Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Why Obama is wrong on Immigration

You see a lot of offensive things done by our President. You always think you've seen the worst, but then he always comes up with a way to top it.

In a sign of earth-shattering hubris, Obama went to the El Paso, Texas /Cuidad Juarez, Mexico border yesterday and basically said that the border situation was "under control". The he went on to mock Republicans who want stronger borders. He made a poorly worded joke about "moats and alligators." It was conduct completely unbecoming of an American President.

Cuidad Juarez, Mexico is the most dangerous city in the Western Hemisphere. The reason for that is our pathetic excuse of an immigration policy combined with the profits of the drug trade made by the cartels.

The situation is nearly 100% Americas fault. We don't station our military along the border. It is wide-open and porous. There are miles of desert where there is nothing to prevent people from entering. (If I was President, that priority would change. I would withdraw our troops from Japan and Germany and station them in the Southwest U.S. close to the border and have patrols covering the area.)

Obama, in El Paso yesterday, went on to sing the usual liberal sob stories about "hurting families" and "hurting kids" and "separating loved ones". He went on to give blanket excuses for the children of illegal immigrants being allowed to stay. There is one big problem with this attitude. It encourages more law breaking. This political position basically tells any potential illegal immigrant that as long as they can get here, have children, and let them go to American schools for 10 to 15 years, then everything will be alright. The Americans won't have the heart to kick these kids out of the country.

Here are a few reasons why Obama is wrong about immigration.

1) Our current policies are dangerous.

The liberal idea of not enforcing our immigration laws has become catastrophic. Obama says we can't deport 12 million people. I disagree. We have done massive deportations in the past and we can do them again. Part of the problem was not stopping it early on. One of my strongest criticisms of Ronald Reagan was that his bulk amnesty of 3 million illegals in the 1980s sent the wrong message....that America had turned away from enforcing immigration law and would probably do it again. We now see where that policy has taken us... and continuing these policies will only make things worse.

2) Illegal immigrants take jobs away from Americans.

I have personally seen many fast food restaurants where the entire staff is speaking in Spanish. McDonalds recently had a job fair week where they had over 1 million people show up looking for jobs. Don't think for a minute that some Americans wouldn't take those jobs. Even a low paying fast food job is better than nothing. And that isn't even beginning to touch what immigrants have done to the construction trade. Illegal immigrants take jobs away from Americans...and they don't pay taxes.

3) If we need immigrants, we can invite them.

Liberals are fond of sharing the tired old cliche that Americans don't want to pick crops in the fields for $3 an hour. That may be true...but just because someone is willing to violate our laws to be here doesn't mean they should get that job. If I had it my way, we would deport all 12 million illegal immigrants. If we needed someone to do the jobs they do, we could always invite people to immigrate to America. But these people would come with full fingerprints, paperwork, and background checks to keep out the criminal elements that are now free to roam our streets. There are hundreds of millions of poor people around the world that would love to immigrate to America. If we need immigrants, we can get them. The world is full of potential Americans. We don't need to take them just because they showed up uninvited.

4) We can't afford it anymore.

America, back in the days of Reagan, could easily handle the costs of absorbing 1 or 2 million illegal immigrants. Now, the situation has spiraled out of control. The total costs for illegal immigration is bankrupting this country. Period. No debate there. Illegals generally don't pay taxes and send a large sum of their money back to their home country. The costs of arresting and imprisoning illegal immigrants is catastrophic. Estimates are that about 30% of the prison population is illegally here in this country. Social services is another bankruptcy project. The cost of welfare to illegal immigrants is skyrocketing along with their numbers. Then there comes the estimated $12 billion dollars it takes to educate the children of people who are here illegally. This is why most States are on the verge of bankruptcy right now. The States have insane, illogical policies that violate our own laws and harm our own citizens.

5) We are close to "The Tipping Point".

We can barely control our immigration situation as it is now. Four more years of Obama -- and the suspected bulk amnesty plan that he and the Democrats are scheming to put together -- might spell the end for America. We already have an estimated 12 to 20 million illegal immigrants in America now. What will we do when we have 40 or 50 million?