Monday, February 20, 2012

I Stand With Walker

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker was a featured speaker at CPAC 2012. He was the featured speaker at The Ronald Reagan Banquet. He was very popular and the crowd loved him.

Walker explained how he is fighting a crucial fight in America. He is fighting back against public employee unions and all the corruption they are involved in. Government unions force members to join and then take their money and use it for purposes that many members don't agree with. These unions don't believe in freedom...they operate based on threats and force...which makes them illegitimate.

Walker lowered the tax rates in Wisconsin, and made it easier for business people to start new businesses. He changed the tide of progress in Wisconsin while other states continue their failed policies.

"There is no greater example of the failed policies we are fighting against than the State of Illinois," he said. Illinois has had its credit rating cut and has billions in unfunded mandates to cover.

My opinion is that Governor Walker is heroic for taking these actions.

I even brought back a "I Stand With Walker" yard sign from CPAC as a gift for a certain Sunland Tujunga liberal that I know.