Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Romney campaign set up for "Epic Fail" in Michigan

The passionless Mitt Romney is now reaching states of "Epic Failure" in his campaign.

It is possible that Mitt Romney might lose tonights GOP primary in Michigan, a State where his father was once Governor.

If that happens, Romneys campaign implodes. There are already grumblings from some top GOP leaders that another candidate needs to get into the race....even though there are precious few opportunities left to get on ballots.

Realistically, there is a strong probability that Romney will pull out a small victory in Michigan tonight.

However, watch out for Democratic trickery.

Could this flip the state to Santorum? Stay tuned...

Thanks to my buddy Nick Hankoff for letting me know about the above Romney fail video, where his operatives pass out fake grassroots support signs, all written with the same handwriting and same colored markers.