Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Wendy Greuel pulling away from competition in Mayors Race

Something I had thought to be impossible 2 years ago -- Wendy Greuel winning the Mayors Race -- has not only gone from unlikely to possible, but her latest efforts have improved her chances and recently sent her into the realm of "difficult to defeat".

Wendy Greuel has been pandering hard to the major unions -- which have a big hand in deciding these City elections. Wendy seems to want to promise them the moon, and being union members, they will be glad to take it -- just as long as taxpayers continue to foot the bill. It's an ugly mating dance, but one that must happen if you seek to be the next Mayor of Los Angeles.

Greuels opponents have already made some costly errors. The team that manages the Greuel campaign bought up all the space on the slate mailers that get sent out to hundreds of thousands of voters.

That's huge.

I made the mistake of ignoring the slate mailers in 2010 and lost my election in the primary. In 2012, I paid for the mailers and won my primary easily, doubling up the nearest competitors in my party.

In the 2012 primaries, Carmen Trutanich allowed Jackie Lacey to buy up the slots on the mailers promoting her candidacy for District Attorney. Guess who won the primary and the general election? That's right -- Jackie Lacey.

Greuel is also running television ads, which are airing without response from most of the competition.

Based on her efforts and the lack of response from others, I am revising my predictions for June 5th:

Greuel      36%
Garcetti    24%
James       17%
Perry        13%
Others      10%

If any of the other campaigns implode in the next two weeks, Wendy could win it all on March 5th without a runoff.