Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Mitt Romney & The Super Bowl

Mitt Romney won the Florida GOP Primary yesterday. Some political experts felt it was in dominating fashion. I don't think that way. More voters voted for someone other than Romney than voted for him. He has still never cracked 50% in any primary, but that might happen in the upcoming primary in Nevada, where there is a large Mormon population.

I was thinking last night about how similar the primaries are to the NFL playoffs.

Getting to the general election is the equivalent of going to the Super Bowl. Winning that Super Bowl puts you in the White House for four years.

Mitt Romney isn't in the Super Bowl yet, but he is getting close.

These next few primaries are like the Conference Championship game for Republicans.

And where are all the players?

Gary Johnson, Thaddeus McCotter, and Buddy Roemer never made it to the big leagues and are watching the playoffs from home.

Jon Huntsman is doing interviews from New Hampshire, saying he really likes "this football stuff" and finds it all very interesting.

Herman Cain is back at Godfather's Pizza. They are gearing up for a very big Super Bowl weekend. They are having a special promotion for their pizzas. You already know what the price will be....

Michele Bachmann quit the cheerleading team. She accused the others of being mean to her.

Rick Perry got cut from the team. He never studied the playbook or got comfortable in the system.

Ron Paul is in the parking lot outside the big game. He is doing interviews where he says "we need to stop this gridiron warfare stuff. It's very expensive and it's not Constitutional."

Rick Santorum is on the sidelines yapping in the ear of coach Fred Thompson. "C'mon coach.... Newt isn't getting it done...put me in...put me in coach!"

Newt Gingrich is on the field arguing with the referee. He's pointing at the instant replay board and saying about Romney...."You see, ref...he cheated! He cheated! Throw the flag! He's a Massachusetts Liberal!!"

Coach John McCain is talking to Mitt Romney on the other sideline. "You don't want to do anything crazy. Just get in there and run it! Run it!"

Newt Gingrich is going crazy on the other side of the ball. He keeps calling out crazy blitzes. But Romney just keeps running it into the middle of the line. Two or three yards at a time.

Romney looks at the scoreboard and the play clock and lets it wind down before running another play. He's up by two scores with under ten minutes left in the game.

Mitt Romney is probably going to the Super Bowl.