Monday, May 16, 2011

Bob McDonnell for President?

Among all the anxiety-ridden Republicans who are desperately looking for our best candidate to defeat Obama, I have to say that I wonder why this mans name doesn't come up more often.

Bob McDonnell is the current Governor of Virginia. He has a great resumé. He ran for State Legislature multiple times and often won with overwhelming majorities. He served in the military. After defeating Democrat Creigh Deeds for the Attorney General spot in Virginia, he faced Deeds again four years later when running for Governor. Although he only won the Attorney Generals race by a few hundred votes, he beat Deeds for Governor by about 17% of the vote. That tells you that voters were happy with what he was doing while in office.

I don't know his full voting record...and there might be things I discover about him that I don't like....but right now he seems like a very good fit for the GOP in 2012. Plus, he would take Virginia away from Obama...which helps.

I really liked this video of his Republican response to the President. I wasn't able to embed it, but it is worth viewing. I like what I see in McDonnell.