Saturday, July 13, 2013

Michael Jacksons Neverland Ranch

The other day I was driving down the 5 Freeway and noticed the big white mausoleum building on the hill to the east...part of Forest Lawn Cemetery in Glendale, California.

I thought about how sad it was that fans of Michael Jackson didn't have a decent place to go see him.

As one of the biggest stars in music history, Jackson should have had something special set aside for himself.

What should have happened is that Jacksons family should have used the money from Michaels will to get Neverland Ranch out of hock to the people who bailed it out financially.

Michael should have been buried there, and the amusement park should have been restored to its former glory. It would be turned into an attraction, and a few hundred thousand people would visit every year.

Sure, the neighbors would complain about extra traffic, but if the Jacksons agreed to add $3-4 to the ticket price as a set-aside for improvement funds for the local city, you'd be surprised how fast it might get approved.

Besides, this attraction would provide income for the Jackson family for decades into the future.

Elvis has been gone for over 40 years, but people still pay to go visit Graceland.