Friday, May 27, 2011

Obama hears the footsteps...

...and I couldn't be happier. Two big power players in the Republican Party look now like they are leaning more and more towards a run for the White House.

Insider sources are saying that Texas Governor Rick Perry is about to jump into the race.
If he does, I'm 100% behind him until the end of the campaign.

I think Perry may be doing it out of frustration. Obama has insulted him and ignored him.
Perry doesn't appreciate that type of behavior towards the Governor of Texas.
He will be more than happy to take Obamas job away from him.

Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin is about to fire up the family bus and head out on the road for a national tour of patriotism.

Don't underestimate her or count her out.
The liberal media says she can't win because they fear her.
They absolutely fear a Palin Presidency-- because they would get little to no cooperation from her.

Palins bus is pretty cool looking.

I just hope there is enough room under it for Mitt Romney, Newt Gingrich, Tim Pawlenty and Donald Trump.

If Sarah is running, there are very few others who could beat her.