Friday, March 8, 2013

Phil Jennerjahn for Mayor!!

I didn't vote for Kevin James. I couldn't do it.

Especially not after a bunch of people told me they were writing in my name on the ballot.

Out of respect for their show of support, I followed their lead and voted for myself by writing in my own name on the ballot. Why not, I figured?

It will probably be one of the last times I ever get to vote for myself. In fact, the upcoming Mayoral runoff in May will be my last chance...and I'm going to write in my name there again.

I can't vote for these city-bankrupting Socialists, Eric Garcetti or Wendy Greuel.

No way.

That would be like voting for Godzilla. Except that in the long run, Godzilla would probably actually be less destructive to Los Angeles than Garcetti or Greuel.

No, I think I'm done with politics.

My Congressional run against Adam Schiff was the best I've ever done....and I still got my ass kicked.

The voters in my district preferred the abortion-loving, gay-marriage-supporting Socialist who believes that the government has the right to seize any industry it so desires....including health care.

How do you even wrap your head around a fact like that?

No, I had briefly considered other options. I thought about running for City Council...but who would want to go to work with losers like "Two Job Bob" and "One Bill Gil" every day?

I thought about running against John Campbell next time in a primary in Orange County....but lacking a half million dollars, I wasn't going to beat that idea is out.

I thought about running in the 2014 primary for Governor. After Jerry Brown whipped Meg Whitman and her $100 million bucks...not too many career politicians are going to want to run in 2014.  But because I have never taken a single penny in political money from anyone, I wouldn't be winning that primary either. So that idea is also being scratched off the list.

I think I have settled on leaving politics and doing something else with my life. Maybe I will write a book. Maybe I will become a TV talk show host. Who knows what the future holds?

But I know I will cast one last final vote for myself in the Mayoral runoff.

And I will enjoy doing it.

It's too bad the voters weren't ready for someone like me.

If I had won the Mayoral election in 2009, my very first act as Mayor was going to be to order the arrest and prosecution of Antonio Villaraigosa for fraud, larceny and embezzlement. I was also going to have some of the City Council members brought up on charges.

It would have been interesting, to say the least.

Instead, this city will now get Eric Garcetti or Wendy Greuel. Both of them will probably choose as their first act to go to a park, watch schoolchildren sing, and then plant a tree.

Yeah, that's who wins elections in L.A.