Tuesday, June 21, 2011

My stance on Gay Marriage

In light of the recent "glitter attacks" against GOP Presidential Candidates Newt Gingrich and Michele Bachmann, I figured that I should say something. I think these attacks were foolish and make gay people look bad. I don't think it helps their cause at all. But hey, we live in a free country. Sometimes you have to put up with the nonsense of others.

I have been widely derided in the media as a homophobe, a bigot, and a racist even though none of these accusations are true. Bombshell news for readers of TJR coming up....

Two of my top ten friends in the world are gay.
One of them even shared an apartment with me for 2 years.

Even though my gay friends say that I occasionally use "negative language" when referring to gays, they clearly do not feel that I hold any specific grudges against them for their sexuality. I think if I were a true homophobe, they wouldn't be interested in my friendship, nor would I be interested in theirs.

Being around these two gay friends has allowed me to learn more about gay issues. Both of them claim they have always been gay and that they cannot control this choice. I tend to believe them. A lesbian once told me that it has to do with the chemical balances in the womb. When a female fetus gets an overdose of testosterone, she becomes gay..and when a male fetus receives an imbalance of estrogen, he becomes gay. It sounded like a logical argument to me. Both my gay friends say it is a lonely and ostracized lifestyle...and that they would not ever willingly make this choice. Both of them have told me they "wish they could be straight" because it would make their lives so much more simple.

I tend to have some sympathy for gays, but my sympathy does not extend to granting them special privileges due to their homosexuality.

I have a realistic and pragmatic approach to homosexuality.
There have always been gays and there will always be gays.
That is a fact and we have to deal with it.

I feel that gays are already guaranteed enormous protections under our Constitution and our current laws.

However, they dispute this and claim many of their rights are being trampled on. I disagree.

I don't see why a gay couple shouldn't be able to visit each other in a hospital, or why they shouldn't be able to inherit each others property or life insurance. Most of these issues can be dealt with without gay marriage.

The reason I am against gay marriage is that it is the gays using activism to force something on others that they don't want. There has been a 5,000 year tradition in Judeo-Christian culture that marriage is between a man and a woman. I believe in that tradition.

Gays do not have the right to invent religious theology.
Gay marriage is a dangerous trespass against religion.
All the sacred texts of the most ancient religions forbid homosexuality.

For a State government to say that gay marriage exists is an affront to all of human history. This would be the State officially saying that "Your Bible means nothing...your Torah means nothing!!"

I have long suggested a compromise on this issue.

Gays can have a civil union or Domestic Partnership certificate and be granted many legal protections that they claim they are lacking.

But they cannot have marriage.

Not now, not ever.