Thursday, May 12, 2011

Governor Perry gives me new hope

If you listen to the above radio show...(sorry, not really a video) you will hear a call-in session with Governor Rick Perry on talk show host Laura Ingrahams radio show.

In the interview, Ingraham and Perry are openly contemptuous of President Obama.
Both of them really can't stand him, and you can hear it in their voices.

Perry is amazed that Obama wouldn't flyover the Texas wildfire disaster scene, instead choosing to attend a fundraiser in Austin.

Neither of them could believe the Presidents hubris about going to the border and declaring it safe.
Perry found this mind-boggling. Perry explains that Obamas assertion that apprehensions are down is actually because of the bad economy.

Perry goes on to basically call Barack Obama a "stand up comedian" that should be on Saturday Night Live.

This interview gives me new hope.

I think Governor Rick Perry might enter the 2012 race for the most Texan of reasons: because Barack Obama has pissed him off.