Friday, June 17, 2011

There Is No Limit To Their Depravity...

Those liberals... they have done it again.

Every time you think you have seen the worst of their behavior, they always find a new and creative way to top themselves.

And no, I'm not talking about the irresponsible sexual behavior of Anthony Weiner.

No, the new stunner comes from the ultra-liberal bible, the website Daily Kos.

A mind-blowing jaw dropper. But not unexpected from the left.

Basically, if you are a pro-choice liberal, you share the same political ideologies of the German Nazi Party, circa 1930-45. You believe that certain human lives should be exterminated -- simply because they are inconvenient for you, or undesirable to your future plans.

I have included some photos of this offensive dribble above, just in case the Daily Kos removes the article from their website.

I don't expect this will even make the radar of the lefty TV programs.

The article exposes the true mentality of the liberal, leftist, political ideology.

There is no limit to their depravity.