Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Eric Holder doesn't understand the problem

I've never been a fan of Attorney General Eric Holder.

He once said the government needed to brainwash people into believing in gun controls.

Holder doesn't believe in people showing their ID at polls in order to vote.

This is hugely problematic, because voters records are available to the public and anyone can find out the details of anyone elses information.

Conservative filmmaker James O'Keefe decided to show Eric Holder just how bad the voter fraud problem can potentially be. He went to a Washington D.C. polling place and asked for Holders ballot. The worker there said O'Keefe didn't need ID and seemed more than willing to hand him Holders ballot.

Chicago Democratic machine operatives have long been known to scour graveyards in their voter registration drives.

This current video by O'Keefe makes obvious how weak our ballot security standards are.

What is to stop someone from registering 50 different names and then going to polling stations all over town and voting 50 times?

Evidently, Eric Holder feels there is no proof and that this is a fantasy problem.

Holder has heard about O'Keefes video, which went viral.

Of course, he would.