Thursday, February 23, 2012

Arizona Debate Recap

I watched a replay of the Arizona Debate today and came away unimpressed with all four remaining candidates.

Mitt Romney did get in a few good shots on Rick Santorum. Romney seemed to have Santorum on the defensive for most of the night.

Santorum stuck to his positions, but his answers got a little too technical and policy-wonkish at times for a general audience.

Newt Gingrich was easily the winner as he directed his fire at Barack Obama and tried to stay out of the middle of the Mitt vs Rick battle onstage.

Ron Paul was Ron Paul. A terrible public speaker who, though he has good ideas, often ends up sounding like the cranky old man from the "Scooby Doo" TV series.

Romney delivered a few lines that I actually liked. But Gingrich dropped the hammer on Obama like nobody else can when he talked about the GM bailout & bankruptcy law. Gingrich took it up another notch when, in answer to a question about contraception, he bashed the media for not covering Obamas vote for infanticide in Illinois.

Overall, though, the candidates generally covered area that they have covered before.

Nothing new. No surprises.

I think this debate doesn't affect the voting at all.

Santorum and Romney are up top, and Gingrich and Paul are behind.

That is the way the vote in Michigan and Arizona will go.