Thursday, June 16, 2011

John Edwards indicted, karma in action

And you thought Anthony Weiner was a creep. Who smiles like it's a glamour photo shoot when getting your mugshot taken by federal agents? Well.... I guess this is just karma coming around for the Democrats.

John Edwards was their candidate for Vice President when John Kerry ran for President in 2004. Kerry and Edwards were defeated by the Bush/Cheney team -- who clearly had more character and leadership.

Edwards is under indictment for misappropriating campaign funds and using them as hush money to conceal his extramarital affair with videographer Rielle Hunter.

More joy is on the way for Edwards. He is being slammed in a book by one of his closest aides. Evidently, the classy Edwards made a sex tape with Hunter while she was pregnant with his illegitimate love-child. Young has obviously seen the tape, describing it as "like watching a traffic pileup in slow motion. Repelling, but also transfixing."

I have to admit to a bit of schadenfreude here. I am taking some joy in Edwards demise.

Why? Because he is partially to blame for Obama being in office.
To me, this will always be his greatest crime.

Edwards took 30% of the votes and second place in the 2008 Iowa Democratic Presidential Caucus.
He did this while knowing full well that he was a lying and cheating scumbag.
If he had done the honorable thing and dropped out of the contest, it is most likely that a majority of his followers would have supported Hillary Clinton. Clinton winning Iowa and New Hampshire in 2008 would have closed the door on Obama.
Although Obama might still be killing time as Vice President right now in another scenario.

Russell Crowe, in the movie "Gladiator", issues one of my all time favorite movie quotes when he says "What we do in life echoes for eternity." I love the quote because it is true.

John Edwards poor choices in his personal life, along with his public deception, ended up costing Hillary Clinton votes, and most likely Edwards dishonesty is partially responsible for Barack Obama being in office.

The man who claimed he wanted to save America ended up doing more harm to it than he could ever have imagined.