Saturday, February 4, 2012

After going 0-55, should Ron Paul hang it up?

I know this blog post will get me in trouble with the Ron Paul crowd, but it needs to be said.

Maybe Ron Paul needs to drop out of the Presidential race.

After todays big win by Mitt Romney in Nevada, Ron Paul will have a record of 0-55 in the last 55 primaries and caucuses he has entered over the last four years, going back to 2008. Ron Paul might actually finish in last place for the third straight time today.

When you run for President for four years and can't win a single primary, the voters are telling you something. They are telling you that you are not the one for them.

And he can't complain that he is underfunded. Ron Paul spent $37 million of other peoples money in 2008, and he is spending even more now in 2012.

Rick Santorum, on the other hand, spent $30,000 in Iowa and won the caucus there.

With Ron Paul, it has always been about his message.

A Libertarian-style of Republican, Ron Paul has issues with the Federal Reserve and the use of force by our military.

I bought Ron Pauls book "The Revolution" and found it interesting.

I agree with him on certain things, but disagree on others.

Ron Paul demonizes the Federal Reserve... but a contrarian could argue that America became the most powerful nation on earth between the 1920s and 1980s by having a Federal Reserve where was the harm then?

I generally agree that having your countries future depend on the arbitrary whims of the people at the Federal Reserve is a dangerous thing. But every advanced culture needs banking and currency, so I don't know what the alternative option would be.

Ron Paul also has a Libertarian world view that borders on being naive. Paul blames America for a lot of the conflict in the world, conveniently overlooking the fact that America has been getting attacked by others for over 200 years. From the Barbary Pirates to Pearl Harbor and 9-11...the world has proven beyond any doubt that you can't stick your head in the sand and hope that your enemies will go away.

It is specifically Ron Pauls foreign policy views that send voters running to other candidates.

It is why he will lose in Nevada today.

And it is why he will probably go 0-100 by the time the GOP holds its Convention in Tampa later this year.