Sunday, April 29, 2012

The L.A Riots - 20 years later

The Rodney King beating case and its acquittals of the police officers involved launched several days of rioting in Los Angeles in 1992.

I remember having a very unique perspective on the situation. I wasn't even living in the United States at the time. I was living in London, England when the riots erupted in Los Angeles.

I had a flat (apartment) in the Bayswater/Notting Hill neighborhood and a job on Oxford Street. In fact, I was neighbors with Princess Diana, and actually saw her on several occasions taking her kids to school.

The English media had a great time reporting on the riots. I remember a photo on the cover of the Sun or Mirror (UK daily papers) of a soldier pointing his weapon at an angry crowd of looters.

The English, much like the rest of the Europeans, always enjoy seeing America getting taken down a few notches when it comes to pride, ego, and status.

I remember thinking to myself what a horrible place Los Angeles had become.

Little did I know that time, opportunity, and chance would eventually work together to land me a short time later in the very city featured in this video.