Sunday, June 19, 2011

Our Next President

I have always been a fan of Texas Governor Rick Perry. I donated to his last campaign and met him personally in Washington D.C. at CPAC 2011. I tried to convince him to run for President. At the time, he declined.
However, he seems to be warming to the idea due to the fact that the current field is quite weak.

Part of what has always drawn me to Perry is the fact that he is a strong supporter of the 10th Amendment.
I am a"Tenther". I always have been, and always will be.
I believe in the sovereign power of the States. I also believe that the Federal Government repeatedly trespasses into areas where it does not belong. Perry states that he feels the same way.
We share a core ideology.

Perry is not perfect. He has made a few boneheaded political choices that I don't care for.
But I can look past those individual errors to see the bigger picture.
He is the right man for the GOP in 2012.

Perry has the perfect resumé....
Elected Governor of Texas three times.
Led his State to jobs growth in a Depression-like economy.
Widely respected and admired by his peers.
Former Air Force pilot.

Perry can also deliver on a personal level.
He has a homespun style that connects with voters.
He doesn't hide his Christianity or his beliefs.
He is a man you feel you can trust completely.

Watch this video.
Everything he says makes sense...especially the economy stuff.
It is a winning argument for the 2012 campaign.

While watching this video, I got the overwhelming feeling that Rick Perry is going to enter the 2012 race.

I also believe he will be our next President.