Friday, February 17, 2012

Chris Christie says "No" to Gay Marriage

Interesting developments over the last few days. The New Jersey legislature, filled with liberals, has voted to approve Gay Marriage in New Jersey.

Governor Chris Christie takes offense at this type of rampant activism and says publicly that he will veto the bill as soon as it gets to his office. Good for him.

Gays nationwide are confusing this issue with Civil Rights.

There is no "right" to gay marriage. Never has been.

ALL major religions condemn homosexuality and will not allow gay marriages in their houses of worship.

Gays have the right to equal treatment under the law, but this does not include the right to create a fantasy concept of gay marriage.

Chris Christie says that he is willing to put the issue to a public vote, because he knows that followers of organized religion will have the votes to defeat this alien concept.

In other news out of Christies office, Christie ordered State flags flown at half staff to honor Whitney Houston.

This, I disagree with. Houston was a popular music singer who had drug issues.

I don't see her as being a role model worthy of this tribute.