Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Potential Craig Huey Election Night upset

I'm kind of excited about this development, but I don't want to jinx it.

After trailing most of the night in the Special Election to replace Jane Harman in Congress, Republican Craig Huey surged past Democrat and Secretary of State Debra Bowen at the wire to put himself in the runoff in July against Janice Hahn.

Unfortunately, this election isn't over. Huey is only ahead by 200 votes and there are provisionals and late mailers to count yet. And we all know how Democrats have a habit of stealing close elections. Like with Al Franken in Minnesota, they will just keep counting until they get a number they like.

But for now, this is good news.

I've always liked Craig Huey. On his voter guide for the Mayoral election in 2009, he said nice things about me and gave me some positive support, even though we had never met. I'll be happy to support him in this runoff against Janice Hahn.

Unfortunately, the other person I was supporting, Lydia Gutierrez, seems to have lost her race for the Community College Board of Trustees. Lydia is a good woman whose heart is in the right place. I'm sorry to see her lose...especially since this was a close election and probably the best shot she has ever had in several runs at office. Close losses are not character builders. They are painful and they suck.