Thursday, June 23, 2011

Mike Gatto pranked by KFI's John & Ken

Well, this might teach Assemblyman Mike Gatto to keep his big mouth shut.

Gatto whined loudly and publicly about missing a paycheck because Controller John Chiang had followed the law and turned off paychecks for the State Legislature because they had not passed a budget. Basically, they weren't doing their job, so they weren't getting paid. (Welcome to the real world, Mr. Gatto....)

KFI radio hosts John & Ken decided to capitalize on Mr. Gatto's whining and they held a "food bank drive" outside of Gattos offices in Burbank. They thought it would be funny to try and "help out" the struggling Assemblyman, who gets paid $95,000 a year by taxpayers.

That would be the exact same California taxpayers who are struggling to find work and income in this new Obama economy.

John & Ken sarcastically encouraged their listeners to stop by with canned foods to be donated to the "struggling" Assemblyman... and many listeners did.

Of course, this didn't go over very well with his office staff, who called police on this compassionate and charitable crowd.

Classy guy, that Gatto.

And a great job by you Democratic voters in Burbank! Keep up the great work!!