Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Jim DeMint for President?

Exciting news today coming out of South Carolina that Senator Jim DeMint is reconsidering his choice to not participate in the Republican Presidential primaries of 2012.

Jim DeMint is widely regarded as "The Most Conservative Senator in America." He routinely gets a 100% rating from the American Conservative Union in their ranking of political figures based on their voting record.

DeMint would be an overwhelming favorite to win the South Carolina primary, which is one of the first four primaries to be held.

I have stated for the record that I am a Rick Perry for President supporter, but there is one candidate who would make me reconsider that choice -- and that man is Jim DeMint.

Jim DeMint is our modern-day Barry Goldwater. A man who can motivate the Conservatives into massive action. A man who will hold tight to his principles.

DeMints courage is remarkable, and sets him apart from other leaders. DeMint started the very powerful and influential Senate Conservatives Fund. DeMint willingly took on leaders of his own party establishment when choosing to back Marco Rubio for Senate in Florida and Rand Paul for Senate in Kentucky.

Rubio and Paul both acknowledge that DeMints help was crucial to their victories.

True Conservatives recognize each other, and a lot of them around the country would be jumping at the chance to help support a campaign headed by Jim DeMint.

If DeMint gets in, he becomes my choice.