Thursday, April 26, 2012

Mitt Romney Speech

Most casual readers of TJR know that I am not the biggest fan of former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney. I consider him a RINO who won't stop the growth of government or trespasses against personal freedom. However, he is the Republican nominee, and even though I don't support him, I will hope that he will defeat The American Pharaoh Barack Obama in November. Normally, I wouldn't talk about Romney, because I'm not fond of him. But his speech the other night was the best I had ever seen him perform. Romney concentrated on the economy, and the misery delivered by Barack Obama. The part where he had the crowd chanting "NO!" was a piece of high art. His sly backhands were well written. "I have a very different vision.." he said. If he continues to hammer on these themes, he can win in November.