Sunday, May 15, 2011

Pawlenty: Just another RINO

Lately I've been noticing the liberal media networks seem to be hyping Tim Pawlenty for President. I think they figure he is a nice, safe liberal and there would be no reason to vote for him over Obama.

It bothers me how much the left keeps complimenting him and saying he is the "real" candidate for the GOP.

Pawlenty is just another RINO. You can't trust these Republican governors from liberal states because they have compromise on their mind at all times. It was the only way for them to scramble to stay in power. Romney came up with that knuckleheaded program Romneycare.

Pawlenty has a very big record of spending on "green" projects and that type of nonsense.
He also hijacked tax dollars for ridiculous things like sporting team stadiums and light rail construction.

One fact that bothers me most was that in order to get banks to give more mortgages, he encouraged them to loan to Muslims and to be "sharia compliant".

Any candidate for the GOP nomination that went out of his way to do something extra for Muslims immediately gets crossed off my list.

Pawlenty is just another RINO -- and his campaign can be tossed in the trash along with the other non-starters.

CORRECTION: The Pawlenty staff who run his Twitter site have alerted me to the fact that Governor Pawlenty actually shut down the "Sharia Compliant" mortgage program, which was run by the Minnesota Housing Department. I apologize for the mischaracterization of his stance on the issue.