Tuesday, April 17, 2012

The Real Housewives of Wall Street

I have to admit a hat tip here to one of my Facebook friends for bringing this story to my attention. It seems that a story by a Rolling Stone reporter is gaining a little bit of traction and media heat.

Recently revealed records from the Federal Reserve show that the Fed gave $220 million in taxpayer money as a "loan" to two very wealthy housewives who are married to Wall Street executives. This is exactly the reason the Fed needs to be investigated. Abuses like this damage trust in our nations currency, and put the future of the Republic at risk.

I am not going to go around casting stones and saying that absolutely these women did something improper....but something stinks here and it needs to be investigated.

These women had no experience running businesses, yet were handed $220 million to gamble with? Some of these actions by the Fed and these women appear to be extremely fraudulent.

If I am elected to Congress this November, these two Wall Street Housewives are going to be dragged in front of a Congressional investigation and they will answer for their actions.

If they committed fraud while applying for these "loans", they will be charged criminally.