Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Angry Obama attacks Supreme Court

An angry Barack Obama attacked the United States Supreme Court this week.


Most likely, because they voted against Obamacare and their decision will destroy that law.

The line of questions posed by the judges during the hearings clearly indicated their political leanings as far as interpreting the Constitution.

They voted on Friday, and it is most likely that they voted down the law, or at least parts of it...including the individual mandate to purchase health insurance.

How could Obama know the outcome if only the Justices are allowed in the room?

I think it is quite clear that Obama has spies in the room... Sotomayor and Kagan owe him favors for their nominations to the court. I think one of them let him know the results.

Obama is lashing out, trying to change their minds before they officially write and deliver their opinions.

But one thing seems is very likely from the Presidents reaction that all or part of Obamacare has been found to be unconstitutional by the Supreme Court.

If this is the case, then massive numbers of Democrats are in danger at election time this fall. If they supported a law that gets ruled unconstitutional, it affects their standing as an elected representative.

Obamas defeat here might be a personal payback from the Justices, who Obama ridiculed and insulted during a State of The Union speech in 2010.

Chief Justice John Roberts very clearly remembers the slight that night, calling it "very troubling" and a "political pep rally."