Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Sarah Palin is running for President

I have a newsflash for the liberal media: Sarah Palin is running for President.
And yes, she's doing it her own way.

Sarah Palin doesn't need people knocking on doors in Iowa.
She has nearly 100% name recognition in this country.
She gets more coverage than the other candidates combined.
She has people driving for hours just based on the hope that they might see her.
Tim Pawlenty? Umm... not so much.

The whole point of this Patriotic Tour of hers is to show how much she loves this country.
Her SarahPac website, her Facebook page and her Twitter feeds have millions of followers.

She's creating her own media.

In fact, if you Google the name "Sarah", the first thing that shows up is Sarah Palin.
That is a powerful cultural influence the other candidates don't have.

Photos like the one above, showing Sarah admiring the Constitution -- they don't happen by accident.

She's running.

Get ready for it.