Saturday, May 14, 2011

Huckabee to announce decision

As I have said before on my blog, I think Mike Huckabee is going to say no to a 2012 run for President.

This comes from "reading the tea leaves". Some of his supporters asked if they should clear their schedules. He told them they were free to do as they wish. Some of his closest advisors say he hasn't set up his campaign yet, and he has also signed up to do some things that seem inconsistent with running for the White House.

I think Huckabee is a smart man and he sees the lay of the land. It will be very difficult to beat Barack Obama if he raises a billion dollars for his re-election.

Strangely enough, I think he should run.

He is near the top of the GOP list, and they love him in Iowa.

He wins in Iowa, and things will start to roll his way.

I think you always take a shot at the White House if it seems within reach.