. A closet Communist, Villaraigosa has never spent a moment worried about local companies losing income or market share.

God help us all.

And they wonder why people are moving away from here....