Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Memo to New York 9th Congr. District voters

Dear 9th District voters,

Those of you in the 9th Congressional District in New York have shown the god-awful lack of common sense to elect Anthony Weiner as your Congressman. Thanks a lot!

I certainly don't appreciate you putting this clown into our nations highest legislative body.
A place where he was expected to vote on crucial issues, like military and defense spending, and international relations. Weiner decided that Congress, instead, would be a cool place to meet chicks.

See the photo above? Yeah, it's the least offensive photo available.
Your Congressman is a creep.

A married man, he was caught sending racy photos and texts to women he had never met.
He opened himself up to the potential of being blackmailed and put our nations security at risk.

If any of you had any common decency, you would be kicking down his office door tomorrow and demanding he resign immediately. He has operated in an indecent, immoral, and reckless manner.
He lied about his behavior, which brings it into being the level of a criminal offense -- when stating that a Congressmans personal communications have been hacked -- and that statement not being true at all.

The worst part of all of this?

For you voters in the 9th, he has made your District an embarrassment and a joke to the rest of the nation.

New York has to "delete" a Congressional district or two in the coming year because of Census redistricting.

Thanks to your poor voting decisions -- followed by Weiners indiscretion and perversion -- you have probably moved to the top of that list of Congressional districts subject to deletion.

Congrats. You have earned it.