Wednesday, April 11, 2012

I will call for an investigation and charges against Senators Nelson and Landrieu

Unlike my opponent in the upcoming election -- Adam Schiff -- I will refuse to participate in corruption when I arrive in Washington.

In fact, I will call for a Congressional investigation and charges against Senators Ben Nelson of Nebraska and Mary Landrieu of Louisiana. These Senators basically sold their votes in an obscene effort to pass the "Obamacare" legislation.

The corruption of Senator Nelson in voting for Obamacare earned the derisive nickname "The Cornhusker Kickback".

While Congressman Adam Schiff turned a blind eye to the corruption of his own party, I will take a very different approach.

I will call for an investigation into the behavior of Senators Nelson and Landrieu and any other legislators involved in offering these bribes.

If there is sufficient evidence that their behavior exceeded the scope of normal lawmaking, I will seek their arrest and for criminal charges to be filed.

Their behavior threatens the very nature of our Republic.