Monday, May 23, 2011

Waiting for Sarah

I was thinking this morning about the announcement that Tim Pawlenty is running for President. I was also thinking about how the liberals in the media keep saying that Pawlenty is the logical, mature choice for the GOP. That only adds to my apprehensions about a Pawlenty candidacy and my strong opinion that he should not even be considered as an option.

Let's be honest. The Republican field is very weak right now.
Romney? Yeah, right. And Romneycare.

Huck is gone. Newt imploded.
Cain is too new and an unknown.
I love Michele Bachmann, but it will be tough for her to win the nomination.

Ron Paul and Gary Johnson are Libertarians who have some cuckoo ideas that will never fly in a Republican primary. They will never win.

Some of the strongest potential candidates for 2012.... Governor Rick Perry of Texas, Governor Chris Christie of New Jersey, former Florida Governor Jeb Bush, and Congressman Paul Ryan.... all seem to not be running at this time.

GOP activists and donors seem to be holding their breath and keeping their powder dry.

What are they waiting for?

I think they are waiting for Sarah.

I believe that this summer Sarah Palin will jump into the 2012 Presidential race.
She has almost 100% name recognition, and that is huge in a primary where some of the candidates are not well known.

Yes, she has some high negatives in the polls, but these are things that can change due to other events.
George W. Bush soared to 90% approval ratings after 9-11, even though there was no way that 90% of the country actually loved or admired the man.

Now, of course, several things would have to break her way.
Good luck, fortune, fate... whatever you choose to call it.
If the economy were to miraculously recover and gas prices went down, Obama would destroy any challenger.
But that is probably not going to happen, considering this amateur President doesn't have any experience running anything and his choices so far have been remarkably poor.

Yes, Sarah could win. It would be tough for her to get the nomination, but she has a better chance than any woman since Hillary Clinton almost pulled it off for the Democrats in 2008.

Obama is facing an uphill slog in 2012. Poor economy. High unemployment.
You can only blame George W. Bush for so long before it gets old.

Voters in half the states will not vote for Obama in 2012 -- no matter who the candidate for the GOP is.
Obama has already lost the South and the Mountain West. He only won the states of Florida and North Carolina and Virginia by about 1 or 2%... and that was against John McCain.
If the Republicans put up somebody good and exciting in 2012, they will win.

Sarah will face a tough battle, but she has a legion of true believers supporting her.
The establishment/RINO branch of the Republican Party fears her populist support.
They support Romney right now, but they will throw him under the bus if he falters.
I predict the RINO wing will draft and support either Jeb Bush or Paul Ryan to stop Sarah.

Don't kid yourself... the left and the media are afraid of her, too.
Any story that bashes Sarah Palin usually becomes the top media story of the day.

There is a good reason for that. The left knows that Obama is in trouble.
They will try to smear anyone who gets a little momentum going for themselves.

For those of you who think Sarah can't win, I'd like you to watch this video.

People once considered Ronald Reagan to be an absolute clown because he had acted in a movie where his co-star was a chimpanzee. But nobody thinks about this movie anymore when you mention his name.

Peoples perceptions can change.
Sarah has high negatives now, but if she wins a few primaries, that will all disappear.