Sunday, March 3, 2013

Wendy Greuels bloodlust for the Mayors Office

I've noticed something very disturbing in this Municipal Election that we are having here in Los Angeles on Tuesday.

Wendy Greuel, who is normally a charming and inoffensive political figure, has developed something of a bloodlust for occupying the Mayors Office.

Wendy must have read "The Prince" while she was in high school or college, because she is acting very Machiavellian.

If you look at the slamming ads above, she seems to suddenly find very distasteful the very people she worked together with on City Council for several years.

By comparison, Eric Garcettis mailers stating that Wendy Greuels numbers about finding fraud, waste, and abuse in the system just "don't add up.." seem almost amateurish in their attempts to sway voter opinion.

Wonkish, cerebral discussions of policy minutiae aren't going to cut it.

You either like these people or you don't. And Wendy is doing her best to make sure nobody likes her opponents on Election Day.

I have warned voters before about underestimating "The Pixie".

I still think she is going to win.


Because she seems to want it the most.

A large percentage of L.A. voters are low-information voters who know little about Wendy, or Eric or Jan.

If they did, those three wouldn't have a chance in hell of getting elected.

So we are faced with the prospect of labor union shill Wendy Greuel as Mayor.

And we will also have gangster Herb "Boss" Wesson running City Council.

Does anyone remember "Boss" Wesson ridiculing former Mayor Richard Riordan as if he were some type of Angeleno Forrest Gump and cackling as Riordan left Council chambers?

If you thought the Antonio Villaraigosa years were bad, we may be facing a whole new level of hell here in Los Angeles in 2013.